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This is a collection of software for controlling radios and repeaters.

EchoLink Repeaters

  • EchoLink -- EchoLink client and link/repeater server.
    • Platform: Windows (32-bit)
    • License: Proprietary
    • Cost: Free
  • svxlink suite -- Open source EchoLink utilities
    • Includes:
      • Qtel -- GUI (Qt-based) EchoLink client application
      • svxlink -- EchoLink repeater/link server
    • Platform: POSIX compliant
    • License: GPL/LGPL
    • Cost: Free

General Radio Control software

  • Callsign Software. Custom transceiver/receiver control and PSK modems from eBay seller red_ella for the following:



Ten Tec RX320




Kenwood TS-2000

Ten Tec Pegasus

Ten Tec Jupiter

Ten Tec Eagle

Yaesu radio control software

  • Free950. Free memory management software from Bob Freeth, B4HFQ.

Yahoo group for software by Bob Freeth

  • Yaesu PCC-950 PC Control Software. A free Yaesu application which provides for PC control of FT-950 via the CAT interface and serial port. Presents a functional FT-950 front panel facsimile on the PC display.

  • Master Commander For FT-2000 and FT-950. The FT-950 software appears to have some issues, but it IS being worked on.
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