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Contributing to this wiki is both easy and important!

It's easy because it's a wiki that anybody can edit (powered by Mediawiki, the same engine that runs Wikipedia). If you have trouble editing the site, see the [[Help:Contents|help system].

Why is contributing here important

Contributing here is important because there's too many sources of information for amateur radio out there. It's hard both for new people and experienced operators to find the right source and the correct answers to too many questions when you have a problem. We need to build an authoritative documentation of all the spectrum (no pun intended) of knowledge that has gathered on the internet over the years, dusting in old 20th century web pages with turqoise backgrounds and blinking text.

As a newcomer, you need to tell us what's missing here. Feel free to edit pages to ask questions or to outline places you don't understand. You should use discussion pages to ask questions, but feel free to be bold and just edit the wiki, everything will settle in the end, trust us.

As a new, established or experience operator, sharing your experience here is invaluable. We need sound documentation on everything. A lot of information about ham out there is dispersed or in old books, we need to take it out of there and take it to the world.

When you contribute, do think about copyrights issues. We need the content here to be free of rights so that it can be reused and edited by other people.

Where help is needed

New users welcome!

The How to learn ham radio? page has just been created, but it could use some feedback, both from experienced people and newcomers. It should be a gateway page for inexperienced users that doesn't throw people off guard, but still be a good and accurate reference.

What to do with wikipedia

There's a discussion to be had (in Talk:Main_Page) about the role of this wiki vs wikipedia. For now, please do not arbitrarily copy content between the wikis. You can summarize content from wikipedia (or the other way around), but the two wikis have very different audiences and "how to become a ham" page, for example, belongs here, not on wikipedia. One could also say that the Band plan here could be ditched in favor of wikipedia. Finally, if wikipedians start removing pages part of the amateur radio project on wikipedia, they can find a shelter here.

Please do communicate your work with the Wikipedia:WikiProject Amateur radio.

Structure, structure...

A lot of pages can be reorganised to look better. The frontpage could need some help (see Talk:Main_Page).

Missing images

A recent problem with the server has left some pages without images. If you find that images are missing from pages you are looking at, please report it in the missing images page.