16 DIY 40′ Antenna Mast Plans

Signal issues are frustrating. It makes you want to pull out your hair and scream at the top of your lungs. Signal issues are worse when you live in a remote area because it sort of comes with the territory.

An effective solution to this problem is elevating your antenna with a tall mast. We figured 40 feet is tall enough to improve your radio or TV reception. It’s easier to buy one, but where’s the fun in that?

I found 16 DIY 40’ antenna mast plans to help you find better reception.

Safety Disclaimer: Most of these builds involve power tools and a lot of technical work. If you’re not experienced enough to undertake certain builds, please ensure that you have a professional with you to guide your hand.

Other than that, let’s jump into it!

1. John Draper’s 40’ DIY Antenna Mast

John Draper’s 40’ DIY Antenna Mast

Our first stop is at SaveNetRadio, where John Draper lays down his plan for a 40’ DIY mast. His plan is simple, dig a hole for your base, pour in some concrete, and reinforce it with some steel tubes. Finally, install your 40’ aluminum antenna mast.

As I said, simple and also clear. But this plan could benefit from some images to guide you along. John is also not good at documenting his measurements. If these two factors are a turn-off for you, this may not be the best DIY 40’ antenna mast plan for you.


2. DIY Tilt Over Antenna Tower by WG7D Radio

Next, we head to WG7D Ham Radio and RV Adventures, where they have prepared a video of a man hoisting what we can only assume is a 40’ antenna mast.

Though the video does not show the YouTuber assembling it, we can piece out a lot of information on the build. It also helps that they list the materials you’ll need and the antenna attachments that the mast can support; not bad, not bad at all.


3. 40’ Antenna Mast by Greg Martinez

With telescopic antennas, you can adjust them to any height; they are convenient like that. Perhaps that’s why Greg is so attracted to them. For his build, he goes for a prefabricated telescopic mast, which cuts the time and effort of building one from scratch.

As for the base, there’s no shortcut to that; you’ll have to get down and get your hands dirty. If you find this project attractive, visit Long Range Signal and hear from the man himself, Greg Martinez.


4. Home-Built 45’ Antenna by Erik from Farpoint Farms

In a bid to upgrade the roof antenna for his CB radio, Erik from Far Point Farms searches YouTube for DIY ideas. A solution drops on his lap from another YouTuber, Marcus Adams, who builds an antenna with 4X4 posts.

He tweaks Marcus’ idea and fashions a 45’ antenna with the 4X4X16 posts left over from his fencing project. I know 45 feet is not 40 feet, but much like Erik did with Marcus’ idea, you can adjust your antenna mast to 40 feet.


6. DIY Tilting Aircraft Radio Tower by John Croke

It may not be 40’ tall, and it may not even be a mast, but it sure hell does the job. Explore John Croke’s adventure in building a 50’ tilt-over aircraft radio tower. Yes, we have a pilot in the house.

The good news is that you can adjust the plan and shave 10 feet off the tower. This build is heavier than others, given that it is for a tower; keep that in mind.


7. Portable PVC Conduit Antenna Mast by Imarunner 2

Portable PVC Conduit Antenna Mast by Imarunner 2

We’ve seen antenna masts made from metal, wood, and fiberglass. The only logical question is, can you build a 40-foot antenna with PVC conduits? Imarunner2 from Autodesk Instructables responds, “Hell yea!”

If you want to build a 40’ antenna with a lighter and cheaper material, check out what Imarunner2 has done.


8. EMT Conduit Antenna Mast by Capt Daren N4VFR

From one conduit material to another, our next stop is Capt Darren’s YouTube channel. He uses EMT conduits to assemble a 25-foot Antenna mast. Yes, it’s a few feet shorter than a 40’ antenna mast, but you can adjust your design to extend the length of the pole.

His final creation is impressive, complete with a camouflaged J-pole. Check it out and take some notes.


9. 60’ Scaffold Antenna Mast by M0MCX.co.uk

60’ Scaffold Antenna Mast by M0MCX.co.uk

Who said you couldn’t build an antenna mast with scaffolding poles? M0MCX.co.uk did it, and if you shadow their directions, you can probably do it too. Sure, the plan is for a 60-footer, but that’s nothing that a saw can’t handle.

So if you have access to scaffolding poles and you fancy a tilt-over antenna.


10. Cheap and Easy to Build Tilt-Over Antenna Mast by Maverik RC

RC enthusiast, Maverick RC, tried his hand at the tilt-over antenna mast. So he did a follow-up video to explain his process and justify his decisions. He doesn’t say how tall the antenna mast is, but it looks way within the 40′ range. Maverick also discloses that he spent less than $100 to erect the mast.

So if you live in an area with crazy winds, perhaps you should consider this tilt-over antenna mast design.


11. Portable APRS Push UP Antenna Mast by Bob Bruninga

Portable APRS Push UP Antenna Mast by Bob Bruninga

Yes, it is portable; yes, it is 55′ tall; and yes, it is a damn telescopic antenna. The thing is made of three sections of lightweight irrigation pipes. Each section is slightly smaller in diameter, so they sink into each other. And you don’t have to bother digging a base because the damn thing is installed at the back of a trailer. So you can pack up, drive into the wilderness and stay in contact.


12. Hexbeam Antenna Tower by OM0ET

It only took Paul OM0ET two months to complete this magnificent aluminum radio tower. Given the weight of the tower, Paul had to build a serious base for his aluminum radio tower and prop it up with a trio of guide ropes.

The tower may be shorter than 40 feet, but it is still an impressive structure.


13. WV7U’s Tilt-Over Antenna Mast

WV7U's Tilt-Over Antenna Mast

It may not be a step-by-step DIY article, but WV7U.com’s post will inspire your 40′ antenna mast build. For the mast, WV7U elects to go with galvanized plumbing pipes. As for the base, the mast is supported by two pipes buried deep in the ground, flagpole-style.

It is a tilt-over antenna mast, so you can lay it down any time you want. Overall, it’s a simple design and easy to execute.


14. Homemade Antenna Must by Steve

While doing some maintenance on his antenna, Steve decides to explain how he made his “homebrew” antenna mast. The whole thing is made by fusing fence railings to a wooden post. And being a tilt-over antenna, it pivots by a wooden stump buried deep in the ground. The whole thing is about 30 feet tall. With a little tweaking, you can extend your design to 40 feet. You can even add a winch and pulley system.


15. 6-Step 40′ Antenna Mast by Kevin

6-Step 40' Antenna Mast by Kevin

Antenna Tactical has a six-step method of building a 40′ antenna mast. And they lay it all down on their website. Just a couple of things to keep in mind, their antenna mast is made of one part aluminum tubing and two parts fiberglass tubes. It is also a tilt-over antenna, so expect a winch and pulley system. Otherwise, it’s a great build.


16. Simple and Cheap Antenna Mast by Wiltshire Man

Here’s another scaffolding tilt-over antenna to sink your teeth in. It may not be 40 feet, but it is an excellent source of inspiration. You can tweak the design to add a few inches and maybe throw in a winch and pulley system to help you hoist the mast. Overall, decent antenna mast.


Final Thoughts

And those are 16 DIY 40′ antenna mast plans worth trying. Weak signals suck, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. With a few dollars, a spare weekend, and some elbow grease, you can flash static and radio noise out of your radio communications. You also use them to get better reception for cable.

So go out there and build something great.

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