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10 Best Marine TV Antennas in 2024- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for a suitable marine TV antenna, you are in the right place. As experts, we know the importance of having a highly effective TV antenna while on the sea. You need to stay updated on what is happening in the outside world by watching world news. You also need to entertain yourself and any other person on board.

To make sure you can make an informed decision, we have prepared this buyer’s guide containing the best marine TV antennas. By the time you are done going through the manual, you will have the necessary insight to help you get the most suitable TV antenna for your marine use.

Marine TV Antenna Reviews 2024

1. KING OA8500 Jack HDTV Directional Marine TV Antenna

While going fishing or just enjoying the serene deep-sea environment, you should make a point of having a reliable marine antenna for your TV. A good antenna such as the KING OA8500 Jack HDTV Directional Over-the-Air Antenna will make your trip more enjoyable by facilitating good TV entertainment.

We genuinely tip our hats to the engineering of this antenna as it is made for long-range signal acquisition. The antenna can detect the signal for your TV even when miles away from the nearest transmitter mast.

KING has also incorporated improved technology, which is able to upgrade the UHF signal while at the same time receiving the remaining VHF channels. With this improvement, you are able to choose the specific channels you want to watch at any given time.

Operating this marine antenna is also simple where it comes with an internal knob which you can adjust with two fingers. Adjusting this knob changes the antenna’s direction, and you can continue with the adjustment until you get the clearest signal.

The aerodynamic design of the antenna plays an integral role in minimizing wind resistance. The design also helps in making sure the antenna stays in good condition for a prolonged period since it reduces the chances of the unit getting damaged by strong winds.

What frustrates us is that the connecting cable from the antenna is relatively short. You might need to separately get a longer cable, especially if you have a big boat where the distance from the top to your TV is quite long.

With all fairness, we think this is one of the best marine antennas in the market today. KING has crafted each feature of the antenna to ensure as a user, and you get maximum value for what you spend.


  • Built-in KING SureLock signal finder
  • Technology has been improved compared to the previous model
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Simple control through a knob
  • Can work even with FM radios


  • Installation requires specialized skills
  • Too much wetness can reduce the life span

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2. Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker Marine TV Antenna

Any time you go shopping for a marine TV antenna, there is a very high likelihood that you will come across Winegard products. The company has a reputation for making top-quality products, including the Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna.

The main reason why we have chosen this antenna to feature on this buyer’s guide is compatibility. It is compatible with almost every DISH subscription and pay-as-you-go satellite programs, consequently allowing you to enjoy TV even when offshore.

We also love the 25 feet coax cable that comes with the antenna. The cable’s length is helpful because it lets you set the antenna at the topmost area of your boat and then proceed to watch clear TV without disruptions.

Setting up this marine TV antenna does not require any experience or guidance. You need to connect the provided cable with the DISH playmaker and then power up the TV to enjoy an assortment of your favorite channels.

Makers of this antenna have also considered portability, where it is 134 inches tall and has a diameter of 16 inches. These dimensions allow you to put the entire unit in a bag and carry it with you without struggling.

However, we have found only one shortcoming to this antenna. When handling it, you might need to be extra cautious. Most of the antenna features are fragile where the unit can get damaged easily if not handled properly.

This Winegard portable satellite antenna’s overall verdict is that it rightfully qualifies to be among the top ten. The different state of the art features and convenience in use makes it suitable for the current world.


  • A portable design
  • Completely Waterproof
  • A 25 feet coax cable
  • Compatible with almost every TV
  • Has an in-built frequency amplifier


  • Made with fragile materials
  • The connected TV requires to be scanned regularly

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3. Magnadyne RVTV-W2 Omni-Directional Marine TV Antenna

You do not have to stay bored when offshore where TV signals are not strong. You can get rid of the boredom by getting a strong marine TV antenna such as the Magnadyne RVTV-W2 Omni-Directional Amplified TV/AM/FM Antenna.

We can pinpoint a lot of features on this antenna but having Omni-directional operational stands out. You do not have to keep adjusting your antenna with this feature since it adjusts itself to face the direction with the strongest signal.

The antenna also has some of the highest and reliable statistics you can find on a marine antenna. Its gain is 6dB, with the maximum output level being 104 dB and an impedance of 75 ohms. You get to receive clear signals without having to waste a lot of power.

We also appreciate that the Magnadyne amplified antenna has an aerodynamic housing made with UV-protected and waterproof materials. It does not matter whether it’s raining or the sun is at its hottest point because the antenna can withstand all weather conditions.

When it comes to mounting and usage, you can relax because everything is straightforward. It comes with all the required mounting elements, including a mounting bracket and a single coax connector cable.

The only feature we feel that should have slightly improved is compatibility. The antenna is only compatible with specific TVs, where if you have the wrong TV, you might not be able to enjoy the various benefits.

Even with the few mishaps, we do not doubt this Magnadyne marine TV antenna’s eligibility and suitability—your TV experience, especially when away from signal transmitters, will never be the same again.


  • Omni-directional operation
  • A sleek white finish
  • Ability to withstand any kind of weather
  • A well-positioned distribution plate
  • Comes with a mounting bracket


  • Works with specific TV types
  • Hard to get spare parts in case of breakage

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4. LAVA Outdoor TV Antenna

One of the biggest frustrations you can go through when on your boat is having a TV that you cannot watch because of poor signal. The ideal way of boosting the signal is acquiring the modern LAVA Outdoor TV Antenna.

We are surprised to find out that this antenna has a range of up to 150 miles considering its small size. If we are judging the antenna by physical appearance, we might reach the wrong conclusions since even though it looks small, it can detect signals which are 150 miles away.

The omnidirectional performance also makes this antenna ideal for a boat that will be in motion most of the time. Your antenna has the ability to detect direction change automatically and as a result, be able to face the direction with the strongest signal.

Your finances are also considered by this antenna where it has more than 45 free HD channels. These channels are available in both manual and digital transmission, which mainly depends on where you are and the available local channels.

With this marine antenna, you are assured of clear HD pictures irrespective of the weather conditions. The antenna has a tough weatherproof housing, and as a result, you are able to watch the programs you like in any weather condition.

The only fault we find on this marine TV antenna is it needs extra mounting components. You will need to have the right tools to mount the antenna in the right spot where it can receive signals without restrictions from any component of your boat.

We come across many marine TV antennas, and we can confirm that the LAVA Outdoor TV Antenna is among our top picks. You make the signals for your TV scrounger through this antenna and therefore be able to enjoy quality TV at the comfort of your boat.


  • Installation does not have to be done on the highest points
  • More than 45 free channels
  • A working range of about 150 miles
  • 360 degrees omnidirectional performance
  • Ability to withstand any weather condition


  • The connecting cable is relatively shorter
  • Require extra care

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5. ANTOP Marine TV Antenna

You might be wondering why marine TV antennas have become so popular among boat owners. The truth is that most boat owners like watching clear TV while on their boats and as a result, they get antennas such as the ANTOP Outdoor TV Antenna.

The unique feature we have identified on this antenna is a 2-way coaxial signal splitter. With this splitter, you are able to split your TV signals into two TVs. You can use the same antenna to watch one TV while the people with you on the boat are watching a different TV.

We further appreciate the omnidirectional performance that allows the antenna to detect signals from all directions. You will not need to use a remote control to adjust the antenna because it can adjust itself automatically.

The maker of this antenna has included an exclusive technology known as SMARTPASS Amplifier technology. The technology allows noise-free reception by blocking wireless signals while at the same time allowing a smoother connection between the antenna and the TV.

We also love that you get to choose between UHF and VHF digital transmissions. Your selection is most likely determined by the place you are and the particular channel you want to watch. Scanning your TV will let you see the available options and therefore be able to choose accordingly.

Our only concern about this marine TV antenna from ANTOP is that it comes with a lot of adjustment options which can be confusing. You might find it challenging to use the antenna, especially if you are using it for the first time.

To sum up, we can confirm that this marine TV antenna has almost everything you require for an enjoyable TV experience when on the sea. You only need to make sure you are using the antenna properly.


  • A durable exterior with UV coating
  • All mounting accessories are included
  • A 360 degrees omnidirectional performance
  • Has 4G LTE filter
  • Exclusive ANTOP SMARTPASS amplifier


  • Might require some time to learn how the different features work
  • Might not work with some types of TVs

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6. Nordwest-Funk VT300 GLOMEX Boat TV Antenna

You no longer have to miss your favorite talk show, game or weather updates just because you are on the sea. The TV you have installed on your boat can let you follow the various TV programs provided you get a versatile antenna such as the Glomex 4″ x 8″ DVB-T2 Full HD TV Marine Omnidirectional Antenna.

We have included marine TV on this list mainly because it provides you with different options to choose from. You can choose to either watch Analog TV, Digital TV or listen to Fm radio.

We are also drawn to this antenna by the ability to receive both horizontal and vertical polarized TV signals. It does not matter the directions the signals are coming from since the antennal have powerful receptors which can receive signals from different directions simultaneously.

A 33 feet coaxial connection cable is another feature that we cannot resist on this antenna. The cable has been designed in a way that it transmits signals in real-time without unnecessary delays or noise obstructions.

In addition, this Glomex Marine Omnidirectional Antenna has a weatherproof design. After installing it on your powerboat or sailboat, you do not have to worry again that it might be affected by rain or too much sun.

We have, however, noted that the omnidirectional feature does not fully function. The antenna might fail to turn automatically, especially if you change direction several times over a short period. The process of the antenna turning automatically is relatively slow, and as a result, you have to be patient.

Even with a few minor issues, we are standing our ground to confirm that this is a reliable marine TV antenna. The various modern features on the antenna help a lot in ensuring you enjoy watching TV on your boat conveniently.


  • A sturdy design
  • Can be installed in almost any part of your boat
  • Facilitates FM radio
  • Comes with a TVNylon mount
  • Can broadcast both in analogue and digital


  • Does not come with all mounting accessories
  • The omnidirectional feature is slow

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7. Wilson Electronics TV Marine Antenna

People who love the sea know how boring it can be when the weather is bad, and one is compelled to remain inside the boat, and the TV signal is poor. You can easily resolve this by getting the Wilson Electronics 9.88-inch 4G Wide Band Omni-Directional Marine Antenna.

We give this antenna a five-star rating due to its ability to cover different frequencies. It can shield frequencies from 698 MHz to 2.7 GHz, where you can watch almost any channel you desire.

The antenna is also credited with giving you the necessary liberty to mount it in the most appropriate place. There is 20 feet RG58 connecting cable that lets you decide the precise place you want the antenna to stand.

Another feature we appreciate about this marine antenna is that it is weatherproof. The design applied and the materials used cannot be affected by either salty or freshwater. Even when it is raining, you shall be able to watch the channel you prefer without disruptions.

We also see a lot of elegance in this antenna, where you can choose between the bottom or side cable exit. The connecting wire does not have to create untidiness since you can direct it in the neatest way depending on how the antenna is mounted.

We could have rated the entire unit very highly, except for the fact that it requires very careful handling. Most of the attributes on the antenna, especially the internal components, are very delicate. Dropping the antenna accidentally can damage the entire unit.

Our unbiased verdict is that this marine TV antenna is capable of providing you with anything you might be looking for in an antenna. The sophisticated and technologically oriented features are ideal for the first-class TV experience.


  • Can be used in mobile and fixed locations
  • Effective Omni-directional performance
  • Has a threaded ferrule for either bottom or side cable exit
  • A weather-resistant design
  • Ability to cover almost all frequencies


  • Fragile interior components
  • A significantly lower life span

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8. Shakespeare 3015 SeaWatch Marine TV Antenna

Modern technology is proving that we do not have to be restricted to anything, especially when it comes to entertainment. One of the ways to prove this is having a good antenna, such as the Shakespeare 3015 SeaWatch Marine TV Antenna, which lets you watch TV without being restricted by aspects such as signal strength.

By just looking at this marine antenna, we are able to tell that it is a high-performance device. It has a cone-like design which makes have zero wind resistance while at the same time ensuring it doesn’t retain any water on the surface after rain.

We also like the amazing Omni-directional performance of the antenna. When you change directions, you do not have to change the positioning of your antenna. Instead, the antenna shall adjust itself to get the signals from the right direction.

The quality of the images on your TV is also significantly enhanced through the use of this antenna. It facilitates images in 1080 HD, where you are able to see all the colors clearly, including the minor details.

We are also pleased that the installation of the antenna is simple and straightforward. The package that comes with the antenna contains all the components needed for the mounting, including a user guide to let you do the installation without making mistakes.

Even though this marine TV has some of the most useful features, we are disappointed that its frequency range is significantly lower. Your favorite TV channel might not be among the frequencies supported by the antenna, and this causes unwanted inconveniences.

Having gone through all the features of the Shakespeare 3015 SeaWatch Marine TV Antenna, we can confidently recommend it to any boat owner. With the antenna, you will never miss your favorite TV program even when in the deep sea.


  • Production of 1080 HD
  • Accepts 1-14 inches threaded mounts
  • Made with tough but light materials
  • Hi-tech technology to facilitate omnidirectional performance
  • Housing made with durable materials


  • A relatively short connecting cable
  • Bulkier than most other antennas in the same category

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9. Luxtronic Long-Rang UFO Digital HDTV Boat TV Antenna

The person who invented boat TVs had known how lonely it could be when in deep-sea without any form of entertainment. To make sure your trip to the deep sea is always full of fun, you might consider purchasing the Luxtronic Long-Rang UFO Digital HDTV Antenna-for RV Trailer Truck Caravan Boat.

The omnidirectional feature on this antenna convinces us that it is a modern marine antenna that will provide you with reliable services. With this particular feature, it does not matter how many times you change direction since it has the ability to detect signals from all directions.

You also do not have to worry about your cable bill rising because of watching too much TV while on the sea. This is because the antenna provides free over-the-air broadcast where you can enjoy all your favorite programs conveniently.

The installation process of this antenna is one of the easiest where the antenna comes with all accessories required for the installation. You are only required to choose the right spot where the unit will be able to detect signals easily.

We highly regard the HD pictures facilitated by this marine TV antenna. The picture quality is made possible by the frequency range of 470-862MHz in UHF transmission, which is known for delivering some of the clearest images.

When buying this antenna, you need to be aware that it requires specialized care to have a long life span. Mishandling the antenna can result in breakage, especially if the antenna is hit with a hard object or it accidentally falls on a rough surface.

Our decision to include the Luxtronic Long-Rang UFO Digital HDTV Antenna-for RV Trailer Truck Caravan Boat is definitely right. The technologically oriented and carefully crafted features prove that you can benefit immensely from using this antenna on your boat.


  • You do not have to pay for cable TV anymore
  • Installation of the antenna is easy
  • Can be used in both fresh and salty water environments
  • Wide frequency range
  • Detects signal from all directions


  • You need to have an HD-capable TV on your boat
  • Can only be mounted on surfaces where the screws will be able to hold firmly

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Other Greate TV Antenna You May Use On Your Boat

10. TS-an Indoor Outdoor TV Antenna

Most of the modern marine TV antenna manufacturers are incorporating technology in the designing and making of these antennas. One of such antennas that have caused excitement among users is the TS-ant HDTV Antenna.

Although this is not a professional marine TV antenna, we are pretty excited by this antenna’s ability to let you watch free HDTV channels while on your boat. Some of the free HD programs you get to receive include; CBS, CW, Fox, ABC and NBC.

The state of the art technology used on the antenna allows it to support almost all kinds of transmission. It can work with 1080i, 720p, 1080p, 2K and 4K among other popular transmission options. With all these options, you can relax on your boat enjoying the cannel you like most in HD.

Another important feature we have noted on this digital antenna is the amplified range. The antenna uses the Advanced Smart Boost technology to detect signal s from a distance of up to 230 miles.

You further get to mount and use this antenna by following a few simple steps. The antenna comes with the necessary screws and 33 feet connecting cable, which you need to connect to the back of your HDTV.

We do not have any complaints against most of the features except for the fact that the antenna might not be able to withstand some of the harsh marine conditions. Even though it is waterproof, too much exposure to sunlight or wetness can easily result in damages.

Our overall rating of this modern TV antenna is that it is specially made for modern users. It can be used in different places, including in your home, but installing it on your boat is among the ways you can get optimum benefits from it.


  • An amplified 230 miles signal range
  • Works with different types of transmission
  • Ideal for outdoor uses irrespective of weather
  • Has a long 33 feet connecting cable
  • Facilitates production of top quality HD images


  • Spare parts are hard to find
  • Not a professional marine TV antenna, hard to install on the boat.

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What to look out for when hunting for the ideal marine TV antenna

Marine TV Antenna Review

Having information about different marine TV antennas at your fingertips is very helpful. You are able to differentiate between different types of antennas, and as a result, you get the antenna that will meet your needs perfectly. We have listed the top features you need to check out any time you are looking for the ideal marine TV antenna.

The antenna’s housing

You will most likely mount the marine antenna you purchase at the top of your boat, where it shall be exposed to different kinds of weather. It is important to make sure the antenna you select has weatherproof housing, which cannot be affected by any weather.

Length of the connection cable

Most modern marine TV antennas come with long connecting cables to let you decide where you want to mount your antenna. The antennas that come with the longest cables are more ideal. 

The signal range

It is also very important to make sure that the antenna you select has the right signal range. Most of the standard marine antennas have a range of more than 150 miles which allows them to get clear signals from transmitters that are miles away.

Automation and technology applied

A good marine TV antenna should have different types of modern technologies to enhance its performance. One of the most important technological-oriented features is having omnidirectional performance.

Provision of free channels

By getting the right marine TV antenna, you are guaranteed free TV where you get to receive some of the most popular channels without having to pay anything. These channels include news channels that let you know what happening in the outside world even when you are in the middle of the sea.

Simplicity in mounting

It is also helpful to get a marine TV antenna which you shall not have a hard time mounting. The ideal antenna should also have different mounting options where you can mount it on different kinds of services. By reading the descriptions and making inquiries, you shall know the mounting options you have before purchasing the antenna.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Marine TV Antenna

Can I use my marine TV antenna to boost my FM radio receptions?

TV antennas can also pick the signals that are used by FM radios, and as a result, you might be able to use your TV antenna to boost FM reception. The only issues that might prevent this are compatibility and connection options.

Does a marine TV antenna with omnidirectional operation require manual adjusting?

The primary essence of the omnidirectional operation is to let the antenna be able to pick signals from different directions. Consequently, with this feature, you do not have to adjust your antenna manually.

Why don’t I get free channels even after installing my marine TV antenna?

There are older models of these antennas, and some of them do not offer free channels. The best way to deal with this is to upgrade and get a digital TV and a digital antenna.

Can I use my marine TV antenna anywhere else except on the boat?

Most marine antennas are made for marine use, but this does not necessarily mean they can only be used on boats. You can use your antenna in other places, such as on your truck or even at home.

What do I do if the reception of my TV is not improving even after installing the antenna?

The best thing to do is to ensure you have installed everything properly and your TV is compatible. In case nothing changes, look for an expert to check out what might be the problem.


From the above list, we have settled on the KING OA8500 Jack HDTV Directional Marine TV Antenna as the outstanding antenna. Our decision is mostly influenced by the fact that the antenna has almost every technologically oriented feature you might want.

The antenna allows you to split the signal where two different TVs can be showing two different things but using the same antenna. It is weatherproof and has an omnidirectional operation, consequently making it ideal for any boat.

 In addition, its built-in Kings SureLock signal finder can amplify its performance where it can detect signals that cannot be detected by most standard marine TV antennas. Therefore, even if the other nine antennas also have outstanding features, KING Marine TV Antenna is more likely to give you exactly what you are looking for.

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