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10 Best Sounding Clock Radios of 2024 – Alarm Clock Radio Reviews

A high-quality sounding clock radio is just what you need if you want to wake early and listen to the news as you get ready for the day. While your smartphone can serve as an alarm clock and even a radio, many people prefer the richer sound quality that an excellent clock radio can offer.

Wake up to clear, ambient music in the morning and save your smartphone’s battery life by using a clock radio. There are different models of clock radios on the market. In this post, we will review 10 of the best options on the market.

Top Sounding Clock Radio Comparison Chart 2023




Best Sounding Clock Radio HeimVision

HeimVision Sunrise Sounding Clock Radio

6.5 x 6.5 x 2.76 inches

88-108 MHz

Best Sounding Clock Radio EAAC601

Magnasonic EAAC601

3.5 x 5.5 x 4.76 inches

88-108 MHz
520-1710 kHz

Best Sounding Clock Radio DreamSky

DreamSky Decent Alarm Sounding Clock Radio

7.4 x 3.8 x 3.6 inches

87.5-108 MHz

Best Sounding Clock Radio Emerson

Emerson CKS1708

6.5 x 3 x 3.5 inches

87.5-108 MHz

Best Sounding Clock Radio iHome

iHome Bluetooth Sounding Clock Radio

13 x 10.3 x 6.5 inches

87.5-108 MHz

Best Sounding Clock Radio jbl

JBL Horizon Bluetooth Sounding Clock Radio

5.82 x 8.5 x 7.28 inches


Best Sounding Clock Radio Sangean

Sangean RCR-20 Sounding Clock Radio

13.8 x 13.1 x 4.9 inches

87.5-108 MHz
522-1710 KHz
520-1710 KHz

Best Sounding Clock Radio Sony

Sony Projector Sounding Clock Radio

6.9 x 6.2 x 5.5 inches

87.5-108 MHz
530-1710 kHz

Best Sounding Clock Radio Fitfort

Fitfort Wake Up Light Sounding Clock Radio

7.2 x 7.1 x 3.7 inches

87.5-108 MHz

Best Sounding Clock Radio Lersgo

Lersgo Sounding Clock Radio

9 x 3.3 x 6.1 inches

87.5-108 MHz

The Best Sounding Clock Radio Reviews 2023

1. HeimVision Sunrise A80S Sounding Clock Radio

This versatile unit can be used as your regular alarm clock and can be used as a lamp or reading light. It is a wake-up light alarm clock and one of the best sounding clock radios you can lay your hands on right now.

The design is very appealing and will, in its little way, make your room look elegant. This unit weighs around 1.2 pounds and is so compact. Therefore, you can place it on your table along with other devices as you sleep.

The wake-up sounds are warm and pleasant. Instead of being jolted from slumber, the gradually rising sounds wake you up gently.

There are up to 20 adjustable settings on this unit. You can choose from 7 different LED time display colors depending on the most relaxing one for you. This unit allows you to set up 4 alarms simultaneously.

As it is versatile and can serve as a radio, it is just what you need to accompany you as you get ready for the day’s activities every morning.

The downside is that it doesn’t gradually get brighter. Instead, it comes on with a certain level of sustained brightness, which can be slightly disconcerting.

The customizability, ease of use, and different modes make this a wonderful option.

HeimVision A80S Manual

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2. Magnasonic EAAC601 Projection Alarm Sounding Clock Radio

Up next is this clock radio that is designed to rival even more expensive units from rivals on the market. It has several features that help you customize it and that improve its overall functionality.

Unlike the HeimVision reviewed above, it comes with a projection feature. And just like that product, it can swivel up to 180 degrees to project the time on your wall and ceiling. An efficient clock radio, all its features make it so easy to use.

For example, it features pre-configured factory time. Changing this to your time is straightforward whether you decide to do it manually or opt to use the time zones. Furthermore, it features daylight saving time adjustment.

One of our favorite buttons on an alarm clock is the snooze button; sometimes, we just want to sleep for a bit longer. Well, the snooze button on this clock is prominent and easy to reach. Thus, you can switch it off without having to be fully awake.

There is a backlit clock face with three brightness settings. You can choose a brightness you are comfortable with, or you can completely switch it off.

While this model doesn’t come with as robust a collection of features as many of the others on this roundup, particularly with regards to alarm options, it makes up for this via other features. For instance, it shows the temperature of the room and comes with a 3.5 mm AUX jack at the rear. Like others, you can connect your phone, tablet or laptop and turn the clock radio into speakers.

In case of a power outage, you don’t need to fret since there is a backup battery that works with the unit’s memory; so you will still wake up when you want to.

You get an FM/AM radio or standard buzzer alarm type with this product and can set the volume you want.

The drawback of this unit is that the snooze and OFF button is pretty close together; hence you might mistakenly press one for the other.

With a well-rounded clock radio, you can use this unit for a long time and enjoy all its highly convenient features.

Magnasonic EAAC601 Manual

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3. Sangean RCR-20 Sounding Clock Radio

While the Sangean brand isn’t a very popular name, the company has actually been in existence for close to 50 years. It hasn’t been able to beat bigger brands, but that isn’t because of the quality of the products. The RCR-20 Clock Radio from the brand is one of the best sounding clock radios on the market right now.

The unit comes with integrated Bluetooth connectivity, which means that you can use it with Bluetooth compatible devices. You can recharge it via a USB port; therefore, you will always have a charger handy, which also means that you will rarely run out of power. There is an LCD screen; a must-have in an alarm clock, or how else would you know the time? The design is overall impressive. Weighing less than 2.75 pounds, you will find it portable and easy to carry around. The compact design means that it can rest on your bedside drawer or cabinet with your smartphone or other things without taking up plenty of space.

The Human Wake System offers the benefit of waking up to either a radio or a buzzer, depending on what you prefer. There is an infrared remote control that lets you adjust settings with ease.

Performance-wise, it is one of the best sounding clock radios you can buy. The speakers deliver clear audio; with powerful bass and treble.

The downside of this unit is that AM reception is somewhat disappointing.

Overall, the excellent audio performance, compact build, and customization options make this unit one of the top products on the market.

Sangean RCR-20 Manual

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4. JBL Horizon Bluetooth Sounding Clock Radio

This unit is one of the best products from the popular manufacturer, JBL. It is one of the best-selling options, and no wonder: it delivers excellent all-around performance.

The clock radio features a design unlike the regular clock radio or Bluetooth speaker. The round, modern design looks great and will look quite nice in your home. It is stylish and rather elegant. Furthermore, it is compact. Thus, it doesn’t take up much space in the room. Weighing less than 3 pounds, you can carry it wherever you go without feeling weighed down. Despite the small size, the screen is easily visible, with clear digits and letters.

Some of the most important features of this unit are the 5W amplifiers on its pair of channels. Due to these rather powerful amplifiers, sound can be heard across the room. Thus, you will definitely be awakened from your sleep using this as an alarm clock. Bluetooth connectivity means that you can use it to play your music from compatible devices. There is a pair of USB ports that lets the clock double as a power bank. You can charge your smartphone with this unit.  While you might rightly worry that using it as a charger will drain all the battery, it is good to note that it comes with a backup battery that will still trigger the alarm at the set time.

Performance-wise, it delivers some of the best sounds you will find on this type of device. JBL is widely recognized for high-quality audio products, and the company has fitted this unit with excellent speakers.

While the display is auto-adjust, depending on the light in the room, some users may find this feature to be rather problematic, especially in a dark room.

Other than that setback, it serves near-perfectly and is a good companion in the bedroom.

JBL Horizon Manual

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5. Emerson CKS1708 SmartSet Sounding Clock Radio

This device is an excellent unit that comes as the main clock radio from Emerson. It is a clock radio excellent for any person who wants a wide variety of functionalities.

It is a versatile unit that comes with Emersons’ very own SmartSet technology. This technology is impressive as it enhances the overall functionality of the clock radio. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, you can get music playing from any Bluetooth enabled device, whether your smartphone or your laptop. Furthermore, there is USB connectivity, which lets you charge your phone directly via the clock radio.

The unit comes with dimensions of 6.5 x 3 x 3.5” and weighs about a pound. Additionally, there is an LED display that I found very easy to read, with clear digits and alphabets. There is a dimmer function that I found pretty clear. At night, it doesn’t display so brightly that it would disturb your sleep; instead, the blue nightlight is going to help you to sleep even better.

Auto adjustability for leap year and daylight saving is just some other features of this unit.

The drawback of this product is that it does not get quite enough. Even at the lowest sound setting, it is too loud.

The radio function is quite impressive too. With this unit, you can seek out radio stations and store up to a score of stations at a time. There is a backup battery that steps in when there is a power interruption.

Overall, it comes with very useful features that make it one of the most versatile on the market right now.

Emerson CKS1708 Manual

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6. iHome IBT29 Bluetooth Sounding Clock Radio

At first glance, it is quite clear that this unit is different from the other models on the market. It might look somewhat odd, but we absolutely love its features and overall performance; as do many other buyers.

The design is somewhat odd, but it will make for a great conversation starter for anyone who walks into your room. With this lightweight clock radio, you can carry out several things with some ease. For instance, it comes with Bluetooth capability and an inbuilt speakerphone and microphone. Thus, it is much more than just an alarm clock. You can receive clear phone calls with this speaker. There is also an AUX port that will fit many headphone jacks. All these features require a unit that can be carried around easily, and that is what this model offers to you. It weighs just 1.4 pounds and can fit your hand easily.

The translucent coating can be customized to glow in 5 different colors. The alarm feature is straightforward and can be set for two users. You also get a USB-port that allows you to charge other devices.

While there is almost no issue with this model, the difficulty in finding the color button is one setback.

Play your music, set an alarm, listen to your favorite radio station and enjoy all the benefits that come from using this highly rated product.

iHome IBT29 Manual

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7. Sony Projector Sounding Clock Radio

Well, if you haven’t heard of Sony, you have been living under a really big rock. This technological giant makes many appliances, ranging from TVs, to smartphones, headphones, and apparently, clock radios. As with most of the products in Sony’s extensive catalog, this model is an exquisitely designed, high-quality product that is capable of delivering excellent service.

With this unit, you can easily see the time as you would from a regular bedside clock. It goes further though, by projecting the time onto your wall. Therefore, wherever you turn, you will be able to see the time easily. This projector rotates and projects the time all around the room. While many found this to be a very cool feature, others aren’t impressed. Fortunately, it comes with knobs that let you disable that function.

Aside from the projector feature, there are up to ten radio stations on the unit; and a tuner to find more stations. The 1.8-pound weight is slightly heavier than the others reviewed so far. However, it is still lightweight enough to be carried around.

There is a USB port to charge your devices. With this unit, you can choose the sound you wish to wake up to. There is a 10 to 1 hour snooze time available with this model.

Set up is relatively difficult. That is the only drawback observed from the Sony clock radio.

Overall, it offers excellent value for the price. The lengthy snooze function and projection are some of the features that set it apart from competitors.

Sony ICF-C1PJ Manual

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8. Fitfort Wake Up Light Sounding Clock Radio

Our top pick in this roundup is this highly rated product from Fitfort. If you are a heavy sleeper that finds it pretty hard not to oversleep every morning, then you will definitely find this to be the right option. It wakes you up gently, bringing you softly out of your slumber to a state of activity. This stylishly constructed alarm system stimulated the natural light of sunrise. Where shrill alarms jar you into awareness, it does so in a way that doesn’t get your heart pumping furiously. Hence, say goodbye to grumpy mornings.

Aside from being an alarm clock, it doubles as a bedside lamp and can glow bright enough to read with. There are up to 7 LED light colors, so you can choose the color that best suits your mood. It is very compact and weighs around 1.1 pounds.

The 16 volume controls mean that you can set the volume you want to awake to. As a clock radio, you can set it to wake you up to your favorite radio channel. Additionally, the USB port allows you to charge your other devices through the radio clock.

As it comes with several features, the downside of the unit is that it takes time to master them all. You have to read through and apply instructions from the instruction manual carefully.

Overall, you will be hard-pressed to find a clock radio feature-rich at this low price on the market.

FITFORT ACA-002-B Sounding Clock Radio Manual

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9. Lersgo Sounding Clock Radio

The penultimate option on this roundup comes in a minimalist, yet stylish design that sits pretty by your bed. It comes with a large LED display as well as other nice features.

There is an in-built Bluetooth speaker that gives pretty amazing sound. The stereo driver is designed to deliver some of the best audio performance from a model in this price range. Weighing 0.3 pounds, it is the lightest on this roundup so far.

Aside from the portability, the FM radio allows you to wake up to and listen to your favorite radio stations as you prepare in the morning. There is a USB port for charging and a sleep timer. The snooze feature is quite unique as you can wake up to 4 snoozes with a 9-minute break between each snooze.

One disadvantage with this unit is that it isn’t very bright at night.

All the features above make it an excellent model for all types of sleepers.

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10. DreamSky Decent Alarm Sounding Clock Radio

The last, but definitely not the least option on this roundup is an excellent alarm clock that comes with an FM radio. Therefore, you can wake or fall asleep to the sounds from your favorite radio stations.

The alarm can be adjusted both in volume and sound. Thus, you can select the right combination to wake you up right on time. The size of this alarm clock makes it a good choice for anyone short of space. Despite the small and compact size, the LCD screen can be seen clearly whether during the day or at night. With the USB port, you can even charge other devices.

While the display is appreciated, the issue here is that it is too bright at night. Therefore if you dislike sleeping with lights, you might find it off-putting.

In conclusion, as a functional clock radio, it offers nice convenience and comes at a relatively low price.

Dreamsky Alarm Clock DS205 Manual

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How To Choose A Sounding Clock Radio: A Buyer’s Guide

Sounding Clock Radio

There are several features that you have to consider when buying the best sounding clock radio on the market right now. In this section, we will consider some of these essential factors.


Connectivity might not seem to be a very important feature, but considering that more and more of our devices are connected, it is good to consider a model that can be connected with your other devices.

  • One of such connectivity options is Bluetooth. With Bluetooth technology, you can connect it with your phone, tablet or laptop. Hence, it can be transformed from just a regular alarm clock to a speaker.
  • There is also a USB port. With this feature, you can use the clock to charge your devices.
  • The AUX port extends the functionality of the clock radio as well.

Size and Design

If you have a small room or bedside table, you might want to consider a clock radio that comes in a small and compact design.

Furthermore, if you are concerned with appearances, you should look for a unit that would complement the entire décor of your space.


The sound is arguably the most important parameter to consider as you make a buying choice. Without the right sound, you might keep waking up late despite having an alarm clock.

There are preset sounds and volumes that you will find in your alarm clock. Many of the options on the market, including those we have considered in the roundup come with several sounds that you can choose from. Others offer even more customization options. With clock radios, you can wake up to the sounds from your favorite radio stations. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can even play songs from your smartphone.


Sometimes, we want to sleep a bit longer, and that is where the snooze function comes in. You need a unit that has a large snooze button if you are a frequent snoozer. However, if you really want to wake early, it would be better to buy a unit that makes it hard to snooze the alarm.


Your alarm clock often comes with a display. For many people, these displays affect sleep. Therefore, look for a model that will not disturb you as you sleep. It is recommended to buy a unit with a blue light display.


In cases of a power outage, it is prudent to have a unit with a backup battery. That way, it will still wake you up even without electricity.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best sounding clock radio can be hard, but our review and guide can help you. From the roundup, our best option is the HeimVision Sunrise Sounding Clock Radio. It is customizable, comes with several connectivity options, compact, and durable. Sleep better, and at the right time by choosing this or any other units, we have reviewed above.

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