7 Best Jobsite Radios In 2020 – Work Radio With Bluetooth

Having fun makes any job more enjoyable. No, we’re not implying playing around at work. What we mean is stepping away from the dull, silent workplace, through music.

Being on job sites, however, may make this a bit more challenging. Of course, there’s always your phone, but this can be counterproductive and distractive.

The good news is, there are radios explicitly designed for job sites. These radios come with relative loudspeakers, so you and your colleagues can dance to the same tunes.

The Best Jobsite Radio Reviews in 2020

1. DEWALT 20V MAX/18V/12V Jobsite Radio

Best Jobsite Radio DEWALT
DEWALT 20V MAX/18V/12V Jobsite Radio
  • Runs on 12V MAX/18V/20V MAX battery packs; Heavy duty design with roll cage increases durability to withstand job site conditions
  • AC/DC power allowing the flexibility to run off AC power cord of DeWalt power tool batteries
  • Device storage box protects digital audio devices from jobsite debris and damage

Dewalt is a well-known brand in the building industries – from construction to woodworking and manufacturing. They produce a vast range of hand and power tools.

The Dewalt DCR018 is a compact job site that comes in the traditional DeWalt yellow color. It has a device storage box protecting the actual radio from debris typical in many job sites. The storage box is also sturdy enough to protect from accidental damage at work.

The DCR018 has a 3.5 mm Aux input port with cable included to connect music from various media sources.  These media players include CDs, MP3s, digital audio devices, as well as satellite receivers.

The radio is flexible when it comes to the power supply. It’s AC/DC feature allows you to run it using an AC power cord or with batteries from other Dewalt power tools. It is compatible with Dewalt batteries with powers of 18V, 20V, or 12V.

The Dewalt DCR018 also has an integrated USB port, which comes in handy when you charge other USB-compatible devices. Of note, charging other accessories is only possible when the radio is plugged into an AC wall outlet.

Sound-wise, this relatively small Dewalt radio produces reasonably good sound quality fit for use in any job site.

Perhaps one downside when it comes to sound is the absence of an equalizer. This lacking feature may result in not-so-optimal sound, depending on the type of music played.

Another negative is that the radio comes as a standalone, which means you will have to buy the charger separately.

Overall, however, this rugged radio has all the necessary features for a job site. Protective casing, multimedia player compatibility, and flexible power supply options.


  • Rugged design with protective storage case.
  • Compatible with three Dewalt power tool batteries.
  • Charges other USB devices when plugged into a wall port.


  • No equalizer.
  • You need to purchase a charger separately.

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2. Bosch Bluetooth Power Box Jobsite Radio

Best Jobsite Radio Bosch
  • Bluetooth: The Bosch PB360C Job site Radio features Bluetooth connectivity to pair with smart devices, stream internet radio and stored music with range of up to 150 feet, giving you more job site freedom
  • Stereo Sound: Includes Four way speakers and a subwoofer to project 360 degrees of outstanding sound quality in all directions; Includes separate controls for bass and treble and equalizer customization; USB charging port with 5 volt /1.0 Amp rating for charging Apple and other phones and devices works when Power Box is powered by a 120V AC outlet or by a Bosch battery
  • Durability : Featuring a protective aluminum and rubber roll cage and a weather resistant and dust resistant design

Bosch is a well-known German brand in the technology and engineering industries. Their products include a vast array of power tools and traditional manual tools.

The Bosch PB360C is a cube-like job site radio designed with the Bosch’s iconic blue color. It comes lined with a combination of rubber and aluminum roll cage. This design feature is excellent for giving the radio added portability – the cube framing doubles as multiple carry handles.

It also provides the PB360C with a rugged look and added durability and protection from workplace damage. The exterior of the device design makes it resistant to dust and all-weather types.

The radio requires an 18V battery to run. Alternatively, you can plug it into a 120V AC outlet.  It already has a battery charger built-in, saving you from having to buy it separately. Another good thing is the PB360C comes with four 120V power outlets, allowing you to connect and charge other devices, including tools.

Apart from the power outlets, the radio also has a USB charging point. This USB port allows you to charge your smartphones when the PB360C is plugged into an AC outlet.

The radio has four-way speakers plus an integrated subwoofer, so it projects sound across a 360-degree span. It also has treble, bass, and equalizer controls. You can customize your sound quality according to the type of music you are listening to. The sound quality of this radio may appeal to you and your workmates if you work at a reasonably large job site.

The standout feature of the Bosch PB360C is its Bluetooth connectivity. This feature pairs you with other devices to stream from internet radios or stored music on your smart devices. The Bluetooth range is also made for job sites – allowing you to connect from a distance of up to 150 feet.

Two criticisms for the Bosch PB360C is that the LCD screen tends to freeze and function keys become sticky for no apparent reason. It also has doesn’t have the best reception in terms of FM/AM radio signals. However, it runs seamlessly with Bluetooth streaming.

Overall, the PB360C’s features may appeal to someone who loves to stream their music from their device. It may also be the ideal option if you want to listen to internet channels not otherwise available locally.


  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Four power outlets for connecting other tools or devices.
  • Integrated subwoofer.


  • Freezing screen and sticky function keys.
  • Poor AM/FM signal reception.

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3. Sangean U4 Ultra Rugged Rechargeable Digital Tuning Radio

Best Jobsite Radio Sangean
  • AM/FM-RBDS/Weather Alert/Bluetooth/Aux-In Digital Tuning Utility Radio 5 FM1, 5 FM2, 5 AM and 5 Weather Band Station Pre-Sets
  • Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Audio streaming with indicator, simply touch to pair with NFC technology Supports aptX decoding for high fidelity music and low latency
  • Rain resistant, Dust resistant and Shock resistant that is IP64 Certified for Dustproof and Waterproof

Sangean Electronics is a Taiwanese company specializing in specialty radios, tabletops, and audio accessories.

The Sangean U4 is a digital radio that comes in a bright yellow design with a rugged black rubber framing. The combination of materials and design makes this device resistant to water, dust, and shock.

If you work in an all-weather and all-terrain type of environment, this may be one of your options. The framing that acts as carrying handles adds a portability feature to this compact job site radio.

The radio can play audio from various options. It has an antenna for enhancing the AM and FM radio receptions. And it also has built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing you to stream from your Blue-tooth enabled devices. Finally, it has a weather alert feature, which again is perfect for remote job sites, allowing you to plan ahead.

Other than the audio feature, the U4 also has a clock function with dual-alarm features. This feature is great for reminding you and your workmates of break times, or home times.

Navigating through the radio and clock is enhanced with the LCD with integrated backlight, making information on it easy to read.

The power supply comes from built-in rechargeable batteries with a LED indicator so you can gauge your charging status. You can also charge USB-capable devices via the 12V jack along with a USB port. You can forget about missing your preset alarms. The U4 has an integrated backup battery pack saving this information for you.

Sound-wise, the radio has a rotatory treble and bass control with loudness on and off function. These features allow you to tailor your listening experience as you please.

One thing that made us unimpressed with the U4 was its poor AM radio reception, despite clear FM streaming. We also found that it may have excessive bass features, which makes it challenging to listen to podcasts or song lyrics.

In summary, the Sangean U4 is excellent for indoor or outdoor job sites. Its weather alert system may also make it the ideal job site radio if the nature of your work depends a lot on the weather.


  • Weather alert system.
  • All-weather and shock-resistant.


  • Poor AM radio reception.
  • Excessive bass sound.

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4. Milwaukee Dual Chemistry M18 Jobsite Radio

Best Jobsite Radio Milwaukee
  • CHARGE YOUR DEVICES: Keep your phone tucked into the back of the radio and out of harm’s way. Smart phones can be kept in the special onboard compartment that’s loaded with a 2.1A USB charging port
  • SHOCK ABSORBING END CAPS: This radio is built to last, with the rubberized end pieces able weather drops and other impacts regularly found on the jobsite
  • DIGITAL AM / FM TUNER: You can have up to 10 presets stored on this radio at once, letting you and your crew keep your favorite stations stored for easy access

Milwaukee is an American company specializing in developing and manufacturing power tools.

The Milwaukee 2890-20 is a job site radio that comes in a rectangular red box design. The device itself comes encased in black rubber end pieces, protecting the radio from shock or accidental falls or damages.

The robust design on the Milwaukee radio enables you to stack items on top of it, without damaging the radio player.

The radio can play AM and FM stations with presets allow you to save ten of you and your colleagues’ favorite radio stations. An integrated foldout antenna further enhances the reception.

The power supply for the Milwaukee 2890-20 comes from an M18 18V battery or plug it in via a standard AC power.

You can also charge smartphones or other USB-enabled devices thanks to the integrated USB charging port located at the radio’s back panel. A 3.5mm Aux jack on the same side also converts the radio into a speaker, allowing you to play audio from your devices.

Two front speakers produce the sound while an LCD screen gives a great visual aid when navigating through stations or modes.

A downfall for the Milwaukee 2890-20 is its clock’s battery status display feature. Despite the use of fresh batteries, the status would show up as only one bar of battery left. Another is that despite having dual speakers, the sound is not too loud in spacious external environments.

In short, the Milwaukee 2890-20 is a great radio that allows multiple audio sources other than AM or FM. However, its speakers aren’t too loud, so it may not be the best for external and large job sites. However, the sound volume is good enough for internal job sites, such as building construction sites, etcetera.


  • Shock-proof and portable design.
  • AM, FM, and USB audio options.


  • The clock battery’s status display needs tweaking.
  • Sound not loud enough for large external job sites.

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5. Makita XRM06B Bluetooth Job Site Radio

Best Jobsite Radio Makita
  • Equipped with Bluetooth to wirelessly connect your mobile device to play music
  • Menu Controls to set FM Mono/stereo, clock settings, volume and snooze
  • Runs up to 35 hours with an 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah battery and 14 hours with an 18V compact Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah battery (battery not included)

Makita is a household name in the power tool category. It is a Japanese brand offering a range of products, from lighting equipment to motors, transformers, and of course, power tools.

The Makita XRM06B is a slim and portable cordless radio that comes in a rugged black design. It is surrounded by protective bumpers enhancing the device’s durability and protecting it from shock and inadvertent damage. The design also adds to the water and dust resistant properties of this device.

It has a reasonably sized LCD with illuminated controls, allowing you more straightforward navigation and control.

Besides playing FM radio stations, the Makita XRM06B is equipped with Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly stream audio from your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

An auxiliary port is also available for wired streaming, and a USB port allows you to charge other devices.

The relatively rich stereo sound comes from the Makita XRM068’s two 3.5-inch side speakers.

Power supply wise, the clock function requires two AA batteries. At the same time, the actual radio uses either Makita 7.2 V, 12 V, 14.4 V, and 18V lithium-ion batteries.

Although it is compatible with many Makita batteries, the downside is that none of these batteries come included with the product. You have to buy the batteries separately. Another improvement could be the inclusion of an AM radio. However, you can probably stream this via internet radio from your phone.

Overall, the Makita XRM068 is an ideal job site radio for not too large job sites. Its compact feature is also great for portability, especially if you generally walk around the job sites.


  • Portable, slim design.
  • User-friendly controls and screen.


  • You need to purchase the battery pack (including charger) separately.
  • The value of the radio can be enhanced with the addition of AM radio compatibility.

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6. Porter Cable PCCR701B Jobsite Radio

Best Jobsite Radio Porter Cable
  • Charges PORTER-CABLE 20V max* batteries
  • Am/FM and auxiliary port for versatile music play
  • Cordless or corded power options

Porter-Cable is an American company specializing in the manufacturing of power tools. They are the first brand to produce the portable belt sanders, portable band saws, and helical-drive circular saws.

The Porter-Cable PCCR701B is a job site radio with an exciting design element. The radio itself is a combination of the grey casing and black speakers.

The function keys also come in black with red markings to indicate the feature of each button. A rectangular LCD with a red backlight is positioned atop the function keys.

Lining the radio are black rubber arms, which double as carrying handles, and can also act as shock-absorbing elements. This radio is also resistant to water and dust, and the rolling cage design provides added shock and damage protection.

The PCC3701B allows you to listen to audio from FM or AM radio stations. It also comes with an auxiliary port allowing you to connect your devices and play audio from the same. An upward pivoting antenna enhances reception on tricky locations.

You have two power options for this Porter-Cable radio. You can go cordless using a 20V battery or plug it into an AC outlet for a corded power supply.

Sound is relatively good, thanks to the speaker spanning through most of the front panel.

A couple of things that need pointing out with the Porter-Cable PCCR701B is its flimsy volume control knob. Considering that this control is likely to be used a lot, one would think that added protection or durability is integrated into the button’s design.

The radio could also do with Bluetooth connectivity, as not all smartphones or devices now have Aux capability.

Overall, however, the Porter-Cable is excellent for its portability, display screen with the red backlight, and its cage handlebar design, adding extra protection.


  • Portable and cage proof design add an extra protective element.
  • Easy to see and navigate function buttons and display screen.


  • Lack of durability for the volume control knob.
  • Could do with the addition of a Bluetooth feature.

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7. Ridgid R84087 Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth

Best Jobsite Radio Ridgid
  • DUAL POWER SOURCES: You can use Ridgid 18V batteries (not included) or the included AC cord to power this radio
  • RIDGID RADIO APP COMPATIBLE: Change the mix and tune the radio remotely through a Ridgid app you can download on your smartphone
  • STORAGE: Keep your mp3 player or smartphone in the attached compartment. It has USB charging for maximum utility

Ridgid is an American company manufacturing a range of job site tools, including a job site radio.

The Ridgid R84087 is a speaker-like orange radio covered in a protective black rubberized cover that also doubles as an ergonomic carry handle.

It plays audio from multiple media sources, Bluetooth-enabled devices, devices connected to Auxiliary port, Bluetooth pairing, and FM/AM radio stations.

A standout feature of the Ridgid is the Ridgid Radio App, which allows you to control the sound mix as well as tune your radio remotely from your phone.

Other than streaming audio, the Ridgid R84087 also has integrated storage compartments, where you can keep your small devices such as a smartphone, wallet, or MP3 player. It also has a USB port for charging some of your compatible devices.

In addition to storage capacity, this radio also doubles as a clock with an alarm feature.

Power-wise, the Ridgid runs via an 18V rechargeable batteries and AAA batteries for the clock. Alternatively, you can also plug in your Ridgid R84087 to an AC wall port.

What we don’t like about the Ridgid is its short Bluetooth connectivity. Try going beyond six feet, and you start losing Bluetooth connectivity, which is a hassle for relatively large job sites.

Another thing is that it’s on and off button are integrated atop the volume knob. The power button is way to sensitive that sometimes an attempt to adjust the volume will turn the device’s power off.

Overall, the Ridgid R84087’s app makes it easy to control the device and its multimedia sources. The compartments are also great for tucking your small stuff neatly away from the job site’s ruble. Its short Bluetooth range, however, makes it more suitable for smaller area job sites.


  • Ridgid Radio app that doubles as a remote.
  • Storage compartments for keeping small items.


  • Flimsy volume knob.
  • Limited range Bluetooth connectivity.

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Job Site Radio Buying Guide

Buying job site radios are similar to buying your traditional radios, with a few more crucial things to consider. Generally, your topmost priority should be its durability due to the nature of your work and job sites.

Here’s a complete rundown of things you should look out for when buying job site radios.

  • Design and durability. Your job site likely is a rough environment, and it probably will be sitting on unfinished concrete, bare ground, or other uneven surfaces. It will also likely be sitting with the power tools behind your truck. It may even be subject to slight abuse, such as dust things dropping onto it, or the device itself accidentally tipping or being knocked off. You want a job site radio that is appropriately protected. Most job site radios have rubber casements or roll cages for this reason.

Your radio will also be subject to a lot of dust, water, and dirt. Choose designs that are easy to clean or those that are dust and weatherproof. This way, you can tune in to your favorite tunes in all kinds of weather.

  • Power supply. Does your job site have the capacity for plugging your radio into an AC outlet? Or would a cordless power supply serve you better? You may also need the power outlets for the power tools, so make sure you keep this in mind. Another thing to remember is the versatility in the power supply. Some radios allow you to use batteries from your existing power tools. This feature is always handy for prolonged use in the absence of a power outlet.
  • Additional ports. Some job site radios feature extra charging ports/plugs for charging your other devices. This feature is beneficial when you are working in remote areas. It also works for limited power outlets.
  • Some job sites require you and your team to move around a lot, and some are static. Keep the nature of your job and the location in mind when comparing job site radios. You also want to be able to transport it easily, regardless if you move around or not. Look for carrying handles, so it is easy to move it from your truck to the site, and vice versa.
  • Sound quality.Getting a job site radio is for the benefit of the entire team. Therefore, it is best to choose job site radios that blast sound loud enough for everyone in the workplace to hear. If you tend to work on relatively large areas, go for the ones with the louder sounds, however, your job sites are relatively small, you’re probably okay with standard sound volume job site radios.
  • This is obviously a consideration when buying any item. However, when comparing job site radios, ensure that you read through descriptions thoroughly. You may be surprised that some prices are only for the receiver, and you will need to buy power supplies separately.


Allow us to end this job site radio buying guide with our pick for the best job site radio. We give it to the Dewalt DCR018. Its rugged design and protective storage casing are excellent for ensuring its durability and portability. You also have to love that it has an Aux input port so we can play audio from other media devices.

Also, the USB charging points are handy additions for charging other mobile devices despite being in remote locations. Another impressive feature is its compatibility with multiple other Dewalt batteries. Finally, the sound quality is reasonably good regardless of the workplace size.

Apart from a few minor pitfalls, the Dewalt DCR018 otherwise ticks all the must-have features on a job site radio.

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