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Deletion of Pages

Pages should only be deleted if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • They have been created specifically to post spam. In this case please block the user IP as well
  • The page is redundant because there is another one that carries the same information. A page re-direct may also be used in this case.
  • The information on the page to be deleted has been merged with another page.

Blocking of IP addresses

Spammers have access to fairly large numbers of IP addresses. To combat this, please put /16 at the end of the IP to be blocked.

eg. To block, type

You will notice that the blocked IP record changes to when you do this

This method blocks a wider range of IP addresses and hopefully will slow spammers and vandals down.

Dealing with Vandals

Deal with vandals in the same way as spammers - often they are the same people:

  • Block their IP address
  • use "rollback" to retreive any lost data
  • delete any rubbish pages that have been created