How to Get a GMRS License

How to Get a GMRS License?

GMRS radios operate under high power (5W), therefore sending your communications further and wider. If you are looking for a radio system with a larger transmission radius (for your business or leisure), GMRS could be … Read More

how to build 40' antenna masts

16 DIY 40′ Antenna Mast Plans

Signal issues are frustrating. It makes you want to pull out your hair and scream at the top of your lungs. Signal issues are worse when you live in a remote area because it sort … Read More


Echolink: Everything You Need to Know

Introduction Echolink is a VOIP (Voice Over IP) application that allows amateurs to connect to one another using the internet. It is similar to IRLP but allows users to connect via either radio or computer. … Read More

Screwdriver antenna

What Is Screwdriver Antenna?

A screwdriver antenna is a vertical antenna with a remotely-adjustable center-loading coil. Intended for mobile operation, it may be adjusted to cover any band from 10m to 75m. The antenna takes its name from the use of a … Read More


QSL: Everything You Need to Know

QSL means either “do you confirm receipt of my transmission” or “I confirm receipt of your transmission”. It can also mean “please send me a QSL card”. QSL is a Q-code. QSL Cards A QSL card … Read More


QRN: Everything You Need to Know

Strictly speaking, QRN means “noise from natural sources” as opposed to QRM which means “man-made noise”. The abbreviation QRN is often used in general terms to mean any noise that interferes with the propagation or … Read More


QRSS: Everything You Need to Know

QRSS is a CW mode in which the receiver bandwidth is drastically reduced and the rate at which code is sent is slowed beyond that which would normally be readable by ear. It is named for QRS, … Read More


What is Gain?

Gain compared to a half wave dipole – dBD The gain of an antenna is the relative increase in radiation at the maximum point expressed as a value in decibels (dB) above a standard. The standard to … Read More


What Is Radio Wave Propagation?

Radio wave propagation largely depends on atmospheric conditions, the band and power used to operate the radio equipment. Ground waves are “line of sight” communication. Atmospheric conditions come into play when transmitting between ham radio stations that are farther away … Read More