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Band: 10m
160m 80m 60m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m
10m 6m 4m 2m 1.25m 70cm 33cm 23cm 3cm
Band Privileges
US Extra 28.000-29.700
US Advanced 28.000-29.700
US General 28.000-29.700
US Technician 28.000-28.500
UK (all) 28.0-29.7


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Most HF transceivers cover some combination of 10 metres through 160 metres; in some cases, equipment from 11 metre (27 MHz) CB radio has also been modified for use on 28 MHz. The expansion of the US 11-metre CB spectrum from twenty-three channels to forty in the 1970's had left large quantities of equipment newly-obsolete and available at a very nominal cost to would-be ham experimenters.

Single-band transceivers are also readily available for the 10-metre band, as are mobiles with both 10 metre and VHF coverage.


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10 metres had been a common choice for mobile operation, although decreasing costs for 2 metre equipment has displaced much mobile and portable activity to FM on that band. The 10 metre band is the lowest in frequency to permit both FM operation and the deployment of repeater stations. SSB and CW are also commonly used in the lower portion of the band.


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Propagation tends to be unpredictable; while most often local stations would be heard, the maximum usable frequency tends to increase during periods of high sunspot activity and at some times skywave propagation over substantial distances becomes possible. More rarely, the maximum usable frequency may be pushed as high as the low-VHF range.

Australian bandplan

Access: All licence classes

Vk4yeh vk 10m bandplan.jpg

HF and MF 160 metres * 80 metres* 60 metres * 40 metres * 30 metres * 20 metres * 17 metres * 15 metres * 12 metres * 10 metres
VHF 6 metres * 4 metres * 2 metres * 1.25 metres
UHF 70 centimetres * 33 centimetres * 23 centimetres * 13 centimetres
Microwave 9 centimetres * 6 centimetres * 3 centimetres * 1.25 centimetres * Bands above 24GHz
See also US bandplan