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10 Best SWR Meters for CB and Ham Radios 2024

Your CB radio or any other related radio might be receiving unclear signals. You might also be spending a lot of time trying to tune your antenna for your radio. You can overcome all these issues by getting a reliable SWR meter.

In this buyer’s guide, we have listed the best SWR radios after checking out hundreds of options. All you need to do is to go through our list and choose the most suitable options. We are unbiased since we are not directly connected with any brand and as a result, we let you know even the negative aspects of all the radios we have listed. Welcome and have a nice time going through our list.

Best SWR Meter Reviews 2024

1. Workman SWR Meter for CB Radio Antenna

It is always important to know the strength of your CB radio reception so that you can know the best place to position the antenna. One of the best SWR meters you can get is this Workman SWR METER for CB radio Antennas with a 3’ Jumper Cable.

Our primary attraction on this meter is being able to work on CB radios with a frequency range of about 27MHz. With this ability, you are assured of enhanced performance especially if you are in a place where you are not sure about the reception power of your radio.

We are also impressed by the three feet black Workman CX-3-PL-PL coax jumper. The jumper is meant to provide you with convenience and efficiency when connecting the meter with your radio.

In terms of durability, Workman has made the casing of this meter using heavy-duty metal. The meter will remain in good condition even if it accidentally drops on the ground or is hit by a heavy object.

We also noticed that even though this meter is so effective, it is small in size. Its dimensions are 3.3 inches by 2 ¼ inches by 3 inches. The dimensions mean that the unit will not occupy much of your space and it will be easy to move it from one place to the other.

We think this SWR meter is an ideal gadget but the manufacturer should have provided more options on the meter. Limited to CB radios, making it incompatible with other types of radio systems.

After overall evaluation of the SWR METER for CB radio Antennas with a 3’ Jumper Cable, we are totally convinced that it is a product worth its price. You get a chance to take better control of your radio by knowing the precise signal strength.


  • A portable design
  • Comes with a three feet jumper
  • Easy to operate
  • A frequency range of 27 MHz
  • Housing made of heavy-duty metal


  • Can only be used with CB radios
  • A relative low impedance of 52 ohms

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2. Surecom Two-Way Radio Handheld Power & SWR Meter

There are a lot of SWR meters in the market and they come in different designs and sizes. One of the meters that has the potential to help you in a technologically oriented way is the Gam3Gear SURECOM SW-33 Mark II 100 W SWR Meter.

We are championing this meter because it is designed as a mini digital UHF/VHF power and SWR meter. The fact that it has two different uses means that you do not have to buy a different gadget to measure VHF/UHF power.

Another important feature of this meter is that it uses a single Lithium Polymer battery. The battery is included in the package and it plays an important role in ensuring the meter performs optimally at all times.

We have also noticed the tough yet light housing of this SWR meter. The housing plays an integral role in making sure the inner components are well protected while at the same time enhancing durability.

The performance of this meter is another impressive feature where it can handle frequencies between 125 MHz and 525 MHz. When it comes to power range, the meter can handle up to 100W.

Among the features we are not satisfied with on this meter include the lengthy user guide. The guide has technologically oriented terminologies which can only be understood by a person with experience in handling these meters.

We are proud of the general performance of this SWR meter especially the enhanced performance of the unit. Because of this, we do not shy away from recommending the meter to anyone looking to get a reliable and efficient SWR meter.


  • A 100 watts power range
  • Comes with several display screens
  • A proactive housing
  • Can be mounted easily
  • A powerful rechargeable lithium battery


  • A unique product with no readily available spare parts
  • Needs to be handled with extra care

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3. Signstek Professional UV Dual Band SWR Meter

Technology advancement is making it possible to come up with highly efficient gadgets such as SWR meters. We are here to let you know about the Signstek Professional UV Dual Band Standing-Wave Meter for Testing SWR Power which is among the top rates SWR meters.

As we have mentioned, state of the art technology has been applied in designing and making this meter. The technology plays a major role in enhancing accuracy where the measurements given by the meter have an error margin of just 5-10%.

We also admire that the unit is designed to handle a huge frequency range and it can handle both UHF and VHF frequencies. The precise frequency range of the meter is 140-150MHz and 430-450MHz.

The entire unit is made with authentic materials which are properly tested. These materials play an integral role in enhancing durability and making the meter look sleek.

We further love the simplicity in usage where the unit comes with a few well-labeled switches and a knob. You can get the reading on the wide screen that has been designed in a way that you can see even the minor details.

The only feature that can be a problem to some users is the meter being relatively bulkier than most of the other similar meters in the same category. The bulkiness might be an issue when you want to store the unit since it requires more space.

Our assessment of this Signstek Meter for Testing SWR Power’s features confirms that it a reliable product. You only need to follow the instructions on the user guide to get some of the most accurate readings.


  • High accuracy levels
  • Can measure power up to 200 watts
  • All materials are authentic
  • Insertion loss of below 0.3 dBi
  • A black elegant finish


  • Can only work with some types of radios
  • Can easily be damaged by wetness

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4. MFJ 200W SWR meter

Without a functional and reliable SWR meter such as the MFJ RF Power & SWR Meter, you might have a lot of challenges using your radio. With a good meter, you are able to get accurate readings which directs you on how to adjust your antenna.

On this modern HWR antenna, we first like the ability of the meter to work with different types of radios. It can work with ham radio, marine, commercial, air and CB two-way radio.

When you use the meter, you will be able to see all the readings clearly through the clear screen on the front side of the meter. The screen occupies almost half of the front area, therefore, providing more efficient vision.

We also like the fact that the meter can work on different types of transmissions. Some of the top transmissions compatible with this unit include UHF, VHF and HF. These are the commonly used transmissions and as a result, the meter will work without hindrances.

With this SWR you are almost guaranteed durability. The materials used especially in the construction of the outer casing are of the highest standard. They keep the interior components well-protected at all times and this enhances durability.

Our only issue with this modern meter is that you need time before you can become conversant with it. It has several knobs and buttons which can be a bit confusing despite the fact that they are labeled.

The correct description of this SWR meter according to our analysis is a modern effective product with the ability to provide accurate readings. You only need to carefully read the user manual to make sure you do not miss even a single step.


  • Can be used on different types of radios
  • A durable construction style
  • A big screen for clear readings
  • Can be used as a mobile device
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories


  • Many switches and knobs can be confusing
  • Cannot withstand excess pressure

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5. Mcbazel Surecom VHF/UHF Antenna Power & SWR Meter

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to get a suitable SWR meter. Competition in the market has made it possible to get a reliable meter such as the Mcbazel Surecom SW-102 Digital VHF/UHF 125-525MHz Antenna Power & SWR Meter without having to spend a lot.

You first notice the N-J interface of this meter where the interface has a reading screen, knobs and switches to control the unit. Everything on the interface is well labeled to let you know which switch controls a certain aspect. The interface also allows beginners have an easy time while learning how to use the meter.

We are also excited that the meter has been designed to have the lowest possible insertion loss. It only has an insertion of fewer than 0.3 decibels which is an understandable loss that does not significantly affect the readings.

Mcbazel Surecom SW-102 Digital VHF/UHF 125-525MHz Antenna Power & SWR Meter is also one of the top WSR meters when it comes to power range. The unit can handle up to 120 watts at any time and its frequency range is between 125 MHz and 525 MHz.

We are just a little bit disturbed by the fact that the meter does not have a long life. After using it for about two years you will need to get a replacement and this means that you will need to spend more money.

Even with a few issues, we still endorse this meter as an excellent gadget that provides you with optimum value for what you spend. The many outstanding features make the unit ideal for a person who enjoys using devices that are not very sophisticated.


  • Only 0.3 decibels in insertion loss
  • A very interactive interface
  • Instructions are easy to understand
  • Wide frequency range
  • Can be connected permanently


  • Not compatible with digital radios
  • A relatively short life span

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6. Astatic SWR Meter

Astatic is renowned for its expertise in SWR meters and antenna manufacturing. The company has built a reputation of always making top-shelf products such as this Astatic (302-PDC2) SWR/RF/Field Strength Test Meter.

Out top feature of this meter is the ability to perform their different tasks. The unit can test for SWR, field strength and RF power. You can take advantage of this ability to ensure you position your antenna where it will receive the strongest signal.

You further get the freedom to use this meter as either a fixed or mobile meter. In case you want to mount it somewhere fixed, you just need to follow the simple instructions and use the accessories that come in the package.

Despite this being the first time to come across this meter, we are able to use it even without consulting the user guide. It has simple functions with a few knobs which do not require any specialized skills or experience.

When it comes to portability, the total weight of this WSR meter is 0.8 pounds and its dimensions are 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches by 2.4 inches. You can easily carry it with you, which is helpful if you want to use it in a remote place where it cannot be permanently mounted.

We are however a little disappointed by the fact that some of the meter’s components easily get loose after a period of time. You will need to keep on tightening some of the screws on the meter to prevent components such as switches from falling off.

Despite the minor negative issues on this SWR meter, we still think it one of the best products you can come across. Astatic has gone an extra step to make sure you get full value for what you spend.


  • 3 functions on one gadget
  • A lightweight design
  • Comes with mounting accessories
  • A durable and robust body
  • Easy to operate


  • Some components get lose easily
  • Only works with CB radios

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7. Accessories Unlimited AUSWR Mini SWR Meter

One of the most important things when using your radio is to have a clear signal. To effectively tune the antenna of the radio you require a reliable SWR meter such as the Accessories Unlimited AUSWR Mini SWR Meter.

We have quickly been able to tell that this meter is modern because of the jumper cable with PL259 ends. The cable is three ft. long and the modern ends allow it to be connected to almost any compatible radio.

Another impressive feature of this SWR meter is the ability to cover a range of 26-30MHz. the importance of this is that the meter can detect even faint signals to let you know exactly how to tune your antenna for the best reception.

You also do not have to worry about the storage and transportation of this modern SWR meter from Accessories Unlimited. It is made with lightweight materials and its dimensions are 3 7/8 inches by 2 ¼ inches by 2 1/8 inches.

We are further impressed that all the operations of the unit are straightforward. You do not have to be taught how to use it or spend a lot of time going through the user guide since the control options are clearly labeled.

Even with the nice features, we do not feel satisfied by the mono-mode of this SWR meter. The majority of the modern meters have the dual-mode ability and as a result, Accessories Unlimited should have done better in this aspect.

Our overall verdict on the Accessories Unlimited AUSWR Mini SWR Meter is that it is a great product with all the basic requirements. With this meter, you are almost guaranteed clear reception without much struggle.


  • A small and compact design
  • Ability to cover a range of 26-30 MHz range
  • A modern 3 feet coaxial jumper
  • Straightforward adjustment options
  • Made with materials that enhance durability


  • Does not work with some radios
  • Does not support the dual-mode transmission

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8. Youmei Digital SWR Meter for Ham Radio

More people nowadays prefer digital SWR meters over conventional models. The primary reason behind this is that digital models are easier to use and are more accurate. Among the top digital options available in the market is the Youmei RS-50 Digital SWR/Watt Meter VHF/UHF 125-525MHz 120W for Two-Way Radio.

One of the features we appreciate about this meter is that readings are shown in digits. You do not have to struggle to try the read the precise reading and this makes a digital meter more accurate.

Youmei RS-50 Digital SWR/Watt Meter VHF/UHF 125-525MHz 120W for Two-Way Radio gets its power from two AA rechargeable batteries. You can easily charge these batteries via any power cable with a USB end.

We also love the friendly interface with two well-labeled buttons and two knobs on each side of the meter. The interface is complemented by LED enabled screen that lets you see everything on the screen irrespective of light levels.

The makers of this SWR meter have provided you with an option to connect permanently. This is helpful if you do not intend to use the meter on any other device or when you want each of your radios to have a separate meter.

The only disappointment with this digital meter is that it is made with fragile materials where it can easily break. You need to mount it in a safe place where it cannot easily come into contact with something that might break it.

It is clear that this SWR meter is a worthy investment especially because of the technologically oriented features. With this meter, you get accurate readings which allow you to tune your antenna conveniently.


  • An LCD backlight display
  • A friendly interface
  • Shows reading in numbers
  • An insertion loss of just 0.3 decibels
  • Can be connected permanently


  • Made with relatively weak materials
  • The rechargeable batteries need to be replaced after every few months

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9. Zerone UV Segment 200W SWR & Power Meter

Testing the SWR power on your antenna is very important especially when it comes to tuning your antenna. You can ensure there are minimal errors when testing this power by acquiring the Zerone UV Segment Standing Wave Meter Power Meter for Testing SWR Power.

The main feature of this meter that makes us consider it as one of the best is the huge transmitting power/standing wave ratio. You can easily read this ratio directly from the screen without having to calibrate anything.

Another important aspect we have noticed is that the meter has the ability to deal with a standing wave of up to 200W. This is made even better by the fact that the insertion loss on this unit is just less than 0.3 decibels.

We also noted that this SWR meter from Zerone has a sturdy and very compact design. You do not have to worry about space since the design of the meter is in a way that it occupies the least space possible.

Adjusting and controlling the different features of the meter is a simple process since everything is well labeled. You can also get help from the user guide where you are required to follow a few simple steps to get your meter going.

Even with all the excellent features on this SWR meter, it is unfortunate that it is not compatible with all radios. You need to have a compatible radio that uses the exact connection options provided by the meter.

We are glad that the Zerone UV Segment Standing Wave Meter Power Meter for Testing SWR Power has just a few shortcomings. As a result, we confidently recommend it to anyone in need of an efficient SWR meter.


  • A lightweight and compact design
  • A power range of 200 watts
  • A low insertion loss
  • Simple control
  • Enhanced accuracy


  • Repairs are hard since parts are not easily available
  • Needs special care to prolong the lifespan

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10. Tenq Professional Uv Dual Band SWR Meter

TENQ is a big name when it comes to antenna-related products. This is the primary reason why it is not surprising to find the name of this company in SWR meters production with one of the top SWR meters from the company being the Tenq Rs40 Professional UV Dual Band Standing-Wave Meter.

The major aspect we like on this meter is having an ideal size that is characterized by a sleek design. With such a size, you can easily move the meter from one place to the other easily and if you want to mount it permanently you will not have to worry about space.

The frequency range of this meter that is able to handle dual-band performance is also impressive. The range of the unit is 140-150 MHz and 430-450MHz which makes the meter ideal for measuring any frequency you might like.

We are also very pleased that this meter has an error margin of 5-10%. Such margin does not significantly change the reading since you are able to tell the direction which will result to clear signals on your antenna.

The fact that there is no calibration required further makes this meter an ideal device even for people who might be using it for the first time. Calibration requires certain skills and it is helpful that those skills are not required on this meter.

Our only concern when it comes to this meter is the agility of the entire unit. If you do not keep on cleaning and tightening the unit, some components such as the antenna shall get loose and this will affect the performance.

We might know everything about this SWR meter but we know enough to confirm that it is a top-class product. You can use the meter no matter whether you are using it for the first time or not.


  • No calibration required
  • A well-designed reading screen
  • An interactive interface
  • A wide frequency range
  • An error margin of + or – 5-10%


  • Some components need to be tightened regularly
  • The user guide has sophisticated terminologies

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What to look out for when hunting for the ideal SWR Meter

best swr meter for cb radios

Almost anyone who has a radio knows the importance of having an SWR meter. You might assume it is an unnecessary gadget but the truth of the matter is that it is one of the most important devices you should have. But since there are many SWR meters in the market, let us break down the most important features you should check out when you want to get the ideal SWR meter.


It would be very sad if you purchased a meter that is not compatible with your radio. This makes it paramount to ensure you go through the features of your radio to ensure it can work with the radio you are using. Most meters are compatible with CB radios and as a result, you should ensure your radio is compatible.


It is also paramount to get a radio that will remain functional for as long as possible. The housing helps a lot because it is the one that protects the interior and therefore you should go for the strongest housing.]

Frequency range

Checking out the frequency range is also an important task especially considering that you want a working radio with all signals. The frequency range is mainly meant to let you choose the frequency you want irrespective of where you are. Consequently, always choose the radio with the widest frequency range.

Mounting options

most people who purchase SWR meters usually want to mount them permanently. Because of this, you should go for the meter with the simplest mounting process. The ideal meter should come with all the components needed for mounting and usage.


You do not want an SWR meter that will give you a hard time trying to understand how the various options work. This directs that you should go for the meter with the most interactive and friendly interface. The majority of the modern radios come with interactive interfaces which are well labeled.

Connection loss

To minimize errors you should also go for the meter with minimal connection loss. The main reason behind this is that the lower the loss, the clearer the signal.


Relatively small dimensions are important mainly because of space. A meter that requires a lot of space is not ideal especially if you do not want to look like someone with a lot of gadgets. Just go for the unit that has an ideal size to avoid the problem of having to look for more room to keep the meter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

best swr meter for ham radio

How do I know the frequency range of my SWR meter?

Every meter comes with clear descriptions and as a result, you can simply read the description to know the meter range.

Does my meter require a battery?

The meter you get will require a battery. In most cases, the meters come with a ready battery with USB charging and as a result, you should be prepared with a charging port for your meter.

How long will my SWR last?

The design of most meters is in a way that it will last for years without getting damaged. The only thing you need is to maintain it and handle it with care.

Can I use my SWR meter with other devices besides my CB radio?

It entirely depends on the make and model of th4e meter you get. There are some meters that are designed to work with other devices including ham radios.

What should I do if my SWR meter is broken?

The very first thing you should do is to look for an expert to check what might be wrong. If you try to work on the meter on your own you might cause more damages.


Workman SWR Meter for CB Radio Antennas is the SWR meter we have found with the most outstanding features.  The other nine meters also have great features but this particular option has certain features which are hard to find.

The main feature which has made us select this SWR from Workman is that it is manufactured by a renowned company. It also has dimensions that make it portable including a simple weight of just 12 ounces. It is also easy to install where you do not need any special tools or expertise. Therefore, out of the 10 best SWR meters listed above, we consider Astatic (302-PDC2) SWR/RF/Field Strength Test Meter as the winner.

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