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Telegraphy ; text based modes. Includes morse and RTTY.

Thermionic Valve : (Also known as an Electron Tube or a Vacuum Tube). A device that creates or modifies an electrical signal through the movement of electrons in a low pressure (vacuum) space.

THROB : An MFSK digital mode based on tone pairs.

TNC : Terminal Node Controller - a device used in packet radio that disassembles and re-assembles packets of data.

TOR (Teleprinting Over Radio): Used in three digital modes; AMTOR, PACTOR and G-TOR.

Toroid : A donut-shaped solid usually constructed of ferrite, used as the former for transformers and inductors'

T pad  : one of the possible configurations used in Attenuators

Transceiver : A radio that has both a transmitter and a receiver, which either share common circuitry or a common housing or both.

Transient : A short spike or trough on a power line, usually lasting for a few microseconds.

Transmission Line : Also known as feedline.

Tuned Circuit : A capacitor and an inductor, usually in parallel. The circuit responds strongly at its resonant frequency and is used to select or tune in wanted signals.

TVI : Interference to television reception.

TX : Abbreviation for transmit or transmission