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7 Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies 2024- Waterproof 2 way Radios Reviews

Imagine this: you’re out on a trekking weekend with your friends. Somehow, you end up losing the group, and unfortunately, you’re in a remote location without cellular connectivity. Even the latest smartphone technology can’t help you communicate in this instance.

If only you an alternative form of communication, like a walkie talkie perhaps. They’re great communication tools for a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities. If you’re the out and about type, a durable, waterproof walkie talkie is the best option for you. Check out our list of the 10 best waterproof walkie talkies below.

The Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies Reviews 2022

1. DEWALT DXFRS800 2 Watt Heavy Duty Walkie Talkies – 6 Pack

Dewalt is an American manufacturer well-known for its power and hand tool ranges for the construction, woodworking, and manufacturing industries. A lot may not know that Dewalt also has a range of work-related solutions, such as walkie talkies.

True to its name, the Dewalt DXFRS800 is built to last. It is made of high-quality, durable material, making it suitable for any type of use in most weather conditions. It is built to be shock-resistant and is meant to withstand even up to a 2-meter drop. In saying that, it comes with an anti-slip design added secure handling and drop prevention.

In terms of its waterproof capabilities, the Dewalt DXFRS800 is compliant with IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof standards. This means that each unit is completely protected from dust. It also means each unit can withstand up to 30 minutes of water immersion for depths of up to a meter.

This Dewalt walkie talkie runs on UHF and can reach ranges of up to 300,000 square feet or 25 floors. This makes it ideal for indoor use at work sites, such as restaurants, groceries, hotels, indoor play yards, etc.

It’s also ideal for outdoor use, like in construction sites, outdoor team play, day hikes, camping, and so much more. In terms of the wide range, it also has 22 preset channels with privacy codes to limit unwanted interference.

The DXFRS800 comes with a pack of 2000mAH rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, with a battery life meant to last 18 hours. This unit also comes with a power-saving feature. The device has a unique circuit that allows battery conversation. This means if no transmission is detected in 10 seconds, it automatically goes into battery saving mode.

This Dewalt walkie talkie model’s other standout features are its easy-view LCD display, hands-free operation, and auto squelch technology. Finally, it comes in a pack of six units and a gang-charger, making it the ideal purchase for group use.

Our only criticism is that they probably could have made the belt clips as sturdy as the units themselves. The belt clips seem to be very fragile, and if you’re not careful, you may end up breaking the clip.

Overall, the Dewalt DXFRS800 may be perfect if you’re in search of a heavy-duty walkie talkie with a relatively wide range and long battery life. An added plus is if you’re looking to purchase more than a couple, as this range comes in a pack of six.


  • Heavy-duty – shock resistant up to a 2-meter drop, waterproof up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, dustproof, anti-slip design.
  • Long battery life – rechargeable lithium battery, 18-hour battery life, unique power-saving feature.
  • Long-range – up to 300,000 square feet or 25 floors, 22 preset channels with privacy codes.
  • User-friendly features – bright LCD display, hands-free operation, auto squelch technology.
  • Ideal for group use -comes available in a pack of six.


  • Belt design and material could do with improvement in durability.

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2. COBRA ACXT1035R Waterproof Walkie Talkies – 2 Pack

Cobra is an American company focused on portable technologies. Their products are geared towards everyday consumers but are more popular for trucking companies, RV owners, fleets, and the like. For this reason, their range includes radios, dash cams, radar detectors, and jump starters, to name a few.

The standout feature of the Cobra ACXT1035R comes in its design. It is designed in a way that it actually floats. So other than being waterproof, if for any reason you find yourself stuck in water, it’s relatively easy to find.

Plus, the orange core design also helps with easy visibility if you accidentally drop or lose your device. Speaking of visibility, it also has a flashlight with a built-in SOS flashing function, great for emergency situations.

Frequency-wise, this cobra series runs on UHF and has an impressive range of 37 miles. This extensive reach makes it the ideal walkie talkie for hunting, camping, hiking,  or trekking. It also has a super-wide range of 2662 channel combinations and 121 privacy codes to ward off any interference.

Another standout feature of the Cobra ACXT1035R is its built-in NOAA weather and alert. This allows you to get alerts on your walkie talkie receiver whenever there is an emergency or weather alert. Again, this is a great feature to help you prepare for storms or potential emergencies coming your way.

The device runs on six AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. Although there is no mention of its official battery life, we found that it lasted three days on minimal communication. We tried it with extremely active communication on quite long ranges, and it lasted us just over 24 hours. So pretty good battery life, from our experience so far.

Extra notable features include voice-activated transmission for hands-free operation and vibration and audio alerts for incoming messages. It also has a rewind-say-again feature, which automatically records the last 20 seconds of incoming audio and replays missed radio calls.

On the downside, the microphone on this Cobra walkie talkie does not have the best microphone volume. You may need to talk closely to the microphone/speaker for your voice to be clearly heard on the other side. This is a common feature among waterproofed devices, so we aren’t really surprised at the mic quality.

Another obvious drawback to this Cobra model is its price – it isn’t necessarily the cheapest unit on this list. But if you’re up for the features above, then this shouldn’t be a major issue for you.

All in all, if you’re in search of a walkie talkie for your outdoor adventures, this may be the perfect fit. The floating functionality makes it perfect for kayaking, river rafting, or even other extreme outdoor activities without any water involved.


  • Functional design – waterproof, floats on water, dustproof, high-visibility orange core, built-in SOS flashing feature.
  • Extensive range and channel reach – up to 37 miles, 2662 channels with 121 privacy codes.
  • NOAA weather alert – automatically lets you know of any upcoming storms or emergencies heading your way.
  • Reasonably good battery life.
  • Great extra features – voice-activated transmission, vibration and audio alerts, replays missed audio messages.


  • The microphone doesn’t have the best volume quality.
  • Price more expensive than similar walkie-talkies.

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3. Motorola Waterproof Walkie Talkie T100TP – 3 Pack (Budget Pick)

Motorola is an American multinational company well-known for its telecommunications devices. The T100TP is Motorola’s affordable range of walkie talkies, with the product coming in packs of three radio units.

We’ll go right into it: the best feature of the Motorola T100TP is its price. It’s very affordable, in fact, it’s the cheapest price per unit on our list, making it fit for any budget.

These Motorola units are made to be user-friendly, so it’s easy to use by kids and adults alike. It is designed with minimal buttons that come appropriately labeled according to its function. The LCD screen is also relatively large and easy to read.

The device gives out one call tone, one keypad tone, and one talk confirmation tone. This means even the young ones can distinguish between tones. No complicated buttons nor operations. This makes it the perfect walkie talkie for the entire family indoors and when out and about.

Additional design features include an auto-squelch feature, which is great for minimizing background noise. It also has a bright blue design, so it’s easy to spot just if the kids lose it.

You need three AAA alkaline batteries to operate each unit, and it can last for up to 18 hours on a full battery pack. The device also has a flashing low battery alert feature, keeping you aware when it’s nearly for new batteries.

Our criticisms for the Motorola T100TP? Well, for some adults, the buttons may be too small to operate for large hands. But then again, not all adults have giant hands, so this is not really a problem for all.

Also, the range is a bit short. These Motorola walkie talkies operate on a UHF band with a 22-channel capability and a range of up to 16 miles. It’s not the longest range in this list, but again, it’s perfect for family use when you want the kids just a fair distance away.

In short, if you’re after a cheaper walkie talkie model with all the basic features that work well for the entire family, the Motorola T100TP may be the one for you.


  • Very affordable.
  • User-friendly design – simple to use buttons, easy-to-distinguish tones.
  • Auto-squelch feature to tune out background noise.
  • Reasonable battery life – lasts up to 18 hours.



  • Short-range – only up to 16 miles.
  • Buttons may be too small for some adults with larger hands.

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4. Midland Waterproof Two Way Radios – 2 Pack

Midland Radio is an American company and is the oldest known manufacturer of CB radios. Needless to say, their product niche covers both the consumer and business radio communications sector.

The feature we like most about this Midland model of walkie talkies is switching between battery types used. Let us start by saying the units come with rechargeable battery packs before we go into this feature.

The unit operates on this battery pack, but each unit also operates on four standard AA batteries. This feature comes in really handy when you’re in outdoor areas without anywhere to plug in your battery charger. It’s also great when you’re going for long days of trekking. All you need to do is pack some AA batteries, and you’ll be reassured you won’t have cut communication along the way.

Another great feature of this Midland model is the NOAA weather scan and alert. This is an automatic feature that scans through 10 weather band channels. It locks into the strongest channel after the scan, which then alerts you of any severe weather updates. If you use walkie talkies for outdoor activities, this is probably a feature that you want to pay particular attention to.

The range of these UHF Midland walkie talkies reaches up to a remarkable 36 miles. You have to note, however, that this range is also dependent on the presence of obstruction. Basically, the less obstruction there is, the longer the range can be for communication between devices.

Design-wise, the Midland GXT1030VP4 comes with a sturdy built and a bright yellow core, which gives the device high visibility. It’s lightweight, super easy to navigate through, and is relatively user-friendly.

One thing that needs improvement with this range of Midland radios is their battery charging technology. The battery pack is comprised of NiMH batteries with chargers that aren’t up to speed with smart technology. This means you have to take the unit off the charger after a 12-hour charge time to prevent it from overcharging.

Another issue is that the belt clip that comes with the unit also isn’t as durable as the unit itself. You have to be extremely careful when using the belt clips. Otherwise, you risk the walkie talkie falling off your belt.

Overall, if you want the ideal outdoor walkie talkie with battery backup capability, the Midland GXT1030VP4 may be a top consideration.


  • Battery flexibility – allows the use of battery pack or AA batteries.
  • NOAA weather scan and alert – scan through 10 channels and alerts you of any severe weather updates.
  • Remarkably long range – up to 36 miles.
  • Sturdy, high-visibility design.


  • Battery charge technology needs improvement – you need to manually dismount units off the charger to prevent overcharging.
  • Belt clip design can be improved to become sturdier.

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5. Motorola T605 Waterproof Walkie Talkie – 2 Pack

The T605 is another walkie talkie range from Motorola. Passing the 1P67 standards, the Motorola T605 can withstand water submersion up to a meter for 30 minutes. It is also claimed to withstand even the heaviest rainfalls.

A notable feature of this range of Motorola walkie talkie is its high visibility. First off, the units come in a black and neon green design. You can’t get any louder than that in terms of color visibility.

Next comes the built-in flashlight with advanced features of the white and red LEDs. These flashing LED lights are great for use when navigating your way around extremely dark environments or in emergency power outages.

Another great feature that comes in handy for emergencies or just for extended walkie talkie use is the battery flexibility. The T605 operates on either the included NiMH battery pack or 3 standard AA batteries. The expected battery life is 9 hours on NiMH and up to 23 hours using AAAs. Another plus in the battery department is that you can also charge it using a micro-USB.

Speaking of emergencies and preparedness, the T605 has 11 built-in weather channels, 7 of which are NOAA. It also has an alert feature, so you are always kept aware of any potential severe weather warnings.

Range-wise, these units reach up to 35 miles in mountains or valleys and up to 6 miles in open water. When used around your neighborhood where there are more obstructions, the advertised maximum reach is around 2 miles.

There is one thing that bugs us with the design of the T605, though. It’s the back battery panel.  To be able to remove the battery panel, you need a flat head screw. So, if you drained your battery pack and wanted to use backup AA batteries, you’d have to have a flat head screw handy. As you can imagine, this will not sit well in emergency situations.

Other than this, however, if you’re after a walkie talkie that comes in handy during emergency situations, check out the Motorola T605.


  • High-visibility design – neon green core, built-in flashlight with advanced LED flashing light features.
  • Great battery options – use included NiMH battery pack or back up with three AAA batteries. Micro-USB charging enabled.
  • Emergency preparedness – 7 NOAA weather channels and an alert feature.
  • Long-range – up to 35 miles without obstruction, 6 miles in open water, and 2 miles in urban areas.


  • Battery panel design needs improvement. You need a flat head screw to replace the battery.

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6. Motorola Talkabout T460 Waterproof Walkie Talkies – 2 Pack

The T460 is an IP54 weatherproof walkie talkie from the Motorola range that comes in a dark blue design.

A notable feature of the Talkabout T460 is its iVOX or VOX capability features. This feature acts as a speakerphone on your walkie talkie, activating transmissions through your voice, and therefore, allowing hands-free communication. You then have your hands free to do other stuff. Your hands are free to hold on to something or keep moving without having to stop to answer a call.

Like the T605, the T460 also has dual charging functionality. The only difference is that the backup for the T460s is three AA batteries. These batteries should last you around 21 hours on the go. On the other hand, the included NiMH rechargeable batteries have an average lifespan of 8 hours.

The T460 is also packed with emergency features. It has NOAA weather and channel alerts to keep you up-to-date 24/7 with current weather conditions. The unit has an emergency alert button and a built-in LED flashlight, which should come in really handy in unexpected power outages or when stuck in the dark outdoors.

In terms of connectivity, it comes with 22 channels with 121 privacy codes. It reaches up to 35 miles in mountainous terrain, up to 6 miles in open water, and up to 2 miles in urban neighborhoods.

The only criticism we have with the T460 is its volume quality may not be too loud for our liking, even at the highest volume. However, volume quality is again dependent on individual preference so have a feel at the volume of the T460 and decide for yourself. It may work for you.

Overall, the T460 is a great walkie talkie for use if you require hands-free capabilities.


  • iVox/Vox features – allows for hands-free communication.
  • Dual battery functionality – choose between included rechargeable NiMH batteries or use three AA batteries.
  • Emergency features – NOAA weather and channel alerts, built-in LED flashlight, emergency alert button.
  • Good range – up to 35 miles in mountain terrains, up to 2 miles in urban areas.


  • Volume quality may be inadequate for some.

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7. Cobra RX680 Waterproof Two Way Radios – 2 Pack

The RX680 is another walkie talkie model from Cobra. Many of this model’s features are very similar to our first Cobra on this list, the Cobra ACXT1035R. The notable difference is that the RX680 does not have the same floating technology.

Design-wise, it has the same black, rugged look with a high-visibility orange core and a bright lid LCD screen. These are always great features to have, especially when using walkie talkies indoors or during the dark.

Again, the range is very similar to our previous Cobra model in this list. The RX680 covers an extensively long range of up to 38 miles and has a total channel combination of 2662. Of course, it also has the same 121 privacy codes that minimize unwanted external interference.

The battery life is also impressive on the RX680. On a full charge, it can last for up to 18 hours long. It comes with two lithium polymer batteries and a micro-USB dock charger.

Another great feature of this Cobra model is its VOX capability. This means that transmissions are voice-activated, so you can keep your hands off the buttons and still transmit messages across.

If we could fault the Cobra RX680, it would probably be the multifunctionality of its buttons, which can get quite confusing initially. Most of the buttons do more than one function, so you’d have to really read the instruction manual to get the hang of it. But once you’re used to all functionalities, this shouldn’t be a major issue in the long run.

In terms of the entire package of features, the Cobra RX680 is probably a great consideration if you’re after a rugged-looking, long-rage waterproof walkie talkie.


  • Sturdy and high-visibility design – rugged, black, and bright orange core.
  • Long-range of up to 38 miles.
  • VOX capability allows for hands-free transmission.
  • The relatively impressive battery life of up to 18 hours active time, with micro-USB charging capability.


  • Buttons need getting used to as most perform more than one function.

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8. Motorola T503 H2O Waterproof Two Way Radios – 2 Pack

You can probably tell by now that Motorola seems to be winning in the waterproof walkie talkie niche. Here’s another one of their products, the T503.

The overall design of the T503 is what will draw you to this unit first and foremost. It has a rugged, bright orange look to it, making it perfect for a high-visibility outdoor walkie talkie.

Another standout feature unique to the T503 compared to the other Motorolas in this list is its ability to float. This makes it the perfect gadget to bring for a day out swimming or fishing. But it can also be handy in case of flooding or any other situations where you may be submerged in water inadvertently.

Other than the above features, it pretty much has the same features as the rest of the Motorola Talkabout on this list. Emergency-wise, it has NOAA weather channels and an emergency alert feature.

It has the same dual battery functionality so you’re confident you’d have alternative power solutions in case of emergencies. Use the included NiMH batteries or pack three AA batteries as a replacement.

The only thing that dropped this down the list is that it could have done with a built-in flashlight, which would be really handy for emergencies. It baffles us that Motorola didn’t include this when the other Talkabouts on this list had this feature on it.

Other than that, this is perhaps a great walkie talkie to consider for any water-based activity. If you’re planning on heading to the water for fishing or kayaking or anything that involves water, check this floating walkie talkie out.


  • Rugged, high-visible design – perfect for use outdoors.
  • Waterproof and floating design – ideal for use in water or in case of emergencies involving water submersion.
  • Emergency features – NOAA weather channels, emergency alert button.
  • Dual battery functionality – NiMH batteries or three AA batteries.


  • No built-in flashlight.

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9. DEWALT DXFRS300 Waterproof Two Way Radios – 2 Pack

The DXFRS300 is another walkie talkie model from Dewalt. Don’t let the looks confuse you, as this model looks very similar to our first model on this list, the Dewalt DXFRS800. The difference between the two comes in their features. Mind you, they’re subtle differences, but worth mentioning nonetheless.

In terms of battery, the DXFRS300 is also powered by a lithium-polymer battery. The only thing is that the DXFRS300 model has a lower power at 1000mAH. Thus, it has a relatively shorter battery life of up to about 12 hours of active use.

Frequency-wise, this model also operates on the UHF band, but the frequency is shorter. The DXFRS300 range reaches up to 250,000 square feet or up to 20 floors. This is just 50,000 square feet or 5 floors short of the DXFRS800 model.

Other than that, this Dewalt model has the same rugged and strong built, with the same waterproof standards. It also has the same shock-resistant technology, being able to withstand up to a 2-meter drop.

Finally, this Dewalt model has the same added helpful features as the DXFRS800. Among these features are the vibration alert, auto-squelch, power saving mode, key lock, and a user-friendly LCD.

Just like the Dewalt DXFRS800, our only issue with the Dewalt DXFRS300 walkie talkie is its poorly designed belt clip.

Overall, if you’re looking for a sturdy, shock-resistant, long-range walkie talkie, the Dewalt models, such as the DXFRS300, are definite considerations.


  • Long battery life – up to 12 hours of active use.
  • Relatively long range of up to 250,000 square feet or 20 floors.
  • Rugged, strong build with shockproof technology.
  • Great add-on features – power-saving, key lock, vibration alert, auto-squelch, user-friendly LCD.


  • Belt clip could do with improvement on strength and durability.

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Other Great Water Resistant Walkie Talkie

10. Arcshell AR-6 Water Resistant Walkie Talkie – 2 Pack

Arcshell is an Amazon retailer showcasing a wide range of outdoor and sporting equipment. The Arcshell AR-6 is a water-resistant walkie talkie, water-resistant is a litter different from waterproof, you can use them in the rain, but make sure never directly submerged them in water.

A notable feature of the AR-6 is its small size, making it convenient for handling and placing in your pant or bag pockets. Without the antenna, the unit is only about 4.3 inches in height and is 1 inch thick. This water-resistant unit comes with a solid make and is super lightweight at 5.5 oz.

These units are powered by a 1500mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Battery life is anywhere between 8 to 96 hours, depending on usage. We do have to admire and highlight the charging technology used for the Arcshell AR-6.

Besides charging the batteries on their own or within the radio, it also has intelligent charging technology. This translates to a faster charging time of 2.5 hours for a full charge. It also means each unit is protected from overcharging.

The Arcshell AR-6 also comes supplied with hand straps and comfortable earpieces, with all units having a push-to-talk button. These features make them the ideal solution for communication around the workplace, such as restaurants, hotels, events, retail stores, and similar venues.

Another additional and great-to-have feature of the AR-6 is its built-in LED flashlight for use in dark environments. It also has noise reduction, battery saving, emergency alarm, channel monitoring, and scanning functions.

Perhaps the setback of the Archsell AR-6s comes in its range reach. This UHF walkie talkie has 16 preset channels and ranges up to 5 miles, obstruction-dependent. Although not the longest range on this list, it’s a relatively good enough range for almost everyday uses.

We also have a minor issue installing the clip and strap, which is not clearly stated in the instructions. We eventually figured it out but had there been clear instructions on this, that would have been much better.

In summary, if you’re after a walkie talkie that fits small spaces and has fast charging features, consider the Arcshell AR-6.


  • Small and lightweight – fits small spaces, including pockets.
  • Intelligent charging technology – prevents overcharging, fast charging of 2.5 hours for a full charge.
  • Work-use friendly – comes with comfortable hand straps, earpieces, and a push-to-talk button.
  • Great add-on features – flashlight, noise reduction, emergency alarm.


  • Relatively short range – only up to 5 miles.
  • The instruction manual could do with the inclusion of installing clip and strap.

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Things to Consider When Buying Your Waterproof Walkie Talkie

best waterproof two way radio

Having a waterproof walkie talkie is great, especially if you use it a lot outdoors. But aside from this feature, there are also other things you should look out for when buying a walkie talkie.


  • Consider where you will be using the walkie talkie mostly.
  • Shorter-ranged walkie talkies are acceptable for indoor or limited-area outdoor activities, but long-range walkie talkie is recommended for most outdoor use.
  • Take note that a walkie talkie’s coverage range increases along with its power. For example, a 2-watt radio can reach up to 8 miles, while a 4-watt one spans up to 30 miles.


  • Just like knowing the location, you also have to know how long you would be using the walkie talkies.
  • Remember that when your battery dies, your communication cuts off, too. Ensure that you have enough battery for the length of time you intend/need to use the walkie talkies.
  • AA or AAA batteries are commonly used in lower-end walkie talkies. This is okay for short-term walkie-talkie use.
  • If you’re looking for a long-lasting walkie talkie, look for one with rechargeable batteries, such as NiMH, Li-Ion, or NiCad.
    • Ni-Cad (nickel-cadmium)
      • Long life expectancy.
      • Less prone to overcharging.
    • NiMH
      • On average, it lasts one to two years.
      • Smaller and lighter.
      • More expensive than Ni-Cad.
      • More susceptible to overcharging.
    • Li-Ion
      • Most expensive.
      • Smallest and lightest.
      • Shortest charging type, but requires a special charger.
    • It’s always a good idea to have a spare battery for your walkie talkie, especially if using it outdoors and in remote areas.


  • Walkie talkies operate on two frequencies: UHV and VHF.
  • UHF (ultra-high frequency) runs at shorter frequencies of 400 to 512 MHz. They have shorter antennas and can penetrate through walls.
  • VHF (very high frequency) works at longer frequencies of 162 to 174 Mhz. They work well in areas of little to no interference from the surroundings. They have longer antennas, making them perfect for bypassing trees and shrubs.
  • Keep in mind that VHF and UHF radios aren’t compatible with each other, ensuring that you buy walkie talkies with matching frequencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for waterproof walkie talkie

How do walkie talkies work?

  • Walkie talkies are basically handheld radios used to communicate wirelessly, provided that each radio is on the same frequency.
  • Walkie talkies are battery-operated, and each unit comprises a loudspeaker, a microphone, and a “talk” button.
  • A pair or group of people using walkie talkies must be using the same channel to communicate with each other.
  • If someone wants to talk, they simply press the talk button. This message is then converted into radio waves transmitted via the channel and converted into fluctuating electric currents. These currents reproduce the speaker’s voice, which is heard via the loudspeaker at the receiver’s end.

Can I have more than 2 walkie talkies communicating on the same channel?

  • You can have three, four, a dozen, or more walkie talkies. The only thing to remember is the walkie talkies must have matching frequencies to ensure they work with each other.
  • Remember to have all walkie-talkies set on the same channel, so no one misses out on your communication.

Is there an age limit for the use of walkie talkies?

  • There are no age restrictions for using walkie talkies. But it’s a wise idea to consider the walkie talkie user’s age when picking your type of walkie talkie.
  • It is recommended to get the cheaper yet more durable ones for children or younger walkie talkie users.


Walkie talkies far outweigh smartphones when it comes to reliable communication technology in all terrains and locations. Waterproof walkies talkies are even better. Not only can they withstand water-based activities, but they can also stand the test of extreme weather.

Our top pick for the best waterproof walkie talkie goes to the DEWALT DXFRS800 Waterproof Walkie Talkies. It’s made to be heavy-duty, withstanding even shocks and drops.

Its long battery life of up to 18 hours makes it a reasonable choice for workplace use. Plus, the DXFRS800’s impressive long range of up to 300,000 square feet makes communication easy during outdoor explorations.

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