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7 Best Under Cabinet Radios of 2024 – Undercabinet Radio Reviews

You may not realize how important music is to you, it just plays an essential and irreplaceable role in your daily life. Especially, when you are doing something alone where there is a very quiet atmosphere, some amusement could be the icing on the cake.

I bet nobody likes loneliness. So if you love cooking or you have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, there should be some music or other entertaining sounds around you. Then, an under cabinet radio is a perfect choice to light up your kitchen time.

If you are interested in these little items but have trouble selecting a suitable one. Here are our top picks for the best under cabinet radio to help you choose the right one.

Best Under Cabinet Radio Comparison Chart 2022




Best Under Cabinet Radio Sony

Sony ICFCDK50 Under Counter Radio CD Player

13.7 x 12.2 x 3.4 inches


Best Under Cabinet Radio iLive

iLive iKBC384S Under Counter Radio CD Player

13.5 x 3.8 x 12.5 inches


Under Cabinet Bluetooth Radio

iLive iKB333S Under Cabinet Bluetooth Radio

9.1 x 7.4 x 2.5 inches


Under Cabinet Bluetooth Radio ilive

iLive IKB318 Under Cabinet Bluetooth Radio

9.09 x 7.32 x 2.44 inches


Best Under Cabinet Radio Venturer

Venturer KLV3915 Undercabinet Radio

16.75 x 5.75 x 14.5 inches


Best Under Cabinet Radio RCA

RCA SPS3688B Under Cabinet Radio

7.7 x 12.6 x 1.9 inches


Best Under Cabinet Radio Auna

Auna KR-200 SI Internet Under Cabinet Radio

5.4 x 9.4 x 2.9 inches


The Best Under Cabinet Radio Reviews 2022

1. Sony ICFCDK50 Under Counter CD Clock Radio

If you are a beginner of under cabinet radios, Sony ICFCDK50 can be a good option to start. As a famous electronics brand, Sony not only knows what you expect for an under cabinet radio but also guarantees good product quality. Also, it provides you multiple functions.

The first key point is that it features a bass reflex system, which allows you to enjoy a robust sound quality. If you love music very much, you are gonna love this unit because this system can generate highly deep and rich bass tones.

Another feature that may attract you is a powerful CD player. The CD player accepts both the albums from the record labels and burned CD-Rs as well as CD-RWs. So this is very appealing to those who have special feelings about CDs. Also, the sound is strong and pleasing.

Additionally, the radio can receive both AM and FM stations. It has a good, strong signal, allowing you to preset 15 radio stations. You can mix and match between AM and FM stations. So you can choose your favorite stations and preset them so that you don’t need to adjust it manually.

Besides, there is a remote control that is magnetic and can be stored wherever you wish to keep it. And using the remote, you don’t even have to get up from your comfortable seat to enjoy the good tunes.

However, the downside is that it may be a little bulkier compared with other counterparts, and the appearance is not eye-catching enough.

All in all, although it has some room to improve in appearance, the functions it comes with can meet your demand undoubtedly.

Sony ICFCDK50 Manual


  • Bass reflex system– provide good sound quality
  • AM and FM frequencies– receive more stations
  • CD player– accept kinds of CDs
  • 15 presets– more choices
  • Remote control– convenient to operate it


  • Bulk– take more spaces
  • Old-fashioned– not eye-catching enough

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2. RCA SPS3688B Under Cabinet FM Radio

If you have a small kitchen, RCA SPA3688B is an ideal choice for your little kitchen. This unit is produced by Radio Corporation of America, which is one of the biggest electronics companies. So the quality is ensured too. It is worth buying for both seasoned and green users.

The first wonderful feature is the easy installation. So even if you are a new ham, you don’t need to worry about the technical questions. It comes with a slim design and the hardware is included in the package to secure under kitchen cabinets. Namely, it is a typical compact unit so that it will not take up too many spaces in your kitchen. That can be appealing to those whose house is not spacious enough.

Something else we like is a user-friendly LED display. Since it is a compact unit, you may question the readability of the display. But this is solved by the designer. It has a very clear LED display that shows big texts in red on the black ground, allow you to catch the screen contents effortlessly.

Besides, it provides you 20 presets on the FM stations. That means you can select up to 20 favorite stations and stored them so that you don’t bother to adjust it manually. That is convenient and energy-saving.

Also, it comes with a built-in stereo speaker. The speaker can bring the sound everywhere so that you can enjoy the pleasing music without having to stay aside from the radio.

On the other hand, there could be some beeps occasionally when you connect it via Bluetooth.

In a word, while there are some unexpected beeps, the overall functions are good and useful. You should take it if you like it.

RCA SPS3688B Manual


  • Big digits– provide high readability
  • Built-in stereo speaker– ensures the good sound quality
  • 20 presets– more choices
  • Easy mounting– convenient for green hands
  • Bluetooth – connect with other devices


  • Bluetooth beeps– affect the sound clarity
  • Poor reception sometimes –need to move the AM/FM antenna

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3. iLive iKB333S Under Cabinet Radio

iLive iKB333S is a better option for most housewives. Ladies always like an under cabinet radio with a fashionable appearance and slim size that won’t occupy a too large place. So if you want one that not only looks cool but also provides multiple functions, this unit will be your type.

One of the most charming features here is it comes with a Bluetooth function. So you can listen to kinds of music on your phones or MP3 players via Bluetooth without connection physically. That is meaningful for many people because it helps you continue your listening habit without unwanted changes.

Another thing worth mentioning is it features 20 presets on the FM stations. That means you can choose to preset and store the stations you like or usually listen to. As a result, you won’t waste time and energy in selecting stations each time.

Besides, there is a backlight display that provides you a clear view of the screen. That is important when you are busy cooking and there is soot. A well-lit display allows you to see the digits with a simple glance.

Also, the built-in stereo speaker helps you enjoy a strong and clear sound. So the sound quality isn’t impeded by its small package.

However, this radio can’t receive AM frequencies, so you can’t hear some AM stations.

To sum up, if you mainly listen to some music for entertainment in the kitchen, then the functions are enough for you even if it can’t play AM stations.


  • Slim design– easy to install
  • 20 presets on FM stations– won’t bother to tune
  • Bluetooth– connect other devices easily
  • Built-in stereo speaker– high sound quality
  • LCD– provides clear views


  • No AM stations– limited news channels
  • No timer indication –hard to control

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4. Auna KR-200 SI Internet Kitchen Radio With Wi-Fi

Auna KR-200 SI is a product of a German brand, and it stands for the idea of German design. It is to better and easier your daily life by adding entertainments to your kitchen. Also, the material is top, providing decent texture.

This unit is a relatively light one even if it is a little bulkier. That means it can be mounted and dismounted easily. Also, with a compact package, there is less chance when it drops off unexpectedly, damaging your cabinet or cupboard.

Another amazing point is that it features a WIFI function, which allows it to access more than 20000 radio stations via the internet. Therefore, you can search for any station you like and never need to feel bored. With this, your kitchen time will be indefinitely amusing.

Besides, it comes with dual broadband speakers, which can better deliver radios so that you can have a more plump listening experience. What’s more, it has AUX-in input, via which you can connect the radio to your phones, MP3 players, or other smart devices easily. In this way, the sound quality can be enhanced further.

Plus, it features a colorful and lit TFT display screen, and it is 2.4-inch, which is big enough to show all the functions information, including time, volume, frequency, titles, and album. That is convenient to read. And there is a backlit too, allowing you to view the display at night.

But, this is a little bigger than the others in the market, which could take up a correspondingly larger space.

In summary, since it is still compact with a bulkier size, you can take it reassuringly. After all, the features are pretty versatile.

Auna KR-200 Manual


  • Compact design– easy to install and removal
  • Dual broadband speakers– better sound quality
  • Lit TFT display– high readability
  • AUX-input– connect other devices easily
  • WIFI access– considerable stations


  • A little bulkier– wastes spaces
  • Less presets –inconvenient to find the favorite stations

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5. iLive iKBC384S Under Counter Radio CD Player

If you are more concerned about the music sources, iLive iKB384S can satisfy you ideally. This unit features plenty of music resources. Also, it is equipped with as many hi-tech functions as possible. It is fashionable as you wish.

To begin with, it can receive FM frequencies. So you can tune freely between available stations. And you can save up to 20 preset stations to better your listening experience. Your cooking time will be interesting in this feature. Furthermore, it has a built-in CD player so that you can listen to CDs even in the kitchen, which is kind to those CD fanciers.

To be more amazing, it comes with USB, Bluetooth, and AUX ports. That makes it an extremely hi-tech little machine. With USB and AUX ports, you can connect multiple devices conveniently. And the Bluetooth allows you to listen to the music lists on your smartphones and MP3 players easily. All these functions provide you rich and accessible music sources.

There is a remote control function too. That means you can tune the stations effortlessly without staying aside from the radio. This is so nice to lazybones.

However, this radio doesn’t support AM frequencies, which means you can not receive distant stations.

In a nutshell, nonsupporting AM frequency is a common feature of many under-cabinet radios. So you can take this for the sake of its versatile functions.


  • 20 FM station presets– more fun in the kitchen
  • Built-in CD player– provide more entertainment
  • Bluetooth– access to other devices conveniently
  • USB, AUX ports– connect other devices easily
  • Remote control– energy-saving


  • No AM frequencies– can’t receive distant stations
  • Unfashionable look –unattractive

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6. iLive IKB318 Wireless Under Cabinet Bluetooth FM Radio

iLive Wireless under cabinet Bluetooth FM radio is a quite classic one with elegant colors (black and silver) and a compact package. It typically favored by those who care more about the visual experience.

The radio comes with an LCD. The texts on the screen are large and in high contrast colors. Therefore, you can read the information with less effort. Apart from the high readability, there is a backlight too, which allows you to have a clear view of the dark. That is a very practical feature for cooks.

Another thing is that you can store up to 20 presets on FM stations. So they could include all kinds of stations, such as weather projections, the latest news, beautiful music and so on. That brings a lot of fun and entertainment to your kitchen journey. You will feel fulfilled with it.

Additionally, the Bluetooth function allows you to connect your smart electronic tools conveniently. So you can listen to your favorite music on your phone via Bluetooth without a line-out connection.

Due to its simple and slim design, it won’t take you too much effort and time to mount it. The installation introduction and hardware are included in the package and there are clear and easy to operate.

But, there is a lack of a CD player, which may disappoint the CD fanciers.

All in all, if you don’t mind that it can’t play CDs, you can buy it for the above-mentioned advantages.

iLive IKB318 Manual


  • LCD– provide high readability
  • Backlight– light up the night
  • 20 FM station presets– more fun in the kitchen
  • Bluetooth– access to other devices conveniently
  • Slime design – easy installation


  • No AM frequencies– can’t receive distant stations
  • No CD player –less attractive to CD lovers

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7. Venturer KLV3915 Undercabinet Radio

Venture KLV3915 is a versatile one that suits people who want a multiple-sensory experience in the kitchen. That is less seen in the market, so you should grasp this unit as long as you wanna wonderful visual enjoyment.

The most impressive feature is that it has a built-in DVD player that makes the radio distinctive. And the screen of it is about 15.4-inch, far beyond your imagination about an under cabinet radio. With this function, you can access many TV channels, enjoying interesting videos. For fanatics of cuisine, this radio can be used to play cooking videos, making it convenient to learn how to cook different specialties.

Also, the radio can receive both AM and FM frequencies, allowing you to tune freely between local and distant stations. So you have a lot more choices about what to listen to.

Although there are two different screens, it is still easy to install. The mounting instruction and hardware are packed in the package, and it is easy to understand.

There is magnetic remote control too. With this function, you can be free to move around when cooking. And it is simple to tune stations as long as you operate the remote control.

However, this is so bulky that it must take up a relatively large place in your kitchen. So that would bother those who have a small kitchen.

In conclusion, it is a marvelous unit because of the wonderful screen design and video-support function. You should take this even if the size is big.

Venturer KLV3915 Manual


  • Built-in DVD player– can watch videos
  • AM and FM frequencies– more stations
  • Remote control– move freely
  • Two screen sizes– match different kitchen spaces
  • Flip-up screen – easy installation


  • No HDMI ports– hard connections
  • A little bulky –need more spaces

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What to Consider When Buying an Under Cabinet Radio?

under cabinet radio

What is an under cabinet radio? And how to choose the right one? Are there enough advantages to using it? Let’s think about these questions briefly – and after that, we can look at the factors you need to consider when choosing one.

Most people use radios for socializing, outdoor operations, professional networking, and emergency wireless communication when the phone fails to work. They are becoming increasingly popular and advanced because of the significant place it plays in our daily life.

However, you may not be very familiar with the under cabinet radio. It is a kind of radio that is installed typically underneath the bottom of cabinets or cupboards in the kitchen. And that is the origin of its name. The purpose is to provide you sound entertainment without taking up too many spaces in your kitchen. So although it is less-known, under cabinet radio is highly practical.

However, choosing a suitable under cabinet radio in the market could be challenging because there are always too many products available and you may not be a seasoned user of it. So specific searching may bother you to some extent.

Now let’s look at some of the brief and key points to consider when choosing.


Installation is a very important factor that you might take into consideration. Since you are likely to be a fanatic of cooking if you are not a typical housewife, the point is that you may not be adept at technical operations. So if there comes with the installation hardware in the package, you don’t need to worry about technical difficulties when installing it.

Also, if there are flexible mounting options, then you can mount and dismount the radio freely and conveniently. The reason why you might need this feature is that you may just a renter of a house or you need to move from time to time.


Connectivity refers to the USB and Bluetooth connectivity. That two functions play a significant role in how versatile an under cabinet radio is. With a USB, you can connect your smart-phone or other portable devices to the radio.

Similarly, if the radio supports Bluetooth, you can connect any electronic tool to it. Therefore, you will never get bored with the music from the radio because you can select freely from your playlist on the phone.

AM, FM and CD Players

Generally, most under cabinet radios can play FM stations where you can receive local stations and get to know the updates. There are still many people who want to tune in to AM frequencies so that they can acquire some distant stations. So a qualified under cabinet radio should have both AM and FM frequencies.

Plus, a built-in CD player can be an attractive feature for CD fans. You know that some people are just old-school, and they are still so into CDS and listen to them every day. So why not listen to them when cooking in the kitchen?

Speaker and Grill

Speakers determine the decibel range. If you will make loud noises when cooking, like deep-frying, you should notice the maximum decibel range to ensure the sound quality in a kitchen. To be more important, the speaker grill needs special attention.

The construction material of a grill should be plastic or metal so that you can clean it up easily. Also, the grooves on the grill can affect the cleaning. There could be much soot in the kitchen, so you need to buy an under cabinet radio with accessible grooves on the grill.


Although most under cabinet radios can be charged by a power adaptor, even though a USB, it is better to have a battery backup. The first thing is that it is inconvenient to take down the battery to get charged from time to time. Another thing is that if there happens a power outage in your area, you won’t worry about the battery-charging thing thanks to the battery backup.


Another factor that affects the popularity of an under cabinet radio is the overall design. The design could include many factors. One of the most important ones is the display.

A perfect display of an under cabinet radio should have high readability, which means there should be large words and bright colors on the screen. With this, you only need an easy glance to see what you are listening to.

size also matters a lot. Cooking lovers always collect so many cookers and appliances to make sure that they can access any cooking tool as soon as they need it. So a cook-friendly under cabinet radio should be compact and slim enough to spare room for cookers.

Many great options to Choose

As you can see, there are many great under cabinet radios on the market to suit almost any demand. If you have decided you’d like to purchase one but are having trouble choosing, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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