Morse Code Translator, Decoder, Alphabet

Phonetic Alphabet A number of phonetic alphabets exist. The NATO version is most common and can be considered to be the “international” phonetic alphabet. Letter Code word Pronunciation A Alpha AL FAH B Bravo BRAH VOH C … Read More

Dictionary of Ham Radio Terms

Dictionary of Ham Radio Terms

Related wiki pages FAQ When adding information to these pages, please link to other pages in the wiki wherever possible. A AC: Alternating Current ADC: Analogue to Digital Converter. Also known as A/D and A-to-D. … Read More

Tropospheric Ducting: Everything You Need to Know

Basics The troposphere is the layer of atmosphere closest to earth. It is approximately 10km deep on average but can extend to 20km in tropical areas. Tropospheric propagation occurs when signals are reflected scattered or refracted … Read More

Rag chewers club

Rag chewers club: Everything You Need to Know

The Rag Chewers Club, traditionally an introductory amateur radio award, was issued to the operators of thousands of amateur radio stations and many long-time operators can proudly claim to have received it as their first award in … Read More