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7 Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guides

Bluetooth speakers are probably one of the best inventions to date when it comes to audiovisual technology. It literally makes “listening to music everywhere” possible. Sure, smartphones and MP3 players do that too. But nothing beats the sound quality (and intensity) of Bluetooth speakers.

It gets better. Some Bluetooth speakers now come with integrated FM radios! You can listen to your favorite DJs play your favorite tunes wherever you go.

If you don’t have one already, here’s our pick of the seven best Bluetooth speakers with an FM radio.

Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio Comparison Chart




Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio Avantree

Avantree SP850


5.2 x 1.3 x 2.6 inches

Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio Audiio

Audiio Portable Bluetooth Speaker


5 x 5 x 1.8 inches

Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio ION

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus


9.85 x 17.33 x 14.57 inches

Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio Sbode

Sbode M400


7.4 x 2.7 x 2.7 inches

Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio Soundance

Soundance SDY019


9.5 x 2.2 x 2.5 inches

Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio Xeneo

Xeneo X21


7.25 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches

Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio Antimi

Antimi Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio


6.69 x 1.57 x 2.36 inches

The Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio Reviews

1.  Avantree Rechargeable SP850 Portable FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker

Avantree is a Chinese brand falling under the Avantronics Designs umbrella. They specialize in a wide range of Bluetooth solutions, including headphones, speakers, and wireless adapters.

The Avantree SP850 is another compact yet feature-rich portable Bluetooth speaker. It presents itself as a 3-in-1 radio speaker, allowing you wireless audio streaming from either your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

It is also one of the few speakers that enable you to play audio from a microSD card. The auxiliary point allows non-wireless streaming, and of course, it is FM-radio enabled.

The Avantree SP850 comes with a slim, modern seamless black design with a slight hint of red on the sides. It comes with an integrated strap for easy carrying and mounting on hooked surfaces.

It has an LCD screen big enough to display relevant information, such as channel or battery status. The volume control comes in the form of a knob, just like the old school radios.

A notable feature of this speaker is its ease of FM channel searching. It automatically scans local radio stations and saves them for you. But it also has numerical buttons, allowing you to input your favorite channel manually.

The speaker plays reasonably good audio, too. It can’t blast sounds as much as the larger Bluetooth speakers can, but it still has sound quality good enough for the outdoors.

The lack of antenna is the only thing that brings the FM audio down. The sound may not be as crisp as what you get from traditional FM radios. Another thing we noticed is that it occasionally turns itself off despite having a full battery.

With the above features, sleek design, and size comparable to a standard smartphone, the Avantree SP850 is another value for money speaker.

Avantree SP850 Manual


  • Slim design.
  • LCD screen.
  • Autosearch feature.


  • FM sound may not be so clear, depending on location.
  • Randomly switches off.

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2. Audiio Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

Audiio is an Amazon retailer specializing in a wide range of wireless audio devices, from Bluetooth speakers to sports headphones and wireless earbuds.

The Audiio Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a square speaker measuring just short of 5 inches in width and height with a 1-inch thickness.

This FM and Bluetooth-enabled devices can pair with your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop, with an aux port and a microSD and TF card slot. It also has an integrated mic enabling a hands-free wireless phone call.

When it comes to design, the Audiio Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes in two colors: blue or orange. These colors don’t make up the entire device, though. Instead, the colors only pertain to the sides and the area that borders the actual speaker.

These colored sides are silicone, which gives the speaker added protection from shocks or accidental drops. The majority of the speaker otherwise has a modern matte black color.

The Audiio is an IPX7 waterproof speaker, which means it withstands an immersion time of 30 minutes up, to a depth of 1.5 meters of water. It can be used as a shower radio.

The function buttons, from the switch to volume buttons, are all located in one convenient side panel for ease of use. The USB charging port, aux input, and card slots occupy the other side panel.

A snap hook comes integrated with this square speaker, allowing you to quickly hook it on and off your backpack, luggage, tent, or any other surface you choose.

Although relatively small, this speaker comes with a built-in 5W subwoofer that produces excellent HiFi sound. It is further armed with 3D surround sound and a DSP noise-canceling technology, ensuring crisp sound qualities. The transmission range is also extensive at 33 feet, and the battery life can last you up to 12 hours with a minimal full charge time of three hours.

The disappointing feature of this gadget is the limited number of functional buttons, which can make switching between channels hard work.

Otherwise, this compact FM Bluetooth speaker is an excellent device for both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its long battery life and high-quality sound.

Audiio BT525 Manual


  • Compact, sleek design.
  • Excellent sound quality for size.
  • Comprehensive features, including microSD capability.
  • Snaphook handle design for secure and effortless attachment.


  • Limited functional buttons make it difficult to switch or search between FM radio channels.

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3. Sbode M400 Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

Sbode is a Texas-based retailer offering its line of Bluetooth speakers. The company prides itself on aiming to design and develop audio technology that is not only reliable but is also fashion-forward and affordable.

The Sbode M400 is relatively compact but is massive when it comes to its features.

The M400 is a versatile player. You can play music from any Bluetooth-enabled source and can even play the tracks you stored on a microSD card. Of course, let’s not forget why this speaker is on our list: it also plays tunes from the radio.

Design-wise, the Sbode M400 is gorgeous. It has an overall modern-industrial look to it, with an all-black finish. This portable speaker comes covered in a combination of woven mesh-like material integrated into a textured rubber housing with a triple-protection design feature

. The durability of these materials ensures it is water, dust, and sand-resistant, which might appeal to you if you love chilling by the beach.

Another feature is the integrated microphone, allowing you hands-free calling if it’s paired with your phone.

It has a 3-hour charging time and an incredibly long playtime of up to 15 hours, which is excellent for a full day outdoors.

The M400 plays reasonably good undistorted sound for its size. The volume has a low to medium volume range. You can use it outdoors, but don’t expect it to play really “thumpy loud” music.

Perhaps another thing we didn’t like about this speaker is the limited use of USB port functionality. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, you can’t charge your other devices via USB.

Other than that, however, the Sbode M400 is an excellent value-for-money Bluetooth speaker with FM radio.

Sbode M400 Manual


  • Gorgeous and functional design.
  • Comprehensive features, including microSD playback.


  • Mid-range volume capacity.
  • USB port can’t charge other devices.

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4. ION Audio Block Rocker Plus 100W Portable Speaker

Ion Audio is a Rhode Island-based company manufacturing consumer electronics. Their products range from turntables, wireless speakers, and even LED lights.

The ION Audio Block Rocker Plus is a powerful yet portable speaker that easily pairs with any Bluetooth-compatible device and allows for Aux input and FM capabilities.

An auxiliary cable and microphone come as standard inclusions with the ION Audio Block Rocker package.

It has a small, yet bright display showing you the station as well as battery and volume levels.

The speaker comes in a clean, all-black design. It weighs just over 20 lbs, so it’s not too hard to transport. Plus, it has wheels and telescoping handles, allowing you to move the speaker effortlessly. It also has rubber padding on all four corners, protecting your speaker from any dents or scratches during transport.

The speakers have an integrated 199W dynamic amplifier, a two-way speaker already built-in, and a strong 8-inch woofer with a wide-dispersion tweeter. All these features combined produce superior and life-like sound quality, translating into a rich and vibrant audio experience.

Another great feature of the ION speaker is its long battery life of up to 50 hours. The battery is rechargeable, and the UBS port on the speaker itself allows you to charge other mobile devices.

Some pitfalls we identified with the Ion Audio Block Rocker, however, is that the battery tends to play up a lot when charging. The microphone does the same thing too. Their customer support, however, can guide you through troubleshooting or provide a replacement if deemed necessary.

If you’re looking for a sleek Bluetooth speaker with FM radio station for your next outdoor party or karaoke night, you may want to consider the Ion Block Rocker.

Ion Block Rocker Plus Manual


  • Great for outdoor parties.
  • Portable features.
  • Long battery life.


  • Battery charging sometimes plays up.
  • Mic also tends to malfunction.

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5. Soundance SDY019 Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

Soundance is a web-based retailer offering a range of home office solutions. Their products include Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, laptop stands, and even chair mats.

The Soundance SDY019 is a Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, alarm clock, and wired speaker all rolled into one device. It has USB and microSD card slots and supports WAV, MWA, FLAC, and MP3 audio files and has a wireless connection range of up to 35 feet.

It has a panoramic, sleek all-black design with the speaker covering almost the entire front surface. The front panel also has a narrow yet bright LCD screen that digitally displays time and battery levels when not in audio mode.

The alarm clock function can be set to play your favorite FM channel or any music on your USB or MicroSD device. The functional buttons are easy to operate and conveniently located atop the LCD screen.

The 45 mm speakers and integrated bass resonators produce reasonably deep bass and deliver high quality sound good enough for home and indoor use.

The price point for the Soundance SDY019 speaker is also not too bad, considering the above features.

However, the deal-breaker for this speaker is that it is relatively smaller than the typical AV home soundbars. This feature means that although you can use it for watching movies and TV, it won’t be able to produce cinematic sound quality. It also has no antenna, so you may find that the reception plays up in some locations in your home from time to time, or you will need an external AM/FM antenna.

All in all, the versatile functions of the Soundance SDY019 make it an excellent choice for use in the home – whether it be for the home office, a bedside radio and alarm clock, or as a study desk addition.

Soundance SDY019 Manual


  • Comprehensive features, including an alarm clock.
  • Digital display.
  • Great for the home office, study, or bedroom use.


  • Occasional poor FM reception.
  • Not ideal for movie and TV use.

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6. Xeneo X21 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

Xeneo is an Amazon retailer of wireless Bluetooth speakers.

The Xeneo X21 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a cylindrical-shaped Bluetooth speaker that comes in three modern colors: black, blue, and pink. The function buttons all line up on one side of the speaker, alongside the attached carry cable, allowing for smooth operation.

The function buttons follow the color of the speaker for the blue and pink ones. On the other hand, the black one has bright red function buttons, which further enhance ease of access and operation.

The Xeneo speakers are wrapped with durable mesh fabric and rubber bumpers, which give added shock protection. The speaker comes with a hard, EVA black case for added protection when storing. The speaker is an IP67 device, making it resistant to dust, shock, and water, so they’re great for indoor or outdoor, whether it be in dry or wet environments.

In terms of compatibility, the Xeneo X21 connects to any of your Bluetooth devices. Apart from its FM capability, you can stream audio via your phone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, or MP3 player. It also supports non-wired streaming with its integrated AUX jack and microSD slot.

Sound-wise, this speaker has 15W power drivers and a digital signal processor. These features combined give clean and crisp undistorted audio quality. Its cylindrical shape is not only an aesthetic feature but is also a functional one as it enhances excellent sound projection.

Another feature is the dual wireless pairing, which means you can connect another Xeneo X21 for enhanced sound quality. Combining two quality speakers is excellent for parties or at home for surround sound, cinematic audio quality.

The downfall of this speaker is that it’s relatively short battery life. It is advertised as 10 hours playtime; however, the reality is significantly shorter than that (depending on your volume preference). Although even when using the most minimal volume possible, it still does not last you 10 hours.

Another is that Bluetooth connectivity tends to play up only after six months of use. The saving grace to this is the speakers come with a year’s warranty and lifetime technical support.

Rugged and powerful, this speaker may appeal to you for outdoor parties or activities, such as hiking or camping.

Xeneo X21 Manual


  • Beautiful design with color options.
  • Shock and water-resistant.
  • Wide device compatibility.


  • Shorter than advertised battery life.
  • Occasional issues with Bluetooth connectivity.

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7. Antimi Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio

Antimi is another Amazon retailer offering wireless technologies from Bluetooth speakers to headsets and fitness trackers.

The Antimi Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio is a rectangular shaped portable Bluetooth speaker available in sleek black and pink colors. It has an all-metal body with a curved edge for a comfortable feel. This compact and slim design is great for fitting into even small bags or tight spaces.

It has a lot of functional buttons, including a numerical keypad, which makes it easy to enter your radio channel of choice manually. It also comes with a small yet clear and bright LCD screen, displaying necessary information such as battery life, channel, connectivity, and more.

It is compatible with Bluetooth devices and comes included with an audio cable so you can also make wired connections to your other non-Bluetooth devices. A MicroSD card slot also sits beside the Aux and USB ports.

One great feature of the Antimi is its integrated FM signal amplifier, enhancing the reception and, consequently, the audio quality of your FM music.

The speaker has a 12-hour playtime with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Inside the speaker lie two full-range 3W speakers that produce clear, bass-rich, undistorted sound. The intensity of the audio on this Bluetooth speaker is surprisingly loud despite its compact size.

One obvious design miss on this speaker is the lack of a carry strap, hook, or handle for a supposedly portable device. A functional miss is despite its great features; the device itself does not seem to last. The device started malfunctioning only six months into using it, from the difficulty of connecting Bluetooth through to difficulty in turning it on and off.

If, however, the price point, the design, and the features are combined, the Antimi Bluetooth speakers still make a value-for-money priced Bluetooth speaker with FM capability.

Antimi Bluetooth Speaker Manual


  • Sleek, slim design available in two colors.
  • LCD screen.
  • FM signal amplifier.


  • No carry strap, hook or handle.
  • Occasionally malfunctions after some months of use.

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What to Consider When Buying a Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio?

Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

You’ve already seen our seven best picks. Do you know the criteria for selecting a Bluetooth speaker with FM? Here are some of our tips:

Intended use

How do you plan on using it? Is it primarily for the home? If it is for home use, do you plan on using it to boost the quality of movies or TV shows? Or is it just something for your bedroom, study, or office? If it’s not for the home, is it for the outdoors? What outdoors? Would it be for the beach, pool, hiking, or only for days out in the park? Or is it for outdoor parties?

Your answers to the above will quickly narrow down your choices. If you intend to use it primarily for the home, you probably don’t need a super large one. You may also want to shy away from the super small ones.

If it stays home, then you don’t really have to worry about portability, right? If you intend to use it at home to enhance your viewing experience, then sound quality should be a priority. Will it give you cinema-quality stereo sound effects?

Obviously, for the outdoors, you want something that can produce great sound despite the other sounds coming from the external environment. If it’s for swimming or the beach, you probably need to check that it is water-resistant. If it’s for hiking or extreme activity use, you also want to ensure that it has shock-proof capabilities.

Another outdoor consideration is parties or large groups. If this is your intended use, then you probably want to look at the larger speakers. If you do a lot of parties, you also have to look at the ease of portability, such as wheels, carry cases, and the like.







3 Watts



10 Watts



100 Watts



10 Watts



10 Watts



15 Watts



3 Watts

best bluetooth speaker


To make the most of your speaker spending, you may also want to get speakers that do more than FM and Bluetooth connections.

Additions such as microSD, USB, and wired capabilities are always great additions, especially for those times that you are preserving battery or have a device that is not Bluetooth-enabled.



FM/Bluetooth/AUX/TF/SD card

FM/Bluetooth/AUX/TF/SD card

FM/Bluetooth/AUX/TF/SD card

FM/Bluetooth/AUX/TF/SD card

FM/Bluetooth/AUX/USB/TF/SD card

FM/Bluetooth/AUX/TF/SD card

FM/Bluetooth/AUX/TF/SD card

Battery Life

One of the main reasons people choose Bluetooth speakers is for portability. But what’s the use of a portable speaker if you have to charge it continually, right? So pay attention to battery life as well.


There is no need to explain this. However, when looking at cost, don’t forget to consider what you want out of it. Do you want less expensive ones with lesser features or more inferior quality? Or wouldn’t you mind spending more on a better quality that has more of the features you want?

Our Sound Final Clip

So which one’s our pick?

Although not a mainstream brand, the Avantree SP850: design, compactness, portability, and comprehensive functionality. The snap-hook stands out as the best carry feature in the entire list, ensuring safe and secure attachment. Another standout aspect is its extensive capabilities.

It has unbelievably great quality sound despite its size, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Finally, it’s exceptionally affordable, considering all the above great features.

An all-in-one value for money speaker, the decision to name Avantree the best of the best was not a hard one at all.

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