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7 Best Tabletop Radios of 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guides

There are times when you find yourself with so many options when it comes to tabletop radios. Picking the one you like can be quite overwhelming.

There are different ranges of table radios in the market, from basic low-cost radios to high-standard listening systems. This is why we have done the job of making things easy for you by selecting the top 7 most popular tabletop radios.

Best Tabletop Radio Comparison Chart 2022




Best Tabletop Radio Bose

Bose Wave Music System IV & Tabletop Radio

6.97 x 12.75 x 19.02 inches

CD/AM/FM/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/AUX/Headphone Jack

Best Tabletop Radio Sangean

Sangean WR-2 Wooden Cabinet Digital Tabletop Radio

9.4 x 7.6 x 4.4 inches

AM/FM/AUX/Headphone Jack

Best Tabletop Radio Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio Model One Tabletop Radio

14 x 6.5 x 4 inches

AM/FM/AUX/Headphone Jack

Best Tabletop Radio Grace

Grace Internet Tabletop Radio

10.5 x 5.8 x 5.4 inches

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/USB/Headphone Jack

Best Tabletop Radio Crosley

Crosley CR3003A Solo Tabletop Radio

2 x 7.5 x 40 inches

AM/FM/USB/AUX/Headphone Jack

Best Tabletop Radio Sangean HDR-18

Sangean HDR-18 HD TableTop Radio

7.61 x 9.45 x 4.41 inches

AM/FM/AUX/Headphone Jack

Best Tabletop Radio Sangean Como Audio

Como Audio: Wireless Music System with Internet Radio

5.19 x 9.44 x 4.72 inches

AM/FM/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/AUX/USB/Headphone Jack

The Best Tabletop Radio Reviews 2022

1. Bose Wave Music System IV Tabletop Radio

The Bose Wave Music System IV is one of our favorite home sound systems because it gives a fantastic sound effect and it comes with a whole lot of great features. If you decide to go for this table radio, be certain of your money well spent.


The famous Bose Wave Music System is a wireless system that allows you to enjoy music in your comfort zone with just touch access. It’s an all in one music system.

We acknowledge the comfort in size, giving you that scalable preference to be placed in your room, kitchen surface, living room, or bedside table. You get to enjoy a lot of music sources such as listening to your local or internet radio, AM/FM radios, your stored music library, and so on.

Go old school in the comfort of your home with the radio CD player (it’s quite rare finding a radio CD player). So you get to play your old CDs mix or collections which you can’t seem to get over.

You can wirelessly stream music to the speaker Wi-Fi, Bluetooth using a compatible device such as your Smartphone or computer.  It comes with a free sound touch app that you can easily access to your Wi-Fi network and play music from popular music services such as Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music.

It comes with a dual alarm so you and your partner can set up alarms at different times. If you are the one that likes to snooze sometimes in the morning, simply tap the sensitive top of your sound system and have some extra time to sleep. It has a 9 voltage battery which maintains the clock and alarm function

The compact speakers produce such an incredible high topping bass sound for your listening experience. It also comes with an informational visual display that shows the title of what is presently playing. The visual display has adjustable brightness and automatic night dimming.

Additionally, it comes with an infrared remote which allows you to control all system functions (power, volume, alarm functions, track selection, and so on) from anywhere in the room. It is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexia voice control.

The main downside side is that it’s more expensive than other options. Therefore, this might not be a good choice if you are looking for something at a fair cost.

In summary, the Bose Sound Wave system is an all package system. You get the most remarkable features you can imagine from a radio.

Bose Wave Music System IV Manual


  • An all in one music system.
  • You enjoy the fact that there are so many choices for music.
  • Simple and elegant, and it will blend nicely with your interiors.
  • CD player for those who are just can’t seem to get over those regular old mixed CDs or CDs you burned a decade ago.
  • Compactable with Amazon’s Alexia voice control
  • You get high-quality sound for the money spent.


  • Bose Wave is quite expensive.

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2. Como Audio: Solo – Wireless Music System & Internet Radio

The Como Audio Solo Wireless Music System is a world of musical entertainment. The unique woody shape is quite creative and it gives it that classy musical feel.


The Como Audio Solo Wireless Music System has multiple capabilities with just one touch streaming and it has a high fidelity sound.

You get to enjoy a variety of music sources such as internet radio, FM radio, Wi-Fi connectivity, Spotify connect, music player, and Bluetooth streaming. It also has an antenna for the FM radio. Its internet radio has over 30,000 free stations and podcasts from all over the world.

We admire the exterior handmade, furniture grade real wood veneer cabinets, serving as a decorative styling. It has a well-built speaker and it comes with a handy physical remote, used to make some little changes. The setup is quite simple and it’s easy to control.

It has a USB input for playing music from your USB flash drive and other mass storage device. The USB port can also be used to charge your device.

This system comes with a full-featured app called Como control. The app is available on both iOS and Android. It is also compatible with the Alexia voice control function and it comes with an alarm clock.

Although it does not have that high topping bass, the music is generally pleasing to the ear. There is the option of plugging an earphone so you can listen privately and give everybody around you a break.

Another downside is that the knobs might be too small for your fingers. it does not have a CD player so apologies to your favorite old CD mix which you can’t seem to get over.

There is no AM radio, and it cannot be paired with Amazon music.

Como Audio: Solo Manual


  • Great styling and the woody construction is unique.
  • Varieties of music sources.
  • Compatible with the Alexi device.
  • There is an earphone option.
  • Easy to control
  • USB drive included
  • Supports internet radio.


  • The sound quality is not top base, but it’s quite respectable.
  • The knobs might be too small for your fingers.
  • There’s no CD player.

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3. Grace Digital Mondo+ Internet Tabletop Radio and Speaker

You get to enjoy the flow of music with this Grace Digital Mondo + Wireless Smart Speaker. The Mondo + if you have noticed, is one of the updated versions of the original Mondo.


The Grace Mondo Smart radio is a wireless speaker and it’s easy to set up and it is quite flexible. It has so many buttons that you can easily navigate your way around the operations. Although there are some people that feel the buttons are too many, they help you work your way around the radio.

Its boxed shape is balanced by its gentle angles. The design is not that spectacular but it is will sit perfectly on your bedside table or on the kitchen counter. It has a lovely visual display with album art and has channel information.

On the rare end, it has a simple panel of ports, twin RCA, and USB connections, but it is the front side that you will mainly be using.

If you are looking for a Sirius player, then you should consider this option. Although it only plays SiriusXM, and it will definitely pick up all the stations. It has a nice sound quality with an inbuilt equalizer.

This is not the radio for you if you are looking to get FM station or AM news. It is a speaker that has a vision only for the future and does not look the way of legacy radio signals. It is mainly in favor of a digital perspective. Therefore it does not have a CD player.

This could be a beneficial purchase for you if you are a digital listener and the majority of your sources come from internet radio, satellite radio, and podcasts. You get to pause, rewind, or replay any live show you missed.

The Grace Mondo + might have little imperfections and might not be everybody’s ideal choice, but we had a great amount of fun with it and I guess you will too.

Grace Digital Mondo+ Manual


  • Worthy radio option for listening to SiriusXM.
  • If you are a digital listener, this could be a beneficial choice for you.
  • Easy connection to Wi-Fi
  • Good choice of internet radio.
  • The screen gives a lovely album art display.
  • Great speakers and decent sound.
  • You can rewind, pause, or replay a live show.


  • The design may not be too pleasing to many.
  • There is no AM/FM radio
  • Too many buttons.

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4. Sangean WR-2 Wooden Cabinet Digital Tabletop Radio

This popular Sangean WR-2 is another tabletop radio option you can go for. It is a simple design and has some good features.


The balanced Sangean WR-2 tabletop is a digital tuning radio. It is one of my favorite AM/FM radios with a walnut-finished wooden box.

There is an advanced RF/ IF electronic circuitry that allows the radio to pick the weakest signal of AM/ FM stations even if your position is far away and it is very sensitive.

Also, it has a 10 memory default station (5 FM, 5 AM). This allows you to set your favorite station for easy access. It has an external AM antenna terminal.

The backlight LCD is bold and easy to read and you can adjust the dimmer light to its 4 settings: Low, bright, medium, and off.

Another thing we like is the fact that there are a Real-Time Clock and Alarm. You can even set the alarm tone to your favorite radio station or just a Buzzer. It also comes with adjustable sleep time and it has a snooze function.

The sound system is good, and it has a bass and treble adjustment for you to attain the sound you prefer. The AUX input jack allows you to play your MP3 or iPod.

There is that versatile infrared remote control incorporated with the WR-2. And you can easily remote playback as well as control from the other room.

One of the downsides is that the turning knob needs to be carefully handled so as not to come off. Also, the buttons are quite small and look identical. Also, the labeled buttons are small; you might have to squint to see them clearly.

Another disadvantage is that it might freeze a couple of times, but this can be solved by simply unplugging and plugging it back in.

Sangean WR-2 Manual


  • Excellent sound
  • Unique ability to capture distant AM/ FM station
  • Adjustable LCD
  • Clock, alarm and a Snooze function
  • Treble and bass adjustment
  • External AM Antenna terminal.


  • The buttons are small and identical
  • The labels on the buttons are small and you might need to squint to see them clearly
  • Freezes a few times, but unplugging and plugging it solves the problem

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5. Crosley CR3003A Solo Tabletop Radio

If you have been looking for a retro-style radio, the Crosley Solo Radio might be a choice you can consider.  The all-round gentle Crosley Solo tabletop can give you some good music performance.


The Crosley Solo AM / FM has got a nice analog tuner, and you enjoy that nice feel to it. The AM is good, but the FM is simply great as it picks up all its stations clearly. The sound is generally acceptable and it has got a top firing speaker to give you that unique listening experience.

It comes with an antenna therefore it ensures you get a good frequency and the radio is easy to operate. It has got some inputs and outputs. With the AUX head jack 3.5mm, you get to listen to your iPod or iPhone (comes with a plug for this function). It also has a headphone input for your private listening pleasure.

One of the features we admire is that it’s got a yellow tuning indicator. So when you are out of tune the light indicator guides and get you back in tune.

The disadvantage is that it does not come with Bluetooth and it does not run a battery. So it has to be plugged into its main power source always.

Overall, this is a budget-friendly tabletop radio and you get the basic feature set.

Crosley CR3003A Manual


  • The AM is good, and all the FM stations are clear and easy to pick
  • Tuning indicator
  • Comes with a 3.5mm AUX head jack
  • Retro style looks
  • Comes with an external antenna for good reception
  • Has a headphone jack


  • No Bluetooth feature
  • Must be plugged always because it does not run with a battery

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6. Sangean HDR-18 HD Wooden Cabinet Tabletop Radio

The Sangean HDR-18 HD is designed to make your user experience a better one.


The stylish Sangean HDR-18 offers several functions and the HD features the most recent in HD technology and many more stations. It has got a better sound, a better bass (with controls), and a nice reception of HD radio with AM/FM Stereo.

There is a double alarm that can wake up to your favorite local radio station (Primary AM/FM Stations only) or with the human walking system. The human walking system will wake you up gradually with a gentle buzzer which will slowly increase in volume.

It also has a snooze option, so you can have some extra time to sleep. It also comes with an actual time clock.

Another thing we like about this HDR-18 is the free subscription to the top HD radio. You can preset your favorite HD radio station with a memory from 10 M and 10FM.

Additionally, it has a nice visual display and has good controls that are easy to operate. The infrared remote controls make things easy for example; it permits you to exactly input your favorite AM/ FM station.

The AUX input can connect an MP3 player or other external devices. It also comes with a headphone jack so you can easily listen to your favorite local HD channel while giving others a break.

One of the faults is that it has too many buttons, and most of the buttons are quite tiny, and there are no Bluetooth options.

Sangean HDR-18 HD Manual


  • HD digital with AM/FM Stereo
  • AUX input for extra audio sources
  • Bass and treble can be controlled
  • Infrared remote for accessibility
  • Double alarm, customized wake-up system and a  snooze option
  • Top HD radio free subscription


  • Too many buttons
  • No Bluetooth option
  • Alarms can only be set to primary AM/FM stations

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7. Tivoli Audio Model One AM/ FM Tabletop Radio

If you are looking for just a simple tabletop radio with a good tune, then you might consider the Tivoli Audio Model one as one of your options. The wooden cabinet design is nicely built for your room, office, and kitchen or anywhere else you decide to put it.


The Tivoli Audio Model one comes with an AM/ FM mode. The system has a very good sound reproduction but it cannot give an extremely high volume, and the receiver is very sensitive.

There are an FM antenna wire and an FM antenna switch either being internal or external. It also has an external AM antenna jack. You will also find a 3.5mm AUX input where you can plug in other audio sources like an MP3 player, iPod, etc.

Additionally, it has got an input for headphones therefore you can plug in your headset without disturbing others. It also got a Bluetooth option. There is a yellow tuning indicator for accurate tuning.

The downside is it does not come with a clock, alarm, or remote. But if you are the one that just wants something simple and nothing but a good sounding radio without clock, alarm or remote. Then this might be a good option for you.

Tivoli Audio Model One Manual


  • Simple and has a solid sound
  • FM antenna
  • 5mm Auxiliary input for other music sources
  • Input for a headphone for your private listening experience
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy music streaming
  • Tuning indicator for accurate  tuning


  • No clock or alarm function
  • No remote control

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What to Consider When Buying a Tabletop Radio?

tabletop radio cd player

Getting a top table radio is easy as there is a lot of it in the market. But getting the right tabletop radio and quality one is not quite easy. The last thing you want is to order a brand new tabletop radio and get to find out it has a low-quality sound reception or a distorted sound.

We frequently test and review tabletop radios so we can identify the suitable models from the less suitable ones. So for choosing the best tabletop radio, we have identified some tips to consider when choosing your tabletop radios.

Points to consider when choosing your tabletop radios:

Sound Quality

Sound quality is undoubtedly one of the most important when picking your tabletop radio. There are table tops radios with excellent quality sound with equalizer and moderate-quality sound. If you are the one that enjoys your music everywhere in your home at the top sound with bass, treble, and so on. You probably should go for the expensive models. Although there is a couple of moderately low-cost radio that can give you this kind of feature.

If you like your music at a moderate level in your room, kitchen, or anywhere else you may go for the less expensive models.

There are some radios that at their maximum volume the sound is clear and crystal, while some may sound distorted. So you should consider this too when choosing.


A good model should be able to pick up weak signals with clear reception. It won’t be nice for you to discover your new tabletop gives an uneven distorted reception.

Bluetooth, AUX input and Headphone Jack

These features are a must-have for you to enjoy a wireless stream of music from your Smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Tabletop Bluetooth radio absolutely opens up your listening options. The auxiliary input allows you to plug your MP3 and other music devices.

With the headphone jacket, you can privately listen to your music in your zone.

These types of features make your tabletop radio more versatile.

Tabletop Radio


CD/AM/FM/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/AUX/Headphone Jack

AM/FM/AUX/Headphone Jack

AM/FM/AUX/Headphone Jack

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/USB/Headphone Jack

AM/FM/USB/AUX/Headphone Jack

AM/FM/AUX/Headphone Jack

AM/FM/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/AUX/USB/Headphone Jack

Preset and Alarm Function

When picking your tabletop radio, you should consider going for models that have presets in order to store your favorite station and access them easily.

Another feature to consider is the alarm function. Most, but not all tabletop radios come with an alarm function.

Many great options

On a final note, having gone through some of the best tabletops and some of their features. We do hope this review will be able to guide you as to choosing which option fits your needs. Tell us what you think.

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