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7 Best Milwaukee Radios Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2024

Your jobsite is probably quiet, and sometimes you wish you had a little music to bring life to the place. On the contrary, it might be a loud place, and you’re hoping to drown the noise with some music or radio entertainment.

Because work can be quite tasking, it helps to work with some entertainment in the background. Therefore, some of Milwaukee’s creations can make your and your crew’s life at any jobsite more fun.

You’re probably wondering what the best Milwaukee radios are and which one you can use for your jobsite. If this is your worry, we might be able to help you out by offering the best suggestions.

Milwaukee Radio Reviews 2024

1. Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio

If you’re looking for a jobsite radio that is easy to carry around, you might like this one. Due to its design, you can use it both at the jobsite and home.

We like that this radio has a compartment in the back where you can safely keep your phones. If you’re afraid the job tools might destroy your phones while you work, this option might solve your problems.

Besides, for most people who have to wait until they go back home to charge their phones, this radio could come in handy. Why? You can quickly charge your phone when the battery is dead. The radio comes with a 2.1A USB charging port.

In addition, the manufacturers have made this radio with shock-absorbing end caps. This feature makes it hard to damage the radio should it fall. One of the hazards that come with being on a jobsite is dropping your radio. You don’t have to worry about this set because the rubberized end pieces make it durable and protect it from drops.

On top of that, this radio comes with AM/FM stations. This feature enables you and your crew to enjoy various stations. Whether the kind of programs you love are the AM or FM side, you can easily access them.

Moreover, there are ten preset stations, helping you avoid the hassle of always searching for your favorite station. This means you can also save time while on the jobsite by just tuning in whenever you want entertainment.

The beauty of this radio is its rectangular-shaped design. This aspect makes it easy for you to fit it into your car when going to the jobsite. Also, you can conveniently put it in a box and still leave space for your tool, ending up with an excellent finish.

Furthermore, it comes with a 3.5mm aux jack. This feature makes it easy for you to access music saved on your other devices such as your phone and listen through the radio.

Additionally, a foldout antenna helps you get better reception. If your jobsite is in a remote area, where you might have trouble getting reception, this feature might improve your music experience.


The downside to this radio is that its aux might not produce the same sound quality as when you’re listening directly. This might be a deal-breaker for most people who might be hoping to listen to music from their devices.

Also, the battery might drain out fast, needing you to replace them.

Bottom Line

All in all, this radio provides value for money. It comes with unique features for the jobsite, such as shock-absorbing end caps. If you mostly prefer to listen to music from your other devices like the phone, there could be better options out there. A recommended pick.


  • Safe compartment – you can keep phones out of harm’s way
  • 2.1A USB charging port – charges phone on jobsite
  • Shock-absorbing end caps – protects from damage
  • AM/FM stations – variety to enjoy
  • Preset stations – no searching hassle
  • Rectangular design – convenient to pack
  • 3.5mm aux jack – can connect to other devices
  • Foldout antenna – boosts reception


  • Auxiliary jack problem – sound quality can be poor
  • Short battery lifespan – might have to be frequently replaced

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2. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2792-20 Electric Jobsite Radio/Charger

If you’re looking for a jobsite radio that gives you a Bluetooth function, this might be worth considering. It’s the kind of radio that is good for those who also don’t want to keep searching for their favorite stations when they get to work.

One of the upsides of this radio is its built-in charger. This feature charges the batteries quickly to keep you from worrying about it going dead before going back home.

What’s more, the radio comes with quality speakers and an amplifier that is 40 watts. This aspect gives this radio an edge because your music is enhanced, and the audio becomes crystal clear. The other advantage of having this feature is that you can listen to the radio even on a noisy jobsite.

Also, Milwaukee provides a weather-sealed compartment to keep your phone and other belongings safe. The jobsite can come with many hazards that can destroy your phone, chargers, and other small items. But, this feature might come in handy as it offers protection for these belongings.

On top of that, this radio has a customizable equalizer. This quality helps your radio to produce quality sound, which can be necessary on a jobsite.

Besides, the radio has ten preset stations where you can save your favorite ones. Therefore, it becomes easy to tune in to any of your favorite stations without having to search for it.

Moreover, this unit has a Bluetooth receiver that wirelessly streams audio. This function is excellent for those who like to listen to music from their phones, iPods, or other devices, giving you a variety from which to choose. This means you don’t have to stick to the radio for all your music needs.

The beauty of this is also that you don’t need wires to connect to this radio. This helps you avoid the mess that can come with entangled cables and present a hazard, especially on a jobsite.


The one feature of this radio that you might not like is that the front grill might rust over time. But, you can ensure you keep it away from elements that can cause rust whenever you’re on the jobsite.

Bottom Line

When you consider all factors, this Milwaukee radio is ideal for you if you prefer a Bluetooth function for your jobsite entertainment. Besides, you get quality speakers to boost your music experience even when listening from a phone.


  • Bluetooth receiver – can connect to other devices wirelessly
  • 40-watt amplifier – enhances the music experience
  • Customizable equalizer – boosts sound quality
  • Weather-sealed compartment – safely keep your phone and small items
  • Present stations – don’t need to search all the time


  • Grill rusts easily – you might need to replace or repaint it

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3. Milwaukee 2891-20 Wireless Jobsite Speaker with Bluetooth

If Milwaukee is your preferred brand for your entertainment needs on the jobsite, but you don’t want to get a radio, you can consider this bluetooth speaker. You can stream music from any of your devices as you work. Moreover, you can still use this speaker for any other place outdoors, like on your day at the beach.

We like that this speaker has wireless Bluetooth connectivity. This feature helps connect to any of your devices wirelessly up to 100 feet, and you and your crew can enjoy the music. Also, you can opt for this speaker’s auxiliary connection for your devices. But, if you don’t like wires, the Bluetooth option should work correctly.

What’s more, the manufacturer built the speaker with an impact resistance roll cage. Due to its near-cylindrical shape and the many movements typical of a jobsite, this speaker is prone to roll. But, with the impact-resistant roll cage, your speaker is likely to remain intact after such an incident.

Besides, the manufacture has reinforced this product’s side caps. Additionally, it has a grill. These two features protect your speaker from damage, making it durable. You can be carrying it to your jobsite for years in good shape.

On top of that, its two mid-woofers are high definition, giving you the loudest volume but with minimum distortion. Additionally, a digital amplifier of 40 watts boosts sound quality. Also, Milwaukee has added tweeters that give you a good treble range.


What might be a deal-breaker for most people is that this speaker’s sound quality can be a bit flat. Although it’s advertised as having amplifiers and tweeters that boost your sound experience, the bass might be lower.

Bottom Line

When you put all factors into consideration, this speaker is a good investment. The unit is ideal for the jobsite and other outdoor activities while giving you the convenience of listening from your phone. But, if you’re looking from a high bass, there could be better options.


  • Bluetooth function – connects to your devices wirelessly
  • Impact resistance roll cage – protects from damage
  • Grill and reinforced caps – makes it durable
  • High-definition mid-woofers
  • boosts sound quality


  • Flat sound – bass can disappoint

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4. Milwaukee 2592-20 M12 Wireless Jobsite Speaker

Should you wish to get entertainment at your jobsite, this speaker with wireless connectivity might be a good investment. Plus, you can listen to it from 30 feet away, making it an ideal option.

We appreciate that this speaker has an auxiliary to which you can connect other devices. Whether you carry your phone or iPod, you can just plug into this auxiliary, play your music, or just tune to your saved programs.

However, if you’re not keen on having wires running around the jobsite, you can use Bluetooth mode. The Bluetooth has a reach of up to 30 feet, meaning you can work comfortably away from the speaker without the risk of damaging it.

What’s more, the speaker has a USB, which you can use to charge your Smartphone. If you’re working away from a power outlet, you don’t have to worry about keeping your phone on charge.

Besides, for quality sound, the speaker has a bass port. This feature delivers loud music that makes it easier to enjoy it from wherever you are on the jobsite.


On the downside, this device’s Bluetooth connectivity is more like 20 feet than the 30 feet advertised. If you wish to listen from the device while working far from the speaker, the Bluetooth might cut you off. But, for those who work in a small area, this function has no challenges.

Bottom Line

In general, this device is an ideal investment. Why? For those who have their music saved elsewhere and only need a quality speaker to enjoy it, this device is a good option. But, if you want a far reach with Bluetooth connectivity, you might have to look for another option.


  • Has auxiliary – plug other devices
  • Bluetooth function – wirelessly enjoy your entertainment
  • USB charger – keep your phone powered
  • Integrated bass port – delivers quality sound


  • Short reach – might not be ideal in a big space

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5. Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 Cordless Job-Site Radio

If you’re looking to buy a jobsite radio that is small and compact, this unit might be worth investing in. This radio can entertain as powerful as other FM radio speakers despite its small size.

We appreciate that this radio comes with weatherproof aluminum speakers. This feature makes the speakers durable as it protects them from weather elements like moisture that might expose them to rust and other damage.

What’s more? You also get a weather-sealed MP3 compartment. The beauty of this is that the case keeps the MP3 player and other devices from harm’s way.

Another of this radio’s features that you might like is its shock-absorbing housing. Due to this quality, your radio has a longer shelf life as it’s protected should it drop or something land on it. There can be flying objects on the jobsite, and this feature might come in handy.

Besides, if you don’t want a bulky radio for your jobsite, this might be the perfect fit. Because it’s ten and a half-inch narrow and 3.5lbs, you can easily carry it to your jobsite as well as move it around once you get there.


The downside to this unit is that the volume might not be loud enough for some jobsites. If you work on an expansive site, this radio’s volume might be too low to reach all areas. But, for those looking to listen to the radio individually or work in a small site, the radio works properly.

Bottom Line

Generally, this radio provides value for money. Its small size still offers most capabilities that you would find in a big radio in addition to being friendly to move. But, you might have to consider another option if you want a very loud volume on your jobsite.


  • Weatherproof aluminum speakers –
  • makes the durable
  • Weather-sealed MP3 compartment – safely store your items
  • Shock-absorbing housing – protects against damage
  • Small size – convenient to move around


  • Low volume – might not work in large spaces

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6. Milwaukee 2790-20 12-Volt to 28-Volt Job Site Radio

This radio not only entertains but also comes with a built-in bottle opener. If you want a radio which can also be used to open your refreshments when on the jobsite, this might be a fair consideration.

The one advantage of this radio is that it has a shock-absorbing feature. The radio is made of polymer and steel, materials which make it durable. Therefore, your ready might not suffer damage should you drop it or if another item falls on it, protecting it from damage.

Also, the radio comes with an AM/FM tuner. This means you can easily tune it to a variety of stations. In addition, there are ten preset stations, which help you tune to your favorite ones without always searching.

Furthermore, Milwaukee has installed a 40W amplifier, 4-inch woofers, and 1-inch tweeters for the clarity of sound. Additionally, it has a customizable equalizer to boost sound quality.

Besides, if you need a place to store your items safely on the jobsite, this radio offers a weather-sealed compartment. You can safely store your phone, iPod, or other electronic devices.

Moreover, the radio has a bottle opener, which you can use for refreshments whenever you take a break.

On top of that, this unit comes with an auxiliary cord. Therefore, you can conveniently connect to your other devices for entertainment, such as your iPod or smartphone.

However, you can also use Bluetooth wireless connection to listen to music from any other device.


On the downside, this radio doesn’t have a built-in battery charger. This means you might have to look for another option for a charger when you’re at the jobsite and have no way to charge.

Also, the reception quality might not be good in some cases.

Bottom Line

In general, this radio offers value for money and is ideal for any jobsite. If you want to listen to music wirelessly and still have the option of using an auxiliary cord, it might be a good investment. But, if you wish to as a charger, there could be better options.


  • Shock-absorbing feature – makes it durable
  • AM/FM tuner – various radio stations
  • 40W amplifier – quality sound
  • Weather-sealed compartment –
  • safely stores your items
  • Bluetooth function – connects to any device wirelessly
  • Auxiliary cord – you can use on any devices


  • No charger – can’t charge other batteries
  • Poor reception – might be challenging to get the frequency

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7. Milwaukee 2950-20 M18 Packout Radio

Should you be looking to buy a radio that you can use as a charger and connect any devices wirelessly, this option might be worth considering. You can also quickly tell to which station you’re listening.

We like that this radio comes with a sound system with ten speakers. This feature gives you far-reaching quality sound. Whether you work in an expansive jobsite or a small space, this radio can offer much-needed entertainment.

Also, this unit comes with a USB option. With this USB, you can comfortably charge your phone or other devices while at work without worrying about drained batteries.

In addition, if you have saved your playlist on your smartphone, you can play it from this radio wirelessly. Why? This device has a Bluetooth function that helps you connect to any of your devices.

What’s more, an auxiliary input is also part of the package. Should you want to use a cord, you can connect to any of your devices using this auxiliary port.

Also, you can enjoy both AM and FM stations. Due to its AM/FM tuner, you have the option of choosing from various stations.

On top of that, this radio has an LED backlight. This quality helps you read details of the radio stations for more straightforward navigation.


The downside to this unit is that the sound might not be loud enough. If you want to use this unit in a vast space, the sound might not be audible. But, for those who don’t have to cover an expansive area, the sound is enough.

Bottom Line

When you consider all factors, this jobsite radio is worth the investment. The unit is ideal if you want to listen to music wirelessly or using an auxiliary port while still charging your devices. But, if you’re going to use it for expansive jobsites, it might not be the best option.


  • Ten speakers – quality sound
  • USB port – charges your devices
  • Auxiliary port – connects to other electronic devices
  • Bluetooth – wireless connection
  • AM/FM tuner – variety or radio stations
  • LED backlight – easy to read information


  • Low volume – not ideal for big spaces

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What to Consider When Buying the Best Milwaukee Radios

milwaukee radio

Connectivity to other devices

When purchasing a jobsite radio, you must ask yourself what kind of entertainment you’re looking for. If you’re the kid who is comfortable with the entertainment offered only by the radio, connectivity might not be an issue. However, if you want to have the option of listening to your playlist, going for a radio that supports connectivity is advisable.

Also, the question of whether you prefer connectivity wirelessly or not comes to mind. Should you not want wires running through your jobsite, a Bluetooth-enabled radio would be the best option.

The radio’s weight and design

Do you work in a small jobsite? You might need to consider a small radio that can easily fit in your space. A smaller radio might also come in handy when you have to always go home with your radio or move from one workplace to another.

Furthermore, you might have to consider the design of the radio. A rectangular radio might be best if you have to fit it in your car boot or stack objects on top of it neatly.

Quality of the sound

A jobsite might be a noisy place with many distractions, making it hard to enjoy your music. Therefore, a good option is a radio with quality speakers and an efficient equalizer for the desired output.

Protection from damage

If you want a durable radio, it’s crucial to check for safety features. Water might not damage most radios for the jobsite. However, they still might not weather a heavily rainy day.

Additionally, some radios have protective features like shock absorbers, which protect them if they’re knocked over. These features come in handy to offer durability.

Quality of signal reception

If your jobsite has poor reception or you work in a remote area, your radio should quickly get good reception. One of the things that might come in handy is an antenna. If your radio works well without an antenna, but you still have the option of using one, this can help you avoid bad days.

Still, the radio should allow you to switch between stereo and mono so that you can avoid static. Of course, static disrupts sound, making your experience unenjoyable.

  • Connectivity is crucial
  • Consider the space in which you’re working
  • The sound quality
  • How durable the radio is
  • Radio reception

Frequently Asked Questions

milwaukee jobsite radio Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take care of my jobsite radio?

Avoid keeping the radio near water and heat sources. These two elements tend to damage your radio. Still, dust is likely to spoil your unit, and it would be wise to avoid it.

Besides, to prolong your radio’s shelf life, go for one that offers protective features. One such feature is a weatherproof aspect, which can protect your device and give you many years of service.

Can the radio also be used as a charger?

Yes. Some radios offer you the convenience of charging your phone or other devices. This feature saves you from having to worry about a power outlet whenever you’re on the road.

Also, should you be working on a jobsite without a power outlet, the radio acts as your charger.

What’s more? With other jobsite radios, you can comfortably charge your power tool batteries. Although some of these features might cost a little more than you’d ordinarily buy a product, they might be worth considering.

Is it possible to buy an electric-powered radio?

This mode of charging is possible. Some radios give you the option of using electricity for charging. If you work in a place that allows you to charge the radio using electricity, electric radio is an option.

The good news is that some jobsite radios offer you two options. So, no matter where you have to work, you can use either feature.

But, a battery-powered radio is better if you’re near the power grid.

Do all the radios come with a weatherproof feature?

Not all radios are waterproof. However, most radios are resistant to water. If you leave them out during a drizzle, you’re likely still to find them intact.

However, in case they are exposed to a thunderstorm, they might not survive. There’s a difference between radio being water-resistant and being waterproof.

How can I tell if the jobsite radio will perform well?

The easiest way to know the performance of your radio is to check the sound effectiveness. When it comes to a jobsite, the sound is a crucial consideration.

Therefore, you can test the efficiency of the equalizer. To be even more sure about the performance, consider the audio output quality.

Do the batteries of a worksite radio last?

The good news is that most batteries are supposed to serve you all day long. Therefore, you might not need to worry about a power outlet. Besides, you can still charge your electronic devices with the radio.


Buying a jobsite radio can be quite a task because they are so many features to consider. A jobsite radio is not like a regular unit, which is not exposed to hazards and might not be moved around as often.

As a result, if you want to get it right with a jobsite radio, the sound’s quality has to be top-notch. With such a feature, you and your crew can comfortably use it anywhere.

What’s more? If the radio can connect to other devices, the better for you. You can carry your music with you and switch between the radio, your Smartphone, or iPod. Also, getting a radio with a weatherproof feature might be the right decision because it enhances durability.

All in all, the Milwaukee 2890-20 M18 Jobsite Radio is one of the best Milwaukee radios. The weatherproof compartment offers you safe storage for your small belongings. On top of that, this radio can serve you for years, giving you value for money. Why? Shock-absorbing caps protect the unit. The beauty of this is the protection they offer.

Besides, if you want to charge your Smartphone at the site, you have a USB port to do that.

What’s more, you can efficiently deal with poor reception when working in a remote place. How? You can adjust the foldout antenna to get reception.

Furthermore, this radio has ten preset AM and FM radio stations. Firstly, you get various radio stations from which to choose. Secondly, you can avoid the hassle of having to search for your favorite station every time.

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