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* [http://www.hxpi.com/radio/ HxPI] First steps in Ham Radio
* [http://www.hxpi.com/radio/ HxPI] First steps in Ham Radio
* [http://geocities.com/irlp4kids/ IRLP for Kids] For help with understanding and using [[IRLP]]
* [http://geocities.com/irlp4kids/ IRLP for Kids] For help with understanding and using [[IRLP]]
* [[K-12 Education Resources]]
==Yahoo Groups==
==Yahoo Groups==

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See also: Getting licensed in Amateur Radio is easier than you think, Ham Radio. What is it and why do they do it?


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Schools - Australia

  • VK3KID Sherbrooke Community School Victoria
  • V4CCR Canterbury College radio Club, Queensland

Schools - USA

  • KB3BRT The Cowanesque Valley School Amateur Radio Club
  • K2HHS Hackensack High School Amateur Radio Club.
  • K3NHC North Hills High School Amateur Radio and Electronics Club.
  • K9SOU Bloomington High School Amateur Radio Club
  • NW5HS Northwest High School Amateur Radio Club
  • WB2JKJ The Radio Club of Junior High School 22 NYC
  • W4PCH The Radio Club of Pell City High School Pell City, Alabama

Schools - Other

  • CS5GVA Clube de Comunicações e Proteção Civil do Agrupamento de Escolas de Gouveia - Portugal

Other radio clubs for teens

  • SPARK Scouts Practicing Amateur radio Knowledge
  • SRAG Scout Radio Activities Group.
  • WB3DGR The Camp Shohola Amateur Radio Club.


  • JOTA Jamboree of the air

Forums and discussion boards

Cool Stuff

Clip Art


The Amateur Radio Crossword puzzler from the ARRL

Internet communities for under 18's

Information Websites

Yahoo Groups

Please note that some of these groups may have restricted memberships.

See also

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DX and Contesting Awards and Certificates * DXCC * DX cluster * Field day * Gridsquares * Logging * QSL and QSL Bureaus * Records - Distance
Emergencies Emergency Frequencies * ARES * IRESC * SATERN * Weather spotting
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