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7 Best Radio CD Players 2024 – AM FM CD Stereo Reviews

CD players are now old-school and are not currently popular, but some of us are not ready to replace our massive collection of CDs with online streaming and MP3 downloads. There is always a good feeling seeing those heaps of CD players you bought at your young age.

So, if you don’t want to graduate to the latest modes of listening to music just yet, we’re glad you visited our page. We’ve gone through dozens of CD players and came up with the best radio CD players today.

While there are many radio CDs on the market, a good CD player should give you an excellent experience listening to music. Here’s what we are talking about:

Best Radio CD Player Comparison Chart 2022



Key Features

best am fm radio with cd player

Sony AM FM Radio with CD Player

5.5 x 15.2 x 2.7 inches

CD playback, bluetooth, AM/FM tuner, USB recording and playback, MEGA BASS sound enhancement

best portable radio cd player

JENSEN CD-490 Portable Stereo CD Player with AM/FM Radio

12.5 x 9 x 5.9 inches

Top Loading CD Player, CD-R/RW Compatible, AM/FM Stereo Receiver, Telescopic Antenna

best tabletop radio cd player

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV Tabletop Radio CD Player

8.7 x 14.49 x 19.29 inches

Bose waveguide speaker technology,  Internet/CD/bluetooth and AM/FM radio

best radio cd player MAGNAVOX

MAGNAVOX MD6972 Portable Radio CD Player

13.78 x 10.63 x 6.7 inches

Top loading CD-R/CD-RW player, total 2 x 2W RMS output,digital PLL AM/FM stereo radio

best radio cd player SINGING WOOD

SINGING WOOD Radio with CD Player

11.8 x 9 x 4.8 inches

Portable Top Loading CD CD-R CD-RW Compatible, LED CD Track Display

best radio cd player LONPOO

LONPOO Stereo CD Radio Player

11.8 x 8.5 x 5.1 inches

twin stereo speakers, Big Knob for Volume, Electronic digital volume control

best small radio cd player

Roberts CD9959 Radio CD Player

9.84 x 9.84 x 5.31 inches

LW/MW/FM stereo wavebands, Deep bass boost

Best AM FM Radio with CD Player Reviews 2022

1. Best Overall – Sony Portable AM FM Radio with CD Player

With this digital tuner from Sony, you get to enjoy your favorite CDs or personally recorded CD-RW and CD-R discs, including the ones with MP3 files. It is an excellent option if you’re looking for a CD player with AM/FM radio and the ability to stream online music from your audio devices.

Streaming is a breeze with Bluetooth interface and near-field communication (NFC) technology. We’re glad that you can enjoy a convenient connection with compatible devices and online audio without wires. We also appreciate the top-loading design of this unit as it makes playing back disc media easier than we thought.

The digital FM/AM stereo tuner of this unit comes with 30 stations preset memory (10 AM, 20FM), letting you choose from a wide range of radio, music, and talk programming. We are also sure that you’ll love the LCD that displays the track you’re currently playing.

Boombox is another feature that we would like to highlight. You might find it useful and beneficial since it is proven for longevity. It can reach up to 26 hours, hence, allowing you to listen to amusing music for quite some time without experiencing any issues. You’ll also enjoy feeling the beat with the mega bass.

Also, the unit has a decent sound quality, given the relatively low price. We think the sound is great because you don’t have to boost the antenna using tinfoil to get your preferred radio station. Not to mention, it includes 2 x 2 W speakers that are housed in a bass-reflex design to ensure all your music needs are met.

Though, we have a couple of real flaws in this unit. The first one is that the back panel piece covering the battery compartment is slightly tricky to remove to insert the batteries. Secondly, the Bluetooth range can only perform better at over thirty feet. You might find this helpful, especially if you want this CD player for events or parties at your home.

Being a feature-filled system with a reasonable price, we are sure Sony Portable Bluetooth Digital Turner can put a smile on your face, especially if you want to use it for prolonged hours listening to radio stations and music. In short, it is a highly recommendable CD player.

Sony ZS-RS60BT Manual


  • Built-in digital AM/FM stereo tuner- comes with 30 stations preset memory (10 AM, 20FM)
  • Gives a fantastic listening experience- with the 2 x 2 W speakers that have a mega bass.
  • Offer streaming capabilities- from various audio devices
  • Allows you to listen to music for a long period- specifically for up to 26
  • Facilitates USB recording- you can easily record an entire CD


  • It’s a bit difficult to remove the back panel- it might take you sometime before putting the batteries
  • Bluetooth is good at over thirty feet- beyond that, you might experience connectivity issues

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2. Best Portable Radio CD Player – JENSEN CD-490

JENSEN CD-490 caught our eyes mainly because of its unique mix of red and black. You will for sure notice it when placed among other CD radios because of its colors. When we took a closer look, we realized it also has features that can impress any music lover.

Ease in controlling how the music is played on the unit is among the features that we like. You can forward, skip, repeat one song, repeat all songs, or search for a particular piece on this unit. The LED CD display lets you see what you are doing with the various control options. We also liked the programmable memory, which provides better control.

When you want to play your favorite CD, you can quickly load it from the top. The top-loading option is helpful because you get to see all that you are doing. Even if you are in a place with low lighting, you shall be able to load your CD conveniently. You can also change the different options easily because the control buttons are strategically positioned.

If you have other devices, you might like JENSEN CD-490. This is because it has an assortment of connection options such as an auxiliary input jack. You can connect your MP3, iPod, or any other modern audio player you may have through this jack. We liked the fact that the connection options are universal, where you can connect almost any device.

We also quickly noticed that the radio is very portable. Its dimensions are 12.5 inches by 9 inches by 5.9 inches, and its total weight is 3.4 pounds. You also get to carry the unit quickly, for it has a foldable carrying handle. We also noted that the outer body is made with light but strong materials to enhance portability.

Our main concern is that the radio does not have Bluetooth despite being described as a modern unit. We could also not fail to notice that you have to buy batteries separately after purchasing the unit. Batteries are relatively expensive, which means you shall have to spend more.

If you are a standard music lover, JENSEN CD-490 might be the right gadget for you. Most of the features let you enjoy your favorite music in a standardized manner, where you are the one deciding what to enjoy. All in all, this is a worthy portable CD radio.

JENSEN CD-490 Manual


  • Consumes just 120V/60Hz of power -which makes energy efficient
  • Powerful -output of 2×1.5W RMS
  • Red and black colors -make it look elegant.
  • Lightweight and carrying handle -makes it very portable.
  • LED display -which allows easier control
  • Comes with an assortment -of connection options


  • The LED display is awkwardly positioned.
  • There are no color varieties for people who would like units of other colors.

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3. Best Tabletop Radio CD Player – Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

Finding a CD player that can do it all can be taxing, but the good news is that we have Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System to meet your needs. It has a lot to offer, including Wi-Fi, internet streaming, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, AM/FM radio, and many more.

Our impression of this CD player is excellent. We like its simple Wi-Fi connection that opens a whole new world for you. It allows you to stream your favorite music through services like Pandora and Spotify right at your fingertips. Hence, with this player, you can access all your music quickly and wirelessly.

Another exciting feature is that you can tie all these options and services with Alexa, which is excellent for wireless network compatibility. Alexa is a boundless component of this fantastic model. It helps you change your tracks, turn the volume up or down, and find out what you’re playing at the moment. Whether it is from your bedroom’s speaker or kitchen’s speaker, it will help you figure out.

We like Bose Wave because you will wake up to convenience with its easy snooze control. All you need is to tap on the surface of the system. It includes dual independent alarms that do not require resetting, particularly for those who find themselves sleeping late. The system is just super lovely and practical for its worth.

Additionally, we appreciate the fact that this system is easy to use. It comes with a simple, slim infrared remote with 6 presets so that you can instantly access your favorite combination of SoundTouch or AM/FM selections. The remote can control alarm functions, volume, track selection, and so forth.

The biggest disappointment with Bose is that you cannot transmit music from the radio or CD to external speakers. So, this system IV plays only the music it gets through the app or a device connected via Bluetooth. It also has faulty software that might require frequent updates.

In summation, this freshly designed system provides everything you might be looking for in a CD player.  Unlike most radios, this particular model is compatible with Alexa. It also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, making it the ideal choice.

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV Manual


  • Easy to set up and use- it comes with an infrared remote control that will help you manage everything
  • It produces excellent sound- despite its small size
  • Supports several audio formats- including MP3, FLAC, AAC, WMA, and Apple lossless
  • Works with Wi-Fi- allows you to stream music online
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity- you can connect with your smartphone to listen to your other saved songs
  • Comes with Alexa- for easier management


  • Has a faulty software- may require updates several times
  • Does not allow you to transmit radio and CD music to external speakers- only works internally

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4. MAGNAVOX MD6972 Portable Radio CD Player

The stylish nature and elegance of the MAGNAVOX portable CD player are quite appealing. Its front area has color-changing lights that will make you want to be in the same room with this modern CD player. The uniqueness of the unit is also beyond compare and will undoubtedly liven your home.

One of the main attributes we have noted on this modern gadget is the enhanced number of connection options. You can connect it to almost any audio device through the 3.5-millimeter auxiliary port. It is also possible to use Bluetooth technology or wired headphones when using this portable CD player. We know that the more the connection options, the better the music experience.

We also like the fact that the CD player has a total output of 2x2W RMS. If you are a music lover, you definitely know the importance of using a device with enhanced output. With this kind of production, you get to enjoy premium-quality sounds at all times. Your ears are also protected from imbalanced music quality.

The Boombox attribute on this portable CD radio player might also excite you. With this particular feature, you can be assured of an uninterrupted music experience. The reason behind this is that the feature facilitates up to 25 hours of continuous music. We find this very convenient, especially when you have a whole day to relax and enjoy yourself.

Sound clarity is another attribute we appreciate on this portable CD radio. Magnavox speakers facilitate transparency since they are powerful and well-tuned. The positioning of the speakers on the radio’s sides further ensures you can hear the sounds clearly no matter your position. With this clarity, you get to entertain everyone in the room.

Even though we find many good attributes on this portable CD radio, we have some reservations about some features. For starters, the unit is relatively bulky despite being described as portable. Secondly, the color-changing lights can be irritating, especially if you have sensitive eyes. You also need to be careful with the unit because it easily breaks if it falls from a considerable height.

Considering all the MAGNAVOX portable CD player’s positive attributes, we think it is worth its value. You get to enjoy your music in a digitized way while at the same time having the freedom to connect it with other devices.

MAGNAVOX MD6972 Manual


  • The AM/FM options are digital-to let you enjoy more channels.
  • Auxiliary port is universal- to let you connect almost any gadget.
  • Bluetooth option -allows you to connect the CD radio with an assortment of other devices.
  • Control options are easy to operate.
  • Has a compact design – for portability


  • Materials used to make the body are relatively feeble -compared to similar units.
  • If broken, it is hard to find spare parts

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5. Singing Wood SBX030C-RD Radio with CD Player

With this CD player from SINGING WOOD, you get to enjoy the well-regulated CD, AM, and FM music. You can use the unit’s speakers or choose to connect with your headphones. Furthermore, the radio’s portability gives you the freedom to listen to the music you like, even when on the go.

Freedom and convenience are among the main features we like in this unit. You can connect it on AC, where it uses the standard 120V/60Hz power. You can also use the unit on the go, for it also uses Type-C(UM-2) batteries. With these batteries, you can carry the CD/radio player with you wherever you go. The unit has a carrying handle, which makes portability easier.

We like the fact that you can connect this portable gadget with other devices. Through the 3.5 mm auxiliary line input, you can join other audio devices, including your mobile phone or iPad. We especially liked the input option because it is the standard input for most devices. With this, you can connect the CD player with almost any audio device you have.

Furthermore, we appreciate the programmable memory for it lets you decide how you listen to your music. The memory enables you to determine whether you want to repeat one song, or you want to repeat the entire playlist. Besides the memory, you can easily rewind or forward the music being played. Furthermore, you get to see the changes through the well-positioned LED display.

AM and FM functions have also been enhanced on this well-designed CD player. You get a stronger signal that is facilitated by the telescopic antennae. We know the pain of trying to listen to the radio with unclear reception. This is why we feel that the enhanced AM/FM options are essential, and you might like them, especially when in remote places with poor reception.

However, we don’t like the fact that such a unit lacks Bluetooth connectivity. We also noticed that the unit is bulkier than most similar CD players. Furthermore, the number of control buttons is relatively high, and this can be confusing, especially to new users.

Our analysis concludes that this portable CD player is an ideal addition for anyone who loves music. The many positive features give you a chance to decide how you want to listen to your music. All that you need is to follow the user manual, and you will be good to go.


  • A foldable carrying handle to allow enhanced portability
  • Simplified analogue tuning
  • Top CD loading to enable more convenient use
  • The memory can be programmed.
  • Can use either AC or DC power, therefore, providing freedom
  • A robust telescopic antenna for AM and FM


  • Available in only one combination of colors
  • You will have to buy the batteries separately.

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6. LONPOO Stereo CD Radio Player

The primary reason why we like this radio CD player from LONPOO is that most of its features are digital. You get to enjoy the latest technologically oriented features on the unit. The player also allows you to enjoy digitized FM radio, where you can change the channels by the touch of a button.

Among the key features we like is that this stereo radio is compatible with different CD formats. It is compatible with CD/ CD-RW/ CD-R and MP3. With this compatibility, you can readily play almost any CD on your CD collection using this reliable unit. We also like that it has a top-loading operation where you can quickly load and remove the CDs.

Another feature we could not miss is how this radio CD can be connected to different devices. One of the tools you can connect with this unit is your USB storage since it has a USB port. It also has Bluetooth abilities and auxiliary input. With all these connection options, you can connect almost any audio device you have in your home.

Power usage is another attribute of this radio CD player from LONPOO that we noticed. It comes with a UL-listed power cord that can support 110-220V. You can also use 4 C batteries on this unit, especially when going to a place where there is no power.

The quality of the sound produced by this radio CD player is something else you might like. You get to enjoy top-notch music coming from the twin stereo speakers. You also get to choose from more than 20 FM stations where you can listen to your favorite talk shows, sports updates, or anything else you like on the radio.

Although this radio has many positive attributes, we could not help but notice that a few of the features had some flaws. One of the weaknesses we noted is that the unit’s body is made using brittle materials, which can break easily. We also observed that there are a lot of control options, which can be confusing.

Besides the few flaws, we can confidently say that this unit is worth every cent of its price. The incorporation of digital features mainly makes it suitable for the modern world. Therefore, it is fair to say that this radio CD player from LONPOO is an excellent addition to your music playing gadgets.


  • Has a digital FM radio with more than 20 stations
  • Comes with a clear and well-lit LCD display
  • Bluetooth connectivity to connect with most modern devices
  • Can use either AC or DC power sources
  • Supports USB connectivity
  • It is compatible with different CD formats.


  • Spare parts are not readily available in case it is broken.
  • It is not compatible with some modern audio devices.

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7. Roberts CD9959 Radio CD Player

The Swallow is a reliable, portable CD radio player that provides MW/LW and stereo wavebands for you to adjust the bass for a much more resonant sound manually. It facilitates playback mode. With a simple press on the button, you can repeat the playlist on the CD and continue listening to your favorite music instead of going back to the radio.

It is a programmable CD player, and that’s why we like it. Unlike with other CD players available on the market, this unit gives you the ability to program the order in which your CD tracks will play. Therefore, you can listen to the playlist in your chosen order. The system will also playback in that manner.

In case you want to listen to your CDs privately or without disturbing other people around you, the radio is equipped with a headphone socket. You’ll simply plug in your earphones or headphones and get started with the entertainment.

The lightweight nature, coupled with the carrying handle, makes this CD player portable. Although it is not the lightest radio on the market, it is reasonably easy to carry around. Therefore, it is a convenient radio for those who love bringing their CDs with them wherever they go.

Also, we like this radio because it can be powered by batteries. Therefore, if you’re in a place without mains to plug in your radio, you’ll keep playing your favorite music and playlists. It doesn’t matter whether indoors or outdoors, thanks to the batteries option.

However, Roberts CD9959 Swallow has a pretty tricky slider to switch between CD, radio, and off. So, there is a likelihood to pass the wrong command. Another thing we dislike is that the player does not come with batteries.

That said, we conclude that despite the fiddly slider and the lack of batteries, this is a dependable portable radio CD player. Besides, it provides an excellent value for money, given its above-average sound quality.

Roberts CD9959 Manual


  • The price is low- compared to other CD players in this list
  • Portable- the size is small and has a carrying handle
  • Sound quality is above average- for this type of CD player
  • Speakers produce nice and warm sound- with the help of the bass function
  • Has a headphone socket- helpful especially if you don’t want to disturb other people
  • Easy to operate- has clearly labeled controls


  • Switching from one mode to another can be fiddly- especially from CD to radio and when turning the radio off
  • Does not include the batteries- you’ll have to buy them separately

Check Price on Amazon


What to consider when in the hunt for the ideal radio CD player

best radio cd player

Since modern radios come with a wide range of features, it can be challenging to choose an outstanding radio CD player. However, the good news is that with this buying guide you’ll be able to decide which features you want.

Ease of operation

Modern appliances are not like those in the 80s with several switches and knobs. Thus, today simplicity is the key feature, and radio CD players are not an exception. You need to consider one that you can efficiently operate.

Sound quality

If you want to enjoy your ride with the CD player you have decided to buy, it would be wise to check whether it has a good sound quality coming from its speakers. You don’t want to ruin your favorite song with a poorly-designed radio.


While most radios mentioned above are mains only, a few can use batteries as an alternative. If you want to listen to your selected playlist elsewhere, you can always carry the radio with you. A portable radio CD player is often known as a boombox and equipped with a carrying handle.

Compatibility with different disc formats

Today, even the regular CD players can at least handle standard CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and CDs with MP3 files. Also, there are models with the ability to read formats like SACD. Some players even include USB and auxiliary inputs, giving you various options to play your music. Hence, it would be a great idea to have all these in a single unit.


Supported Audio Formats



CDs/CD-Rs/CD-RWs/MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC/Apple Lossless





Bluetooth connectivity

A radio with this feature allows you to connect with devices like smartphones via the speakers to stream your audios. Bluetooth links wirelessly, so you don’t have to deal with wires that could get you tangled while moving around your home.










Offers DAB/FM radio

An advanced radio should have both FM and DAB and not just FM because it could become obsolete in the future.

DAB, which denotes “digital audio broadcasting,” is a more modern way of transmitting radio, and that’s what you should look for in a CD player. But if you’re on a budget, you can get an FM-only radio CD player for listening to local and national stations.

Frequently asked questions

best radio with cd player

How to set up the best CD radio player?

It is pretty simple to set up most CD radio players without using an instructional manual. Unless a radio comes with additional features, which is rare, you just need to plug it into the main and turn on. Using is not complicated since almost all radios have labeled buttons to tell you what to do.

Which companies are the most reputable for producing the best CD radio player?

If you are searching for just one radio, you might get spoilt of choices because radio CD players are abundant in the market nowadays. Due to their satisfying qualities and features, prominent brands include Sony, Ruark, Roberts, Pure, AZATOM, and Majority.

How to care for and do maintenance on a radio CD player?

Since you want your radio CD player to serve you for years, you might want to store it in a safe place to prevent damage and dust. It is advisable to place it somewhere dark or at the corner of your home away from the sun rays. In case there is accumulated dust on the top of your CDs, use a microfiber towel to wipe it out.

On the contrary, you might need to buy a cleaning kit for the CD player, especially if you cannot access the optical reader. If it is accessible, just use a moistened cotton with a bit of alcohol to rub gently.

Where to purchase the ultimate radio CD player?

Radio CD players are available in most electronics shops, department stores, and malls. But if you want a particular model or brand, it’s best to check them online. You’ll find thousands of options from websites like Amazon, Alibaba, or Walmart. The manufacturer’s website is also an alternative.


While it’s a bit difficult to pick the winner among the mentioned best radio CD players, we settle on Sony Portable Bluetooth Digital Turner AM/FM CD Player. It is not only classy and elegant but also contains outstanding properties. With this unit, you get to listen to uninterrupted music for as long as you want.

Besides, the CD player has MEGA BASS sound enhancement that puts it shoulder higher when compared with the others. The powerful sound is also evident, therefore making us believe we have selected the right radio CD player.

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