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== USA ==
== USA ==
* http://www.universal-radio.com/ - also has a good reference for model specs
* [http://www.hamtv.com/ PC Electronics] Supplier of ATV equipment
* [http://www.hamtv.com/ PC Electronics] Supplier of ATV equipment

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Those lists are sorted by alphabetical order to avoid favoring one vendor over the other.


Antenna and Mast parts

Any person who wants to build there own antenna and needs to find parts and aluminium tube can contact Brian on 0402 930 581. There is a large selection of drawn telescopic tube in imperial and metric sizes plus masts and poles in stock.


The following dealers retail new radioamateur electronics and antenna hardware:

VE2 - Québec

VE3 - Ontario

VE6 - Alberta

VE7 - British Columbia


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