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10 Best CB Radios for Jeep in 2024- Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best CB radios for jeep?

Perhaps you would even like to have your unique radio handle, just like in the 1978 movie Convoy.

However, there is something very important that you should know:

In the USA, the FCC regulations limit the power of transmission of CB radios to 4 Watts. Therefore, regardless of the bells and whistles that yours comes with, it will still have a 4W transmission power.

However, transmission power is not everything in the best CB radio for Jeep. There are important features to consider. In addition, CB Jeep radios are not the same. That is why this write up brings you 10 tested and proven CB radios.

The Best CB Radio for Jeep Reviews 2022

Since a Jeep is made to go off the beaten path, a Jeep CB radio is not an option. Rather, it is a necessity. In addition, when you are driving on the mountain trails, the CB radio keeps you in contact with your troop members.

Here are the top CB radios that you can buy for your jeep:

1. Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio for Jeep

Uniden has been at the heart of the trucking industry for more than 50 years. One of their trademark radios is the PRO505XL. As you will see below, this radio comes with many features. However, we shall look at a few of the most vital of them all:


When you get your Uniden PRO505XL CB radio, you can immediately access channel 9, the emergency channel. However, this is a 40-channel radio, so you can set up others easily soon after. In addition, you get access to all of the 40 channels that are allowed for CB radios. The transmission range is between 2 and 5 miles.

Secondly, you can install this radio just about anywhere you fancy on your jeep. For instance, you can install it on the dashboard easily. Since it is small, it does not obliterate your line of sight at all. In addition, you can install it on the center console within your reach all the time. However, if those two places do not work, you can install it behind the driving mirror.

Thirdly, this radio comes with many convenient features. For example, it comes with a jack for public address. In addition, it comes with a clear and large channel display so you can read the numbers at a glance. On the same note, you will get all the installation hardware, volume control and squelch control.

The only disadvantage that you might experience with this CB radio is that you may not like the installation hardware depending on what you like to do to your jeep. For example, the self-tapping screws are too blunt.

Uniden PRO505XL Manual (opens a new tab)


  • This is one of the affordable CB radios for Jeep
  • You can access emergency channel 9 immediately
  • The backlit display is so easy to read in the day or night
  • Navigating the channels is so easy with the up/down buttons


  • The handle feels too small for people who have big hands

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a lowly priced CB radio that has a good quality build, you might want to try the UNIDEN PRO505XL. It has downsides but it works as advertised.

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2. Uniden BEARCAT 980 40 Channel SSB CB Radio for Jeep

This is yet another Uniden radio that comes with 40 channels, which means that you can access all the channels allowed for CB radios. It has a slim, compact build for easy installation in different spaces in your Jeep.


Firstly, the Uniden BEARCAT 980 allows you to access channel 9 instantly. Channel 9 is the emergency channel so you need it when you are on the road. In addition, this radio will enable you to access the weather channel (NOAA). Therefore, you can stay on top of the weather all the time you are on the road.

Secondly, the microphone of this road cancels background noise. Therefore, it gives you a good conversing experience with the other people in your team. While noise-canceling is not a preserve of the Uniden radios only, it gives a good experience. In addition, it also comes with SWR, which makes it compatible with a wireless microphone.

Thirdly, this radio comes with a 7-color display. In addition, the display is large enough. Therefore, you can read it easily at a glance. Therefore, you don’t get your eyes off the road for too long. Just ensure you choose a color that is easy on the eyes or one that matches the interior of the car.

In spite of the features that this radio comes with, there is a subtle disadvantage that many people do not notice. On that note, its power output never seems to get to 4W. Rather, it is around 2.7W, a bit low.

Uniden BEARCAT 980 Manual (opens a new tab)


  • It is compatible with wireless microphones
  • Nice looking display with 7 colors
  • You will get NOAA weather alerts
  • Instant access to emergency channel 9


  • The display seems a bit hard to see during the day

Bottom Line

If you would like an SSB-enabled CB radio, this one might be a good choice for you. Without going into the mechanics of SSB, it can enhance many things including the range of transmission.

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3. Cobra 25LTD CB Radio for Jeep Wrangler

Cobra is a well-known brand name when it comes to CB radios for trucks, Jeeps and other applications. In addition, they have many models, some just basic and some with extra features and price. Therefore, here, you will find out whether the Cobra 25LTD Professional CB radio might help you meet your needs.


You will get immediate access to channel 9 once you set up your radio. This is the emergency channel, so you can know that you are always connected in case you need help. In addition, you can connect to the maximum 40 channels allowed for CB radios.

This smart radio comes with some admirable features. For instance, it enables emergency access when you need it since it is not reliant on satellites or cellular connections. In addition, this radio comes with an antenna warning. Therefore, if the antenna needs to be checked out, a light will pop up showing you that all is not OK. Therefore, you will always know whether your antenna is performing at optimum efficiency.

The one disadvantage that you might experience with this radio is that the mounting screws are too soft. Therefore, they bend easily so you will have to buy better ones.

Cobra 25LTD Manual (opens a new tab)


  • Clear communication all the time with other drivers
  • RF gain control and noise blanker for better transmission
  • Has a maximum 4 Watt power output as allowed by the FCC
  • Good design and build quality
  • Mic cable is long enough


  • It may take a beginner some time to figure out how the CB radio works

Bottom Line

Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, this is a regular CB radio that comes with the expected features. However, once you figure out how it works, it serves its purpose well.

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4. Cobra 29LXMAX Professional CB Radio Jeep

This is a CB Jeep radio with a difference, as you will see in the features section. This radio completely changes how truck and Jeep drivers communicate with their teams when they are on the road. Keep reading to see its features.


Firstly, this is a smart radio and from the looks of the features, it indeed is smart. For instance, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, you can even synchronize it with your smartphone so that you can communicate easily on your mobile.

Secondly, this radio has a noise-canceling microphone. Therefore, when you lift it up to speak, it will suppress most of the background noise. On that note, the noise-canceling feature enhances the way you communicate with other people. Therefore, you can be heard clearly by the team that you are communicating with.

Thirdly, you can be able to pass the calls coming on your phone through the speaker of the radio. However, for this to happen, the radio is equipped with many smart features. For example, it has the ability to relay caller ID, text-to-speech and voice abilities. Therefore, you can get to answer calls in hands-free mode, without taking your hands off the wheel.

Fourthly, you will get weather alerts from the NOAA weather channel. Therefore, you can stay safe because you will know when there is a storm coming in, rain and so on. In addition, the scan stays on 24/7 and it will tune to the strongest weather channel to keep you aware.

Finally, you get instant access to the emergency channels. Since these radios do not connect via cellular networks or satellites, you will get help fast if you need it, even when there is bad weather.

In spite of this being high quality and durable radio, it seems to have the disadvantage of battery drain. Unfortunately, this seems to take place when the Cobra 29LXMAX is turned off. While it seems to be for isolated cases, it is a serious concern.

Cobra 29LXMAX Manual (opens a new tab)


  • Has many smart features such as Bluetooth
  • Enables you to send messages and take calls on the phone hands-free
  • Stay on top of the day’s or night’s weather
  • Use an app to get the radio to read your emails out loud from your phone


  • This radio is bulkier than most others
  • There seem to be mic issues with isolated units, where it stays stuck in

Bottom Line

If you need a smart radio with Bluetooth capabilities and voice call, email and speech ability, you might want to try the Cobra 29 LXBT. It has some cons but they are fewer than the pros.

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5. Midland 1001LWX 40 Channel Mobile CB Radio

If you are looking for a CB radio for Jeep TJ, the Midland 1001LWX might be good for you. In addition, this is one of the affordable options in the market. In the same line, some features such as RF gain, weather band and others mostly come with higher-priced radios. However, you should first see all of its features in this item.


By size, this is a small and compact size that you can fit almost anywhere in your jeep. Therefore, installing it in the middle of the dashboard, behind the rearview mirror or on the center console is easy. In addition, it measures 9.8 x 9.2 x 2.5 inches and it is sold with its installation hardware. Therefore, even without experience, you should have it running in no time at all.

This is a 40-channel radio, which is the maximum that is allowed for CB radios. In addition, you get access to the NOAA weather channel, which is a very important feature for a road trip. In the same line, the radio scans the weather channels 24/7 to find the strongest one. Therefore, you will always know when a storm, rain, wind or sunshine is in the forecasts.

This radio also comes with features that enhance clarity. For instance, it has RF gain control. On the same note, we may define RF as the ability to filter noise without reducing the transmission power/range. In addition, it also comes with an automated noise-canceling ability so other people on your team can hear clearly.

The Midland radio has a nice, backlit display. The red backlight makes it look unusual, but it is easy to see the displayed data during the day or night. You cannot change the color of the display, but that is fine because many radios come in one color.

The disadvantage that you might experience with this CB radio for TJ Jeep is that you cannot scan through the channels. Therefore, most users feel a bit limited in this regard.

Midland 1001LWX Manual (opens a new tab)


  • Automatic noise limiter for clarity
  • You get weather updates
  • Excellent build quality, sturdy and durable
  • The LCD display looks nice with the red backlight
  • The price is fair


  • If a channel drops, you have to scan through other channels to connect again

Bottom Line

This is a small, affordable and compact Jeep CB radio that does what it is expected to do. However, do not expect any extras with the radio because it does not offer them.

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6. President Andy AM USA 12/24V CB Radio

One outstanding thing about President Andy AM USA is that it is a 12V/24V CB radio. Therefore, it can be used in Jeeps as well as big trucks. However, that is not everything that it takes to make a good CB radio. There are loads of other features in this model as you will find out below:


Firstly, you will be able to navigate through the channels using the up and down buttons provided for just that. In addition, this radio supports the maximum of 40 channels allowed for CBs. On the same note, you are going to get real-time updates from the NOAA weather. Therefore, you can plan your day out ahead.

You will notice the oversized multi-function color display. It has a beautiful orange backlight so it should be easier to read during the day and night. The display takes almost the entire front panel. On the same note, this is not an oversized radio, so the big display looks really good.

Thirdly, you get features such as a volume adjustment knob, which is quite big and responsive. At the same time, there is a manual squelch control. Therefore, you can set the squelch level just right above the level where the transmission is becoming too noisy.

Finally, there is a jack for public address and a microphone plug located on the front side of the radio. In addition, there is a noise blanker that you can switch on and off according to your needs. On the same note, you get an automatic noise limiter, which enhances the quality of your transmission with other riders.

There is a small disadvantage with this CB radio. For instance, it does not come with a button dedicated to the weather channel so you have to scroll crazily.

President Andy Manual (opens a new tab)


  • Small, compact size and large bright display
  • Keeps you connected with other riders
  • It comes with a 24-month warranty
  • Weather channels are going to keep you on top of the forecasts


  • No big thing, just the small shenanigans like collecting vehicle electrical noise

Bottom Line

This radio has a nice design and build quality so it is going to last a long time. If you are looking for a 12V/24V CB radio, this might work well in your jeep.

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7. AnyTone Smart 10/11 Meter Amateur Radio

This is a small and affordable CB radio that you can use in your car or truck. Even at the low price, this CB radio still has a lot to offer any user. On the same note, the design and build quality is good for such a small CB radio. Read on to see more of its features.


Unlike the other CB radios that we have reviewed here, the AnyTone Smart CB radio comes with a power output of 15W. Therefore, it offers a more powerful operation. Other CB radios are limited to a maximum of 4 Watts of power.

This is a 10 meter smart radio. Therefore you could be wondering why it is included in a write-up for CB radios for trucks. However, the reason is that it has the potential to be converted to an 11 meter CB radio with 40 channels for cars and trucks.

It has a PLL Synthesizer for frequency control. In addition, to convert this into a Jeep CB radio, it has a coiled cord and Up/DN push-to-talk. In the same line, you will have an 11 meter CB radio for your truck or car. In addition, this radio comes with a detachable mic with PTT. In the back, you can plug in a Jeep CB antenna to the antenna jack to have a CB radio.

Other features the small radio comes with include manual and automatic squelch controls that will enhance the quality of transmission.

The only disadvantage (if we can call it) that you will get with this radio is that it is not a straightforward CB radio. However, it is a 10/11 meter radio so it converts so easily.


  • It can fit onto any vehicle including all-terrain vehicles
  • High power output gives better performance
  • Sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty
  • Minimal signal distortion rate – lower than 5 percent


  • It loses signal if you are next to a truck or car

Bottom Line

For such a small and affordable 10/11 meter radio, it might be worth the money. In addition, you will find it simple to convert to a 40-channel CB radio for a car or truck.

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8. Stryker SR-955hpc CB Radio for Jeep

If you do not mind the clustered display that shows so many details in green lighting, you might enjoy using the Stryker SR-955hpc radio. However, please note that this is categorized as amateur radio. Therefore, it might or might not come with all the bells and whistles that the bigger, more pro CB radios come with. Keep reading to see the features that it comes with.


The first and perhaps the most eye-catching feature of this radio is the color display. On the same note, it comes with a 32-position dimmer. Therefore, you will always be able to control the amount of light that the display exudes. In addition, this display is easy to read anytime and you can choose the color from the 7 it comes with.

The second feature is the 6 roger beeps, which are the sounds that you hear when a speaker unhooks their microphone. Therefore, you can know when a person has finished speaking. It is a convenient feature that makes communication smooth. On the same note, the CB radio also has a talkback feature. Therefore, you can listen to your transmissions.

This radio has also been outfitted with a clarifier. Therefore, you can choose whether you want the radio to use a certain setting on the reception or the transmission. You can also “clarify” some settings to be used on both the receiver and transmitter.

The main disadvantage with this CB radio is that it really does not meet the definitions of a CB radio. For instance, it lacks some vital things such as weather channels. Therefore, some enthusiasts only regard it as ham radio.

Stryker SR-955hpc Manual (opens a new tab)


  • It has been equipped with SSB capability
  • Sturdy build and good construction quality
  • The talkback feature can enable you to improve the quality of your transmissions
  • You can program the radio with a Windows PC


  • You might need to get some driver files from somewhere or download them online

Bottom Line

You might love this radio, but it is better to keep an open mind because to some extent, it works like a ham radio. However, it makes a colorful display on your dashboard.

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9. Radioddity CB-27 Mini CB Radio for Jeep Wrangler

Radioddity is one of the well-known brands for devices such as digital mobile radios and CB radios for Jeeps. Therefore, if you want an affordable CB radio with many features, you might love Radioddity CB-27 CB Radio. Do not let the word “mini” in its name fool you because it can do some admirable things.


The CB-27 radio comes with automatic and manual squelch that lets you get rid of background noises and static. On the same note, the automatic squelch has 9 control levels. In addition, the manual squelch has up to 29 control levels. Therefore, once you learn how to fine-tune it, you will enhance your transmission a great deal.

This radio can connect to 40 channels, which is the maximum that is allowed for CB radios. On the same note, once set up, you gain prompt access to the emergency channel 9, while truckers’ emergency channel is 19. In addition, it has RF gain control, so you can block out unwanted noises to keep your communication clear.

Other features that you might love with this small CB radio include the removable microphone. In addition, the push-to-talk button is responsive, never sticks and it is not too sensitive. For charging, the CB radio comes with a charger. In addition, it comes with a bonus fuse, just in case you blow one.

In spite of the small size, good build and other features, there is a disadvantage that you should be aware of. The CB-27 CB radio’s + button has the tendency to fail or to stick. Therefore, this poses a challenge when navigating channels.

Radioddity CB-27 Manual (opens a new tab)


  • Nice backlit display albeit small in size
  • Small CB radio but very effective
  • Ability to block noises with RF to increase transmission quality
  • Works with a tall, 28-inch antenna for enhanced reception
  • Spare/bonus fuse is a good thought


  • The size is very small!

Bottom Line

If you do not mind a small CB radio for your Jeep, you might want the Radioddity CB-27. However, it has many features including RF gain, 40 channels, Channel 9 and many others.

Check Price on Amazon


10. LUITON LT-298 CB Radio

You might love the Luiton LT-298 CB radio for several reasons. One of them is that it is a good looking specimen to have on your Jeep Wrangler or JK. Another reason is that it transmits and receives as expected, without issues. In addition, this radio has admirable features, which you can read about below:


First, this is a 12V/24V CB radio; therefore, you can use it in a truck or car. It is also small enough but hardy. In addition, you can mount it on the dashboard, behind the rearview mirror or on the center console. On that note, it measures a minimal 5.9 by 4.53 by 1.5 inches, which as you can see is small.

This is a 40-channel radio. In addition, it has a switch to enable you to go to channel 9 or 19. These are the instant access emergency channels for car or truck CB radios. Therefore, when you set the radio up, you will be ready to travel knowing you can reach out in case of emergency.

You get a good built-in speaker with this radio. However, if you need more clarity, you can hook it up with an external speaker because there is a jack for that. On the same note, this radio comes with the required mounting hardware, including the bracket. However, if you think the screws are too soft, you can get others.

You can use the manual squelch to enhance transmission. In addition, you can scroll up and down the channels using the buttons integrated onto the microphone for the same. On the same note, for the volume, there is a button. This contraption is pretty much what everyone expects from a lowly-priced CB radio, effective but no extras such as automatic squelch.

This CB radio has a disadvantage because you have to buy a cigarette lighter plug for it. However, it should be easy to find one.

LUITON LT-298 Manual (opens a new tab)


  • Easy to scroll through channels on the mic
  • Seems sturdy and well built
  • It has RF gain control
  • It can work for both truck or car


  • The LCD display is not colored so it can be hard to see during the day

Bottom Line

Looking at the price of Luiton LT-298 CB radio, you might think that it is a toss-away with no features. However, if you know CB radios for Jeeps, you will have this one working just as the more expensive ones.

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What to Consider When Buying the Best CB Radios for Jeep

best cb radio for jeep wrangler

CRB radios for Jeeps come in all sizes, shapes and styles. Therefore, you cannot just pick the first one that you come across. On the same note, you need to consider your budget and other factors as you will see below:

Noise Limiter

This is hands down the most important feature that every CB radio for Jeep should have. On the same note, this feature enables you to block out the surrounding noises so that you and other riders can communicate. In addition, the auto noise limiter button should be positioned at the front of the radio for easier access.

When you turn this button, it is going to cancel all the background noise and boost your voice too. Therefore, the other riders can hear you clearly.

Channel 9 or 19 Access

Channel 9 is the emergency channel for Jeep CB radios while 19 is for trucks. Therefore, the radio that you buy should give you access to either channel as soon as you set it up. For this, there is a button mounted on the front of the radio. On the same note, it is custom to have this feature, but it never hurts to be doubly sure.

Size and Build

A Jeep is meant to go off the beaten path from time to time. Therefore, it is paramount to get a radio that has a sturdy design and build. Consequently, the body can be hard plastic, aluminum or other material. In addition, check the installation hardware which includes a mounting bracket, screws and so on.

As for the size, it should be small to medium. On the same note, get a size that fits behind the rearview mirror, center console or the middle of the dashboard.

Single Side Band (SSB)

In our CB radio reviews, you might have noticed that only a select few come with SSB. However, there is no need to go into the science behind SSB. Therefore, just need to know that it can help you increase your radio’s power output from 4 watts to 12 Watts. Consequently, this also means that you get a longer transmission range.

In spite of all these benefits of having an SSB equipped radio, there is a small catch. Other riders must also have SSB on their radio to communicate with you. However, SSB is extra. Therefore, you can always go back to regular power and transmission mode to communicate with riders without SSB.

The Display

Needless to say, the radio should come with a backlit display. On the same note, it should be colored and possibly have many colors so you can customize how your radio looks. Colored, backlit displays show numbers better during the day and night. In addition, they are easier to read and they look nice on your dashboard.

Before you order your CB radio for a truck or car, ensure that it is easy to read especially during the day.

Channel Scanning and Change

This is very important. In addition, a CB radio scanner works in a very simple way. For instance, it will automatically scan the channels until it finds one where riders are talking. It will stop there so that you can listen in. In addition, some radios also have a button on the mic so you can flip through channels manually. However, since flipping through channels manually when you are driving is hard, an auto scanner is better.

Frequently Asked Questions

cb radio jeep

Looking for a Jeep CB radio for the first time can be a bit challenging. However, here are some of the most common questions people ask:

How far can a CB radio transmit?

Unless it has SSB, it will generally transmit for 1 mile per watt. Therefore, since the allowed maximum power output for CB radios for Jeeps is 4W, the transmission range is 4 miles. However, you can increase this to a maximum of 12 miles with SSB.

Do Jeep CB radios come with antennas?

No, they don’t. Therefore, you have to buy one separately. The taller it is the better so that there is less inhibition from the surroundings. However, it should not be too tall as to touch the roof or tunnels or to contravene regulations.

Should I get a CB radio for my Jeep?

It is not compulsory to have one, but your Jeep will feel incomplete without a CB radio. In addition, radio is also a safety measure because it keeps you up to date with weather alerts. This is very important when you are doing off-road trails or when you are doing a road trip.

In addition, when on a once-in-a-lifetime road trip from California to Anchorage, you need to stay in touch with your group. CB radios come in handier than smartphones at such times.

What are the most important features of a CB radio?

These are without doubt access to channel 9, NOAA weather, backlit display, detachable mic and automatic noise limiter. In addition, if it has extras such as SSB, get it.


That is it for the best CB radios for Jeep. Now, with the information that we have provided you, you can choose what meets your budget.

However, while you need to save money, look at the features more closely. It is better to pay more money and get more features than vice versa.

A good CB radio should have as many features as possible. For example, SSB is better for more range and power. Also, auto noise limiters ensure that your transmission is kept interference-free.

Our recommendation is the Uniden PRO505XL because it has a compact design, access to 40 channels, channel 9 and 4 watt power. In addition, the price is affordable.

However, you don’t want to be limited to one choice only. Therefore, feel free to explore all of the ten Jeep CB radios that we have brought you here.

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