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|'''VHF and UHF handheld'''
|'''VHF and UHF handheld'''
|Alinco DX-70TH   
|[[Alinco DX-70TH]]    
|Alinco DR112   
|Alinco DR112   
|Alinco DJ-160T   
|Alinco DJ-160T   

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Manufacturers Website

Transceiver list

HF including HF + 6m + VHF VHF and UHF including Base stations VHF and UHF handheld
Alinco DX-70TH Alinco DR112 Alinco DJ-160T
Alinco DR-MO3SX Alinco ALD-24T Alinco DJ-180
Alinco DX-70TD Alinco ALR-206T Alinco DJ-190
Alinco DX-77T Alinco ALR-22T Alinco DJ-191
Alinco DX701 Alinco DJ-620T Alinco DJ-193
Alinco DR 570 Alinco DJ-195T
Alinco DR-110T Alinco DJ-196T
Alinco DR-119 Alinco DJ-280TH
Alinco DR-1200T Data Radio Alinco DJ-296T
Alinco DR-130T Alinco DJ-480T
Alinco DR-135TP ALINCO DJ-496T
Alinco DR-140T Alinco DJ-580
Alinco DR-150T Alinco DJ-580T
Alinco DR-235T/G Alinco DJ-596
Alinco DR-430 Alinco DJ-596 with EJ-43
ALINCO DR-435T Alinco DJ-596 T/E
Alinco DR-510 Alinco DJ-C4
Alinco DR-599 Alinco DJ-C5
Alinco DR-600T Alinco DJ-C7
Alinco DR-605TQ Alinco DJ-F1
Alinco DR-610TQ Alinco DJ-G1T
Alinco DR-620 Alinco DJ-G5TH
Alinco DR-620 T/E Alinco DJ-S11
Alinco DR-635 Alinco DJ-S11T
Alinco DR-MO6TH Alinco DJ-S40T
Alinco DJ-S41
Alinco DJ-V17
Alinco DJ-V27T
Alinco DJ-V5T

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