TYT TH-UVF1 Manual: Everything You Need to Know

Most people agree that the manual that comes with this radio is horrible. Let’s try to create a better one.


Hold U/V to switch between manual tuning and preset mode. In channel preset mode there are two small numbers on the right. In manual tuning mode, the numbers are not there.

Hold Menu and press the Mon button on the side to switch to the FM receive-only mode. In this mode you can also switch between manual and channel preset mode using the above instructions and storing a new channel works the same.

Saving a Preset

You cannot load an existing preset, make a change and save it. You have to set all of the parameters and then save it as is. So, make sure you get it right or you’ll have to go through the whole process for the preset again.

Make sure you’re in manual tuning mode. There should¬†not¬†be two small numbers on the right indicating the channel number. Hold U/V to switch if you’re in preset mode. If you are in manual mode some of these menus will not be available or you will be unable to change the menu option.

1. Set the frequency by entering the numbers on the keypad or scanning with up and down.

2. Set the scrambler no with Menu #6. Remember using this is illegal for ham radio operators. You may be allowed to use this if you have the proper authorization.

3. Set the squelch tone for transmitting and receive with C-CDC at menu #27. Press Menu, up until you’re on #27, press Menu, press * once for CTCSS, press * again if you want DCS, press up and down to select the code, press menu to make your selection, press U/V to go back to the menu.

4. Set the squelch tone for transmitting only with T-CDC at menu #28 using the same instructions.

5. Set the squelch tone to receive only with R-CDC at menu #29 using the same instructions.

6. Set the offset at the menu 25. Generally .6 MHz for VHF and 5MHz for UHF.

7. Set the offset direction with S-D at menu 30.

8. Press Menu, U/V, the channel number will flash, press up and down to choose the channel, press U/V to save.

9. Once saved it will switch to the preset mode. If you wish to program another preset hold U/V to switch back to manual tuning mode.

Deleting a Preset

1. Turn the radio off.

2. Hold U/V and turn the radio on. The display says “DEL?”

3. Press up/down to select a channel. Press MENU to delete the channel.

4. When you’re done deleting turn the radio off and on.


To enter the menu press the menu key. In the menu, the menu key is entered, the up and down arrow keys navigate and change options, the U/V button cancels or goes backward.


Hold * Lock for 2 seconds to lock and unlock. The call button will still function while it’s locked.

Hold # T-R to make the receive and transmit frequencies swap. When this is active an R is shown at the top of the display.

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  1. How do you do a Factory Default Reset?
    I need to do reset everything and start from scratch but I need the menu from 1 to 34 I think. My Baofeng uv-5r goes up to 40. 40 is factory reset.


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