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See also User Groups for people collaborating on antenna design, construction, deployment and use.

Antenna Kits

  • MNCARGThe Mid North Coast Amateur Radio Group manufactures an HF portable kit known as the Ozipole. This operates from 6m to 40m, and to 80m with an add-on kit. They are in the process of getting other kits ready for production and sale. A review of this kit can be found here.

HF Transceiver Kit Sources


Hendricks QRP Kits

KD1JV Designs

Oak Hills Research


Small Wonder Labs


VHF, UHF and Microwave kits

Minikits Mark, VK5EME makes a good range of transmitter and receiver kits for the VHF and up bands. With a good selection for voice or ATV use. He also supplies a wide range of parts, eg, relays, semi's, coax connectors etc.

Miscellaneous ham radio kits

General electronics kits

Radio apparatus
Apparatus Keys - Morse * Kits * Radio/PC Interfaces * Receivers and transceivers * Software Defined Radio (SDR) * Vintage Radio
Manufacturers Alinco * Elecraft * Flex Radio Systems * MFJ * Icom * Kenwood * RF-Space * Ten Tec * Yaesu
Transceivers Alinco DX-70TH * Elecraft K1 * Elecraft K2 * Hendricks QRP Kits * Icom * Kenwood * Yaesu
Projects Build a simple 160 metre receiver * Powering a hand held transceiver from an AC power supply
See also Antennas