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Earth : A circuit connection to a ground rod driven into the ground or system of wires buried below the surface of the ground.

EIRP : Effective Isotropic Radiated Power. The sum of transmitted power and antenna gain, minus any transmission line losses.

Electromagnetic Waves : The waves emitted by an antenna, having two dimensions, electric and magnetic.

EHF : Extremely High Frequency - from 30GHz to 300GHz

Electron Tube : (Also known as an Vacuum Tube or a Thermionic Valve). A device that creates or modifies an electrical signal through the movement of electrons in a low pressure (vacuum) space.

Elevation (1) : The angle that an antenna - often a beam - makes with the horizontal.

Elevation (2) : How high an object/place/station is above sea level. Same as ASL (Above Sea Level)

Elmer : Slang for a person who helps newcomers get started in amateur radio.

EME : Earth Moon Earth - bouncing a signal off the moon to a remote station that would not normally be accessible.

EMF : Electromotive Force - Voltage.

EMI : Electromagnetic Interference.

ERP : Effective Radiated Power.

eQSL : Electronic QSL - a website for sending and receiving QSL's online.

E-Skip : Propagation through signals being refracted in the E-Layer

Eu : Europe