What is DTMF? (dual tone multi frequency)

DTMF Dual Tone Multi-Frequency DTMF is used in ham radio in applications such as IRLP and Echolink, as a means to dial outside numbers via phone patch and as a means for repeater owners to configure the system remotely. It is … Read More


What is Squelch?

In telecommunications, squelch is a circuit function that acts to suppress the audio (or video) output of a receiver in the absence of a sufficiently strong desired input signal. Squelch is widely used in two-way radios to suppress … Read More

Antenna loading coil

Antenna loading coil: Everything You Need to Know

An antenna loading coil is an inductor placed in series with an antenna element in order to lower the antenna’s resonant frequency. A standard dipole antenna is resonant if constructed with a length of one-half wavelength. A vertical antenna (effectively half … Read More

The Complete Guide to Weak Signal Propagation Reporter

WSPR Weak Signal Propagation Reporter WSPR (usually pronounced “whisper”) is a software application that uses the transmission mode MEPT-JT (Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter – Joe Taylor). In MEPT transmissions, the radio becomes a beacon that transmits for just under … Read More


RTL2832 – All You Need to Know

The RTL2832 is an IC produced by Realtek Corporation to demodulate DVB-T (digital TV) signals and send them to a host computer over the USB bus. It has an additional mode designed to allow reception of consumer … Read More

What is a DX cluster

What is a DX Cluster?

What is it? A DX Cluster is, in essence, a “chatroom” or node into which amateur DX hunters can post information about DX either worked or heard. Physically, it is a central computer that collects, … Read More


Quagi Antenna: Everything You Need to Know

The VHF Quagi from an article by Wayne Overbeck, K6YNB in QST April 1977; “Building a 440MHz Quagi” description is from Gary Bonnor – VK4ZGB There have been many half-hearted attempts to combine a Yagi … Read More