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7 Best Long Range Two Way Radios of 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re thinking about organizing an outdoor excursion, camping or hiking trip, you’ll want to consider how you’ll communicate. If you’re outdoors or in remote areas, it’s wise not to rely on cellphones to retain a signal. Instead, you need a reliable tool for communication with others, especially if you’re taking responsibility for groups of people.

Long range two-way radios or walkie-talkies offer the perfect way to stay in touch with others while outdoors. So, let’s take a look at some of the best long-range two-way radios that are currently available to buy.

Best Long Range Two Way Radio Comparison Chart 2022


Maximum Range

Operating Frequency

Best Long Range Two Way Radio Midland

Midland GXT1000VP4 (2 Pack)

36 miles

462.550-467.7125 MHz

Best Long Range Two Way Radio Motorola

Motorola T260TP (3 Pack)

25 miles

462-467 MHz

Best Long Range Two Way Radio COBRA

COBRA ACXT1035R (2 Pack)

37 miles

462.55-467.71 MHz

Best Long Range Two Way Radio DEWALT

DEWALT DXFRS800 (2 Pack)

37.28 miles

30-300 MHz

Best Long Range Two Way Radio Arcshell

Arcshell AR-5 (4 Pack)

5 miles

400-470 MHz

Best Long Range Two Way Radio SANZUCO


30 miles

400-470 MHz

Best Long Range Two Way Radio Retevis

Retevis H-777 (2 Pack)

2.5 miles

400-470 MHz

 The Best Long Range Two Way Radio Reviews 2022

1. Midland GXT1000VP4 GMRS Long Range Two-Way Radio – 2 Pack

Midland’s 50 channel GMRS two-way radios offer a range of up to 36 miles. There are some great features, like privacy codes, weather alerts and an SOS siren. They come with battery packs, mic headsets, belt clips, a desktop charger and adapters.

The sound quality on this is one of the best features. It’s super clear and crisp when listening to others and sounded the best we’d heard. The speaker is very loud which is a bonus.

These can also cover a really impressive distance. We tested these over 5 miles and the reception came through perfectly. This was on a flat terrain though.

A feature we really like with these is being able to monitor two channels at the same time. We invited some others to use these and could easily track both channels which was great.

These radios are really well designed and super durable. We loved the vibrate feature, which is actually really helpful if you’re surrounded by noise and may not pick up the audio.

This set comes with a pack of AA rechargeable batteries, but we found this didn’t keep them charged for long enough. Purchasing additional long-lasting AA batteries kept them going for a week, with daily use.

A minor complaint would be that the microphones on the earpiece didn’t stay put on our ears for long. Of course, not everyone will want to use these!

Overall, this is a well-designed and durable set of two-way radios that offer excellent sound quality and long-range connectivity. They come packed with lots of features for use in a versatile way – a top feature is the vibrate function. They also come with a great range of accessories and run well on strong AA batteries.

Midland GXT1000VP4 Manual


  • Well designed and durable two-way radios
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great long-range connectivity
  • Plenty of features including vibrate function and NOAA alerts
  • Runs well on AA batteries


  • Some issues with the accessories
  • May need to purchase additional batteries

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2. DEWALT DXFRS800 2 Watt Heavy Duty Long Range Two Way Radio – 2 Pack

These are classic, heavy-duty, rugged and shock-resistant two-way walkie talkies that offer a very long range of communication. They come with a 180-degree swivel holster and rechargeable batteries.

The great thing about these radios is the long-range – up to 300,000 sq. ft of the signal. We tested these across 15 floors of a high-rise block and had no problems connecting. They also have 22 channels to tune in from, although we found a connection easy with just one.

These are also very sturdy items, with rubberized edges, so feel like they can withstand a few knocks or drops. It’s reassuring to know they’re a durable and weather-resistant product, which could be good for any mountain climbs. We loved how perfectly sized they were for our pockets too.

Because they have a simple design, the usability of these is also excellent. They basically have a large call button that is not at all easy to press by accident. This is great if you’re moving around a lot. No extraneous buttons or fiddling around which we loved.

We also loved that they have a USB charging port. They charged up quickly overnight and lasted a full day the next day.

There is a small problem that the belt clip on the holster is not a robust as the rest of the product. It almost came to lose a couple of times and looked like it could break easily on any drops.

This is a pretty straight-ahead set of two-way radios, so you won’t get any weather scans or NOAA features. Not a big problem if you just want a job done well!

This product offers a durable design that’s easy to use and gets up to pretty good distances. It’s a solid and reliable two-way that retains its battery life all day after a night of recharging.



  • Sturdy, rugged, durable
  • Weather-resistant and pocket sized
  • Simple to use
  • Connects at long-range distances
  • Reliable battery life


  • Holster clip not as reliable as the radios themselves
  • Lacks additional features for outdoor activities, i.e. weather updates

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3. Arcshell AR-5 Long Range Two-Way Radio – 4 Pack

These lightweight UHF walkie-talkies from Archshell run on a single band and single frequency. They offer 16 channels and claim to be able to penetrate wood, steel and concrete.

What we loved about these is that they’re good quality but at a very reasonable price. They’re small enough to fit neatly in your hand and have a solid antenna. They reminded us of the classic walkie-talkie we had as kids! They feel lightweight for sure.

They do warn you that the range on these depends on the terrain. On flat terrain, we found the signal only started to break up after two miles away. We did try this in wooded areas and found it wasn’t quite as strong.

Generally, the battery life on these was good. The manual suggests you should only expect 5 hours to begin with, but after only 1 hour of charging, we got more than that.

For an inexpensive and fairly basic type of two-way radio, we found the sound quality was extremely good. It had a solid, natural tone that didn’t have too much distortion or crackling.

This set of walkies aren’t FCC approved, which may be why they’re less expensive than others. This may be something to note in case you happen to pick up any licensed frequencies.

We also noticed that these may not be very versatile handsets. Because they’re inexpensive, they’re probably good for casual use

In short, these are lightweight and effective, classic-style walkie talkies that offer great sound and connectivity. They’re inexpensive but offer a great experience. Because they’re not FCC approved, these could be good for casual use around the home or as a playset.


  • Fantastic value for an all-round two-way walkie-talkie
  • The classic look and lightweight feel
  • Great sound
  • Reliable long-range connectivity
  • Battery life was good


  • Not FCC approved
  • Generally suitable for casual use

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4. SANZUCO UHF Long Range 2 Way Radio – 2 Pack

These are two-way, walkie-talkie radios designed for adults and children. The range of communication is up to 3 miles, with 16 pre-programmed channels for use indoors or outdoors. They offer great functions that are worth considering.

A feature we loved is the group talk function. This gives you the chance to invite multiple users and is fairly unique as a feature. Just hit the blue button to move from one-to-one to one-to-all, which is pretty easy!

Another fantastic aspect about these is that the battery life is extremely good. Once fully charged, we found these could last for almost 2 days with fairly constant use. Plus, the power saving feature lets you feel in control of managing the power.

These radios are small enough to fit in your hand but also aren’t super flimsy. They feel solid and very well made. We couldn’t find much to fault with the general manufacture.

They come with a great set of accessories including earpieces, belt clip, USB adapter.

Voices came through nice and clear. The sound quality is pretty good.

A concern of ours with these was the distance they could connect at. After getting around half a mile away from each other, the connection dropped. This was on flat terrain too. In general, connectivity was probably not the strongest.

We also found that a channel knob had slipped after sitting in a pocket a few times. This may just be a clumsy move from us though!

In short, these are solid, great value walkie-talkies for use in fairly close range. They’re well designed and built, and have a great group talk feature. The battery life is amazing and the sound quality they offer is good.


  • Group-talk feature is unique to most two-way radios
  • Amazing battery life and power saving feature
  • Well designed and manufactured handheld walkie-talkies
  • Clear sound
  • A good set of additional accessories supplied


  • Lost connectivity at longer distances
  • Channel knobs may slip

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5. Retevis H-777 Long Range Two Way Radio – 2 Pack

These walkie talkies from Retevis also have 16 channels and are great for outdoor or indoor use. They’re inexpensive, easy to operate straight out of the box and are designed for casual use among the family. They also have great features.

To us, these seem like very well made, good quality two-way radios. You could drop them and they’d remain pretty solid and durable. They’re also compact and lightweight. They’re also really simple and easy to use, straight out of the box.

A really nice feature is the mini-LED flashlight. Obviously, this comes in handy for nighttime use. We found it did a very good job of lighting up our path whenever we needed it to.

Very large battery capacity and come with a rechargeable set. This is a great bonus as it means you won’t need to purchase additional sets of batteries. You can simply hook it up to a USB charger, and an adapter is included.

These are also a pretty good option for close-range activity. They’re advertised as good for use with the family, and this holds up based on our experience with them.

This is another where an FCC license may be required, where the frequencies could interfere with other services.

We found the sound quality to not be very reliable. It was sometimes quite a tinny tone and there was some static at times. However, if you’re using these at home, in close range they seem to work pretty well.

Overall, these are great value walkie-talkies that are simple to use and have nice features for the price. In particular, the LED flashlight is a great addition. They also have a very strong battery life, which is worth considering if you plan to use these on a regular basis.


  • Well-made, lightweight and durable
  • Mini-LED flashlight a great feature
  • Easy to use
  • Very solid battery life
  • Great for use in closer proximity


  • The sound wasn’t always reliable
  • Check any additional license requirements

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6. COBRA ACXT1035R FLT Floating Long Range Two Way Radio  – 2 Pack

These two-way radios are super stylish, fully waterproof long-range two way radio with NOAA weather alert features. They offer a long range of up to 37 mills with 2662 channel combinations and 121 privacy codes.

First off, these have been designed for excellent protection during wet weather and storms. We love the floating feature, where they’ve been manufactured with airtight seals. You can drop them in a lake and they’ll float on the surface without permanent damage.

They have a unique orange look. The buttons are orange, the backlight is orange. This makes them pretty visible and stylish if you’re either struggling in wet weather or hanging at the beach. The surrounding orange rubber also acts as a good grip, helping you to avoid dropping them.

They come with rechargeable AA batteries, which for us lasted for almost 3 days while in standby mode. They also come with USB charging base stations which we liked.

We tried these out to around a 2-mile range. Although it wasn’t an entirely flat surface, they managed pretty well.

You do also get the addition of a flashlight which is worth considering if you need to navigate stormy weather. Or for improved use if you’re planning to use them at nighttime.

One little snag with these is the microphone volume, which wasn’t the best. This may be because they have the waterproof feature though.

These also aren’t the smallest two way radios available. They seemed on the larger side when we took them out of their packaging.

This could be a great set of two way radios if you’re planning on taking them on outdoor adventures. Canoeing, sailing or mountain climbing—during the daytime or at night—could be well serviced with this set. The battery life is strong too!

COBRA ACXT1035R Manual


  • Fully waterproof two-way radios with floating feature
  • Stylish look, with rubber grips to support slippage
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries, solid battery life
  • Great sound within a 1-2 mile range in the city
  • Flashlight and weather alerts support all-weather use


  • Not the longest range available
  • It May not be small enough to fit all pocket sizes

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7. Motorola T260TP Talkabout Long Range Two Way Radio – 2 Pack

The Motorola T260TP is a stylish, durable outdoor two-way ‘Talkabout’ radio. It’s lightweight, compact and includes outdoor features like NOAA weather channels and alerts and a hands-free function.

The great thing about this model is how it is so easy to use. The functionality is set up very well. The design is kind of unique and they’re more attractive than your standard walkie-talkie. They have a firm, rubber grip coating to avoid slippage or dropping them. They’re very lightweight, sturdy and the buttons are set up nicely.

They’re also advertised as good for camping, which makes sense as we found they work well in close range.

For a reasonable price, these performed well. The sound quality at close range was pretty good – voices came through very clear. This was a strong feature of this model. Also, we didn’t experience any static or distortion in using them. They have an iVOX hands-free feature if you prefer not to hold it for long periods, which we liked.

A good feature of this model is the dual-power function. You can use 3 store-bought AA batteries. However, the rechargeable battery had quite a low capacity. This meant it took a lot longer than we expected to get up to a full charge.

We also expected the range to have been a little better than was. We tried these at 5 miles and work well.

Overall, these are a solid choice for outdoor use. They offer more than a standard two-way radio in terms of style, handling, ease of use and quality of sound. They could be a good option for taking on camping trips or festivals and work well in a constrained range.

Motorola T260TP Manual


  • Stylish and lightweight, built for outdoor use
  • The sound quality is strong and clear
  • Great functionality and easy to use
  • The hands-free function adds style
  • Dual-power battery function


  • Rechargeable batteries didn’t have a big capacity
  • The range wasn’t the best of those we reviewed

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What to Consider When Buying a Long Range Two Way Radio?

Long Range Two Way Radio

Despite the many advancements of digital cellphone technology, long-range two-way radios remain a reliable and instant communication tool. Some years ago, these radios were given the nickname of ‘walkie-talkies’. This was for the simple reason that it was easy to walk long distances while talking.

One person can speak on the radio to transmit their voice, and the other can listen and plan their reply. While the range is often advertised as many miles apart, most of the time connectivity is only possible at much shorter distances. This is because, usually, the range is affected by various obstructions or uneven terrain.

If you are considering what could be the best long-range two-way radios, it’s best to start by planning how you’ll use them:

Professional settings

Do you need a reliable way to communicate with staff who work on-site? Think about scale and how many people may be using your system. Are they working far away from each other, outdoors or indoors? Look for a durable system and the right functionality. Your teams may also be more likely to use the equipment if it’s easy to use. You don’t want to add too much extra stress to their day.


Maybe you’re planning an outdoor trip – hiking, camping or canoeing by the lakes. Do some research on the more robust system. Also, think about whether you need features that support the right weather conditions. Do you need your radios to travel easily, or be waterproof enough to withstand the rainy days? Keep these things in mind during your selection.


You could be looking for a simple, family set of walkie-talkies. These are a great idea for big families, or young and older kids who you need to stay connected to. Look for something that’s easy to use and lightweight. There are plenty of options to consider.

Next, give some thought to the key features that may be the most appropriate to your setting:


You’ll find most two-radios advertise a number of channels. In order to communicate, your two-way radios need to be on the same channels.

Generally, there are two types of channels to consider:

  • Family Service Radio (FSR): This is a personal radio service in ultra-high frequencies (UHF), around 462 and 367 MHz. Generally, these are free for the public to use. Expect around 8-16 channels, however, they are not usually not completely private. This is where privacy codes can be helpful, so check if these are a feature of your model.
  • General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS): These channels are for short-distance two-way communication and do require an approved license. Check with the manufacturer whether a license is included.


Signals between two-way radios usually run in a straight line. Very often this means the length of the antenna will dictate the quality of the reception.

Battery Power

You’ll want to think about how easy it is to charge and for how long the power will last. Rechargeable battery packs or USB port facilities are worth considering for longer usage. Usually, the best two-radios tend to come with a lithium-ion battery.


FSR radios will generally have a shorter range than GMRS. If you do want a range longer than 6 miles, you’ll need to obtain an FCC license.

The range is also affected by obstructions, so consider if you’ll have an open terrain where the connection may be better.

Additional features to consider

  • Voice Operated Transmission (VOX): This is a hands-free option that’s worth considering. It’s sensitive enough to pick up activation from just your voice, saving you the need to press any buttons.
  • Water resistance: Even if you’re not planning on taking your two-way radios on a canoe ride, you want them protected while outside.
  • Weather features: Some two-way radios can be used for emergency signals. NOAA weather channels are also useful to check for the latest alerts.
  • Flashlight: Two-way radios with a flashbulb can help out in situations where space is limited.

And the winner is…

After much deliberation, we agreed there was an undisputed winner. Without a doubt, the overall best long-range two-way radio is the Midland GXT1000VP4 Long Range Two-Way Radio.

When considering a multi-purpose two-way radio, this model ticks all the boxes.

There are plenty of channels, with 22 standard and 28 private ones. Also, we tested this over a range of 5 miles and it retained an excellent reception. This is also a very well-designed model that’s small in size but highly durable.

Where it also beat the rest on the number of additional features, it’s our top pick.

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