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Band: 4m
160m 80m 60m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m
10m 6m 4m 2m 1.25m 70cm 33cm 23cm 3cm
Band Privileges
US Extra None
US Advanced None
US General None
US Technician None
UK (all) {{{UK}}}

The amateur 4 metre band is located just above 70 MHz.


The 4 metre band is available to amateurs in certain countries in Region 1, but is not available in the United States or Japan. This makes manufactured radio equipment for the band very rare. Most amateurs use homebrew or modified gear to operate on 4 metres.

Different countries have different 4 metre band edges, as shown in this band chart.



Additional Information

A good source of information is the Four Metres Website.

Band plan for 4 metres

4m chart.png