Best SSTV Software For Ham Radio SSTV Emission

Software allows the production and detection of signals used for transferring SSTV pictures. Most SSTV software allows for both sending and receiving SSTV signals, with the ability to auto-detect which mode is being received. A Ham Radio/PC interface is required.

Software for Digital SSTV

Digital SSTV software is based on Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) which is an open standard system for transmitting digital signals.

  • DIGTRX requires hamdrm.dll to operate correctly.
  • Digipal from Erik VK4AES.
  • Easypal from Erik VK4AES.
  • HamPal from Erik VK4AES. Look here for reviews of this software.
  • SSTV-PAL from Erik VK4AES.

Software for Linux

  • QSSTV for Linux users. This is a relatively new program. The source code is available under the GNU license.

Software for Mac

  • Macrobot from Sergei Ludanov KD6CJI

Software for Windows/DOS

  • ChromaPix. Version 1.6 available. A review of this software can be found here
  • JVComm. Development seems to have stalled on this program, but it is available from the link.
  • MMSSTV for windows computers. A versatile and easy to use program. It can handle all the common modes, but users have access to a number of lesser-used modes such as MP73-N which is allowing amateurs to use SSTV on the 30m band where previously it was restricted by band definitions.
  • MScan SSTV. MScan Meteo also available from this website.

SSTV over internet

Interface by Martin Emerson G3OQD is available in version 1.8a. The interface uses Echolink as its transmission engine.

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