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7 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids of 2024 – Walkie Talkie Toys & Gifts

One of the biggest ironies in life is that children can’t wait to grow up, while adults wish they were still young. Of course, with adulthood comes freedom. And this is an exciting thought for little ones who want to be bigger.

Giving children walkie talkies not only gives them a feeling of independence but can nourish their imaginations. Walkie talkies also enable adults to benefit from staying in touch with the children they care for, at least from a close distance. To help you find the best walkie talkies for kids, we’ve compiled a list of what’s available.

Best Walkie Talkie for Kids Comparison Chart 2022


Maximum Range


Best Walkie Talkie for Kids Motorola

Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio (2 Pack)

16 miles

1.1 x 1.91 x 5.22 inches

Best Walkie Talkie for Kids Obuby

Obuby Walkie Talkies for Kids (2 Pack) 

1.8 miles

5 x 2 x 1.5 inches

Best Walkie Talkie for Kids Beautframes

Beautframes children Walkie Talkie (2 Pack) 

1.8 miles

5.5 x 2.2 x 1.4 inches

Best Walkie Talkie for Kids Retevis

Retevis Kids Walkie Talkies (2 Pack) 

2 miles

0.55 x 1.1 x 2.17 inches

Best Walkie Talkie for Kids Tesoky

Tesoky Walkie Talkies for Kids (2 Pack) 

3 miles

5.7 x 2.2 x 1.4 inches

Best Walkie Talkie for Kids Car Guardiance

Car Guardiance Walkie Talkies for Kids (3 Pack) 

3 miles

5.8 x 4.8 x 2 inches

Best Walkie Talkie for Kids MALENOO

MALENOO Kids' Walkie Talkies (2 Pack) 

5 miles

5.24 x 3.15 x 2.09 inches

The Best Walkie Talkie for Kids Reviews 2022

1. Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio for Kids – 2 Pack

Motorola has been a leading brand in walkie talkie radios for many years. These simple and compact T100 models have 22 channels and offer a range of up to 16 miles. They’ve been designed for use by the whole family when out and about, at the beach, in the park or at home.

Out of the box, these blue-colored walkie talkies have been designed and built to a high standard. Because they’re small in size and very lightweight, they could be perfect for kids. They’re certainly straightforward to use, and durable to withstand a few drops or knocks here and there. Generally, the buttons are not sticky or too fragile. They’ve been designed for regular, easy use.

On the sound quality, it’s very clear. Using the lower channels, it may be possible to get around 1-5 miles of range. However, this is dependent on any potential obstructions in the landscape or buildings.

The radios also have loud and clear tones, including one to signal the conversation is ending. This could be a really good feature to help children know when it’s their turn to speak into the receiver. On the point of battery power, they seemed to last OK and for a full day.

With these, there could be some problems with the advertised range. 16 miles may work on higher frequencies, for which a license may be required. You may have to check the obstacles around you for a range of more than 1 mile to work.

The belt clip also seemed a little flimsy. It could be prone to breaking, but if the user is careful it should be fine.

In short, these are well designed and built walkie talkie that could be perfect for family use. They’re light, have easy-to-use functionality and clear sound.


  • Designed and built to a high standard
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to use with no sticky or flimsy buttons
  • Clear and loud sounds
  • The tone at end of the conversation is good for children to learn when to speak


  • May not get the full 16-mile range, especially with obstructions
  • The belt clip could be a little flimsy

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2. Obuby 3 KMs Long Range Walkie Talkies for Kids – 2 Pack

These colorful walkie talkies are designed for children aged 3-12, for use indoors and outdoors. They feature long-range capabilities, alarm systems and anti-interference features. They also have an LCD display, flashlight, a push-to-talk button and a fit-in-the-hand design.

These little handheld radios are very brightly colored, look cute and feel comfortable in children’s hands. Because of their size, they are super-lightweight which is great for children.

They also appear to be very durable. With no problem at all, they can be dropped on soft floors over and over again.

Along with being suitable for indoors, they’re also well-designed for use outdoors. The best feature may be the powerful flashlight, which could be really helpful for camping. Usually, the battery cover can be easily removed. This is a good idea when they’re being used regularly.

Overall, the sound quality on these is really good. Particularly for the affordable prices and with so many other features. The volume is quite high but seems very easy to adjust. Also, there were no problems with the range, at least within a short distance around the home.

Another feature we loved was voice activation. This feature seemed so easy to use and, again, very good value to be included.

Potentially, it seemed that the number of buttons on these could seem very complicated for smaller children to use. However, some children may relish the challenge! The volume could also be a bit too loud. Sometimes there are beeps and rings sounding and you cannot turn these off.

Overall, these are very well-made, cute and colorful radios for kids. They work well indoors or outdoors for camping. They also perform well on sound and range. It has great features like flashlight and voice activation and easy battery operation.


  • Bright colors, designed to fit snugly in little hands
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Strong flashlight that could be great for camping
  • Voice activation included
  • Sound and range are good


  • Lots of buttons that may confuse children
  • Seemed to be too loud at times

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3. MALENOO Kids’ Walkie Talkies – 2 Pack

These 3-channel walkies have a range of up to 5 miles. Colored blue, they have a Push-to-Talk button, backlit LED display, belt-clip and flashlight. They’re also rechargeable, and take 3 AAA batteries each.

The great thing about these is how easy they are to use. They have a simple set up, and not too many buttons or functions for younger kids to be confused with. They offer a perfect balance between not being too complicated and not being too simple for older children to use.

They also look really good. And, for us, they seemed small-enough to come across like a kid’s walkie talkies, rather than be more like ones for adults.

A really great feature of these is the rechargeable batteries. Using a USB port, it can take around 2 hours for them to fully charge which seems very positive. We found usage afterward excellent, as they lasted more than 3 days without further charge.

For us, another really solid aspect is the sound quality. At no point did we find there was any interference, distortion or cutting out. The range of 5 miles could be really useful for taking on camping trips or using in open spaces.

One thing that could be better with these is to have a brighter color. The dark blue is nice but when children drop them, they may be harder to locate.

Also, it may be better to have more outdoor friendly features. For example, this one doesn’t have a flashlight included. For some, this may not be a big issue

Overall, these are kid-friendly, very easy to use little radios that are fully rechargeable. They offer excellent rechargeable battery performance, with a USB port too. They sound good and could get up to 5 miles of range.


  • Nice to use, uncomplicated walkie talkies
  • Good design and small enough to seem like they’re for kids
  • Excellent rechargeable battery performance
  • Good sound quality
  • Up to 5 miles of range available


  • It May not be easy to find due to darker colors
  • Don’t have a flashlight for nighttime

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4. Tesoky Walkie Talkies for Kids – 2 Pack

Small and lightweight, these have a child-friendly design that’s easy for children to grip. They come with 22 channels, a 3-to-5-mile range, an SOS alarm, VOX voice activation and a flashlight.

These seem to be very well-built toys. They have a rubber grip around them, which seems to add extra durability and resistance to too many shocks or drops. They’re ergonomically designed too, so there are convenient ridges to grip onto.

There is also a belt clip which could be helpful to avoid mislaying them too often. There are a few buttons to operate them with, but there is a simple central push-to-talk button.

The sound on these is one of the best features. It seemed to come through loud and clear, and is clearer than other models we’ve looked at. They also have a really good range of up to 5 miles, which could make them a good option for camping or outdoor use.

The number of features on these is also impressive, with a functional flashlight and SOS alarm which could be wise features for camping trips. The flashlight is bright and easy to use.

One downside could be the need for a lot of AAA batteries. Each unit takes four AAA batteries each, which means having a solid supply at all times. Or, you could get hold of a rechargeable set separately.

You may find there are some problems with the battery case sliding off. It seemed a little flimsy and may need to be treated with care.

In essence, these are well-built and designed children’s walkie talkies with lots of features. They fit well in the hand and have a durable rubber grip. The flashlight is a good feature, and the sound quality and range are impressive too.


  • Well designed and built for a firm grip
  • Good range
  • Simple set up and balance of buttons
  • Sound quality is a good feature
  • Flashlight and SOS alarm


  • Will probably need a lot of AAA batteries, which aren’t included
  • The battery case is a little thin and possibly flimsy

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5. Beautframes Children Walkie Talkie – 2 Pack

These colorful walkie talkies have 22 channels and a set of privacy codes. They also have 10 call tones, an LCD screen and a VOX voice activation feature. The stated range is up to 3km.

These are very affordable walkie talkies that come as a pair – one pink one yellow. They’re certainly designed for fun, colorful play by children.

They are very easy to use and seem well built. They’re fairly sturdy and well designed.

Also, they have a few buttons and features to navigate through. This could prove to be quite complicated for some children. However, it’s probably only if you have very young children that they’ll need additional help to use them.

The sound is good and very clear. The volume is strong and loud. The range should probably work out just fine in a local area.

They also have a flashlight which is very useful for camping or for occasional use outdoors, like camping.

There is a downside that these can sometimes tune to local channels, which may cause interference. Although, this may only be an issue if you’re using them in a big city.

The battery life also seemed to be quite poor. It could be that you’ll find the power runs out quite quickly. This is remedied by having enough batteries available.

Overall, these are colorful, playful walkie talkies that are highly affordable. Although there are a few buttons, they are easy to use and the sound quality is strong. Volume is also good, as is the range. These could prove to be really fun for young children. They could also be a very good option for the lower end of the price bracket.


  • Fun, colorful and playful
  • Well designed to fit in the hand
  • Easy to use for most ages
  • Priced affordably
  • Good quality sound


  • Could end up tuning into other frequencies
  • Quick to use up battery power

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6. Retevis RT-388 Kids Walkie Talkies – 2 Pack

These 22 channel walkie talkies are also fairly priced, with 22 channels and a long-range ability. They’re very durable and have a shape that makes it easy for children to grip. They also feature a backlit LCD display, VOX function, keypad lock and flashlight.

This pair of little radios have a really durable design and build. Also, they’re very small in size and extremely lightweight. They have a simple black color which could be used for all types of children. They’re also very affordable.

As they’re so well made and durable, these could make really fun toys for small kids. One of the best features is the flashlight. We found this was a nice touch to include for such an affordable set.

Generally, the sound and reception performed OK. The feature we liked the most is the noise cancellation that’s built-in. So, if you’re too close to other people and experience feedback, this feature really helps to manage it.

There is a bit of a problem with the battery power – it doesn’t last very long. In general, you should get around 4 hours of use at a time. In practice, this means using a lot of batteries to keep it going.

Also, the battery case sometimes fell off. It could be annoying to have to keep fitting the cover back on.

Overall, these are very affordable, well-made and durable small walkie talkies. As they have a flashlight too, they could be great fun for smaller children. They work well and the sound and range are decent when in close range. They also have a noise reduction feature.


  • Very affordable
  • Small, lightweight, will fit in small hands
  • Flashlight included
  • The sound and range are OK
  • Noise cancellation feature a bonus


  • May have poor battery power
  • May find the battery cover slips off sometimes

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7. Car Guardiance Walkie Talkies for Kids – 3 Pack

This set of 3 walkie talkies for kids features 22 channels and a 3-mile long range. In a solid, blue-colored casing, they have a bright LCD display call alert function and a built-in flashlight. They use 3 AAA batteries each and have a VOX voice activation feature.

The sound quality with these is excellent. The transmission is very clear, especially on louder volumes. The range also seems to hold up very well.

This model is also built and designed very well. They should be very durable for use in most terrains, at least where children will play. Despite the durability, they’re also very lightweight, so could be perfect for small children.

They have a flashlight that is easy to use and could be helpful for use in the dark.

One of the most positive features is battery life. They seem to last a long time compared to others so should be very good. They could even last up to a week with moderate use.

They need just 3 AAA batteries. When replacing the batteries, you just need to remove the belt clip first and slide it off the cover. They also come with rechargeable batteries which is a big plus.

Some care may be needed when handling the belt clip – it is quite flimsy. It could be prone to breakages, especially when removing to replace the battery.

For smaller children, it may also be difficult to press some of the buttons. In particular, there may be some problems with the push-to-talk button.

In short, these are a very solid set of 3 walkie talkies that have great sound and transmission. They’re built well and are durable, with a good flashlight feature. Battery life is a big positive with these, and they seemed to last longer than others.


  • Good sound quality and range
  • Solid build and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Flashlight feature
  • Good battery life


  • Belt clip could be prone to damage
  • Depressing buttons may be more difficult for smaller children

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What to Consider When Buying a Walkie Talkie for Kids?

best kid walkie talkies

So, what exactly should you be looking for when you’re setting out to buy the best walkie talkie for kids? There are many different considerations. Of course, some of these may be choosing what’s best for the kids.

However, as their parent, you will need to think about their best interests. Perhaps you need some walkie talkies for the family? Or to help keep a watch over what the children are doing? If you need them for camping, you may want a simple set of functions to help everyone stay in touch.

Whatever your reasons, you’ll want kids to enjoy the experience. Children can get hours of fun and play out of walkie talkies, so it will be important for them to feel excited.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the key criteria:

Design and Build

To get the best walkie talkie for kids, you’ll need to think about how they’ll be used. If that’s indoors and outdoors, consider how they’re built. Are they solid, robust with a highly durable build that could withstand a lot of tumbles?

How about the way they fit in little hands? Many walkie talkies have been designed to fit the contours of a small hand. This could help them from slipping or prevent them from being thrown around.

You may also want to think about different colors. If you’re using them nighttime, it may help for them to be bright enough to be visible.

Size and Weight

Children are more likely to use something if it’s easy for them. If they’re young children, say 3 or 4, a lighter walkie talkie may help them.

If you want to travel with them, look for something that’s small and lightweight. However, contrast this with durability as you don’t want them to break too easily.

Kids Walkie Talkies



1.1 x 1.91 x 5.22 inches

8.4 ounces

5 x 2 x 1.5 inches

5.9 ounces

5.5 x 2.2 x 1.4 inches

6.7 ounces

0.55 x 1.1 x 2.17 inches

2.8 ounces

5.7 x 2.2 x 1.4 inches

6.4 ounces

5.8 x 4.8 x 2 inches

8.1 ounces

5.24 x 3.15 x 2.09 inches

7.5 ounces

Sound quality and Range

You may not need a very long range if children will use walkie talkies between each other or at home. Keep in mind that the advertised range is only possible in optimal conditions. So, it may well be that you need a clear open field with no obstructions to reach the full range.

Also, think about whether you want a sound monitor or regulator included.

Kids Walkie Talkies



16 miles

1 Call Tone/Keypad Tone/Talk Confirmation Tone

1.8 miles

10 Call Tones/Auto Keypad Tone/Talk Confirmation Tone

1.8 miles

10 Call Tones/Talk Confirmation Tone

2 miles

10 call tones/Keystroke Tones/Get audible tones/roger beep tone

3 miles

10 Call Tone/Keypad Tone/Talk Confirmation Tone

3 miles

10 Call Tone/Keypad Tone/Talk Confirmation Tone

5 miles

10 Call Tone


Most children’s walkie talkies will need a set of batteries. Sometimes, they come with rechargeable batteries or ones that can be recharged with a USB port. If you expect the kids to use them a lot, every day, it could be worth choosing ones with good battery life.


Many walkie talkies come with an LED or LCD display. This can be helpful for darker conditions, especially if the display screen has a backlight. If it doesn’t, kids may find an LCD screen difficult to read.

Ease of use

There are some walkie talkies that offer lots of buttons for a realistic experience. However, if they’re very young they may find it complicated. Think about how much you want to guide them in using them. You may just want to stick the batteries in and let them play. If so, perhaps a simple functionality would work best.


You will need a set of channels to find the right frequency for sets to communicate between. Some features can include the ability to lock the channel, which could be helpful in more rough-and-tumble play.

If you have concerns with protecting your children, consider if you need privacy channels. Sometimes channels can pick up interference, so you may want to prevent this.

Kids Walkie Talkies


22 channels

22 channels, 38 privacy codes

22 channels, 38 privacy codes

22 channels with privacy code

22 channels with privacy code

22 channels

3 channels

Additional features

There are lots of additional features that can add value to your set. In particular, voice activation can remove the need to press buttons.

Many pairs of walkie talkies also have a flashlight. This can be a useful additional feature when camping or for play in the dark. Some will include SOS alarms too, which could help your child to stay safe.


Of course, you want to get value for your money. Sometimes, cheaper sets can offer what you need. However, perhaps you need more than 2 walkie talkies, for the whole family to use? Sometimes, a set of 3 can work out cheaper per unit than 2.

And the winner is…

Based on all the criteria we’ve outlined, the clear winner is Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio.

These are super-colorful, fun and durable walkie talkies that also have great sound and range. On top of this, they have the right features to work well outdoors and indoors. They have excellent features like VOX, flashlight and backlit display. Also, there were no problems with battery life.

We also found these were very affordable, so perform well on price. Obuby T-388 gets our vote for the best walkie talkie for kids.

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