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* [http://www.timroberts-vk4yeh.id.au/downloadable%20files.htm VK4YEH], based in Brisbane Australia.
* [http://www.timroberts-vk4yeh.id.au/downloadable%20files.htm VK4YEH], based in Brisbane Australia.
* [https://radiodoc.github.io The (Chinese) Radio Documentation Project]
* [https://radiodoc.github.io The (Chinese) Radio Documentation Project] A free & upen source project to create better documentation for all Chinese two-way radios.
Locally hosted manuals:
Locally hosted manuals:

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  • VK3KAY A mods and manuals database from Victoria. Over 3GB of files for download. Upload facility also available.
  • VK4YEH, based in Brisbane Australia.

Locally hosted manuals:

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