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10 Best Police Radio Earpieces in 2024- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Don’t let the name throw you off. Police radio earpieces are used in many industries, by so many professions; it’s not strictly for police use. They’re only named as such because, for the longest time, it has only been police officers using them.

Thanks to the rapid advances in technology, affordable earpieces have entered the market, so it’s now more accessible for more people. If you’re looking for a police radio earpiece for yourself or your team to use, you’re in luck. Check out our list of the 10 best police radio earpieces below.

Best Police Radio Earpiece Reviews 2024

1. BTECH QHM01 3.5mm Listen-ONLY Heavy-Duty Surveillance Earpiece

BTECH is an Amazon retailer of a wide range of radio communication products from two-way radios to amplifiers, earpieces, and accessories.

The BTECH QHM01 features a clear acoustic coil tube, which is great for maintaining discreet radio communications. The QHM01 is suitable for connecting with a wide range of transmitting devices.

The QHM01 sound quality wins it a spot on our police radio earpiece list. The audio reception is exceptionally clear and precise, even when tested in extremely loud areas. The device has a sensitivity of 114dB ± 5dB and an impedance of 200Ω ± 15%.

he QHM01 is designed for versatility, suitable for both indoor use and the roughest outdoor environments. Designed for durability, the earpiece kit features a heavy-duty build with a reinforced coil cable, ensuring both longevity and clear audio.

In terms of comfort, the BTECH QHM01 comes with earmold inserts and plugs that are comfortable to wear. For hygiene, the earpieces are easy to clean and replaceable, offering flexibility based on user preference. This earphone kit also comes with a clip that reinforces the device’s security on your clothing and eliminates strain on your ears.

We noticed with the BTECH QHM01 radio earpiece kit that the coiled cord is a bit short for tall people like us. This is probably not an issue for some. But it can potentially put a bit of stress on the cord to have it hyperextended and eventually end up damaging it.

Overall, if you want a discreet police radio earpiece with great sound and comfort qualities, be sure to check out the BTECH QHM01.


  • Clear acoustic coil tube – great for maintaining discreet radio communications.
  • Excellent sound quality – clear and precise, even in loud environments.
  • Heavy-duty design is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Comfortable and hygienic earpieces – replaceable parts.


  • The coiled cord is relatively short.

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2. Earphone Connection Radio Earpiece for Motorola XTS Series

Earphone Connection is an American company that specializes in the manufacture of tactical communication and equipment. Among their products are earphones, microphones, surveillance audio, speakers, Bluetooth, digital video, and Nextel headsets.

Don’t be swayed by the earpiece name. Yes, these earpieces are made specifically to be compatible with the Motorola XTS series. However, they are still compatible with some two-way radios and some walkie talkie models.

Another standout feature of this police radio earpiece is the quality of its push-to-talk mic.  We find this to be directional and very sensitive. This is a good thing because you don’t have to tilt your head to transmit your messages.

Another thing we like about this earpiece kit is the overall quality of its materials. We love that the cables come covered with polyurethane jackets and a Kevlar coating as this gives prolongs the field life.  It’s also super lightweight and discreet, sometimes you forget you’re wearing them.

This earpiece’s sound quality is crisp and clear, which is expected at this price point.

We particularly love the quick-release button, which allows you to disconnect your mic from the radio without detaching the radio adapter. This feature is great for preserving the integrity of your radio and reducing its wear and tear.

The only drawback that we could identify with this range of Earphone Connection radio earpieces is its price. It may not be an affordable price point for most, but if you have the money, then why not, right?

In short, if you don’t mind spending a bit more for a police radio earpiece, the Earphone Connection may well be worth the investment for you.


  • Although specifically tailored for Motorola XTS, they are still compatible with some two-way radios and walkie talkies.
  • High-quality materials ensure strength, durability, and longevity.
  • Crisp and clear audio quality.
  • Great push-to-talk mic sensitivity – you don’t have to tilt your head to transmit.
  • The quick-release button reduces wear and tear.


  • Relatively expensive.

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3. MaximalPower 3.5mm RECEIVER/LISTEN ONLY Radio Earpiece (Budget Pick)

Maximal Power is a California-based online retailer of a wide range of electronics and household supplies. Their products extend from batteries to vacuum bags to communications accessories and more.

The MaximalPower RHF 617-1N is probably the most versatile police radio earpiece in the market currently. It is compatible with all OEM parts and fits almost all devices. It connects to two-way radios, radio speaker mics, MP3 players, and other devices with a 3.5 mm earphone jack.

It’s also extremely affordable. In fact, it is the cheapest earpiece on this list. The quality of materials is still impressive despite this price, though. The entire earpiece kit is polyurethane jacketed and made of heavy-duty material with a rugged design. This ensures your product lasts long despite regular use.

Comfort-wise, the earbuds fit comfortably and have a snug yet not uncomfortably tight fit. We like that they added a reinforced earphone clip, which gives additional cable retention. This eliminates any strain on the earphone and consequently prevents any possible discomfort for the wearer.

Sound-wise, the RHF 617-1N has an impressive sound quality for the price. In fact, it can be really loud despite not being on the maximum volume. It’s the perfect earpiece for outdoor events and other loud environments.

One setback we noticed with the Maximal RHF 617-1N comes with its acoustic tube design. Although the material quality is high-caliber, condensation somehow still builds up, affecting the audio in the long run.

All in all, if you’re after the most affordable police radio earpiece in the market, the Maximal Maximal RHF 617-1N is your top contender.


  • Great value for money – cheapest on the market.
  • Versatile – compatible with all OEM parts and connects to a wide range of devices.
  • Heavy-duty materials with a rugged design.
  • Comfortable – reinforced earphone clip eliminates strain on earphones.
  • Impressive sound quality for the price.


  • Condensation tends to build up in the acoustic tube.

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4. Commountain Listen Only Police Radio Earpiece

Commountain is an Amazon retailer of a wide range of communications accessories, from earpieces to speaker mics. The brand is part of the Chinese parent company, Commpowers Electronics.

The Commountain Listen Only Acoustic Tube Earpiece made it to the top of our list for its quality of features against its super affordable price. Don’t let the price fool you, as the materials used are of great quality. The PU cable used in the device has Kevlar fiber reinforcement, ensuring your earpiece unit’s strength and durability.

Another notable feature is its comfortable design. The earpieces come with mushroom ear tips and accompanying ear mold, ensuring a comfortable yet secure fit. You can wear it for over eight hours and would not feel any soreness in your ears. Not only is it comfortable, but it’s also quite hygienic, as the acoustic tube attached to the ear tip is made of surgical-grade material. If that wasn’t enough, the material is also UV resistant, which means your unit would last longer despite frequent sun exposure.

The audio quality is also commendable, considering the price point. You tend to get a bit of an echo, but that is not uncommon in most earpieces in this range. You also don’t get any loss or interruption of audio, even with a lot of movement. This is again another plus, especially if your line of work requires you to be super active.

Compatibility wouldn’t be an issue with the Commountain range as they are almost always compatible with most two-ways/walkie talkies. The Listen Only Acoustic Tube Earpiece also has a quick-disconnect feature, which you will find useful in several situations.

Our only criticism with this earpiece is that the plug-in chord may be a bit too long. We found that it sticks out of our clothing occasionally. But hey, this is just for us, and it may not be a non-issue for some. It’s not really a functional issue and more of an aesthetic one, so we don’t really consider it a big deal.

Overall, we think that the Commountain Listen Only Acoustic Earpiece is worth considering when looking for police radio earpieces. It’s affordable, has good sound quality, and ticks all the essential functions.


  • High-quality materials ensure strength and durability – Kevlar fiber reinforcement.
  • Comfortable design – mushroom ear tip and ear mold.
  • Hygienic – Surgical grade acoustic tube.
  • Long-lasting – UV resistant acoustic tube.
  • Great audio quality.
  • Compatible with most devices.



  • Plug-in cord may be too long for some and tends to stick out of clothing.

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5. WLFYS 3.5mm Listen Only Law Enforcement Earpiece

WLFYS is an Amazon retailer of police radio earpieces. Their 3.5 mm listen-only police radio earpiece is compatible with Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex, Maxon, Icom radios, and remote mics.

Design-wise, this relatively affordable earpiece is surprisingly strong and durable. The coils are super sturdy, and the clips also do a great job of keeping the earpiece kit secured. The same is true with the mic attachment, which we noticed doesn’t come off easily. These rugged features are great for a very active work environment.

In terms of managing discreet communications, the WLFYS police radio earpieces come with a transparent acoustic tube design. This design makes the earpieces barely noticeable; even the wearer may sometimes forget they have it on.

In terms of the audio, the sound is crystal clear and doesn’t really interrupt easily. The volume is also okay. Keeping it even at low volume is actually loud enough for use even in external or noisy environments.

When it comes to comfort features, the WLFYS police earpiece earns plus points in the comfort department. It comes with silicone earbuds that are extremely soft and comfortable even with extended wear. In fact, it’s probably one of the most comfortable earbuds for radio earpieces that we’ve tried. That’s a big win, especially considering its price.

The only issue we have with the WLFYS police radio earpiece is that the acoustic tubing sometimes builds up condensation. This may lead to eventual damage to the kit after extended use. However, for the price, this is probably reasonable wear and tear effect.

Overall, if you’re after a value for money police radio earpiece, the WLFYS should probably be one of your options.


  • Affordable, strong, and durable.
  • Discreet design.
  • Crystal clear, uninterrupted audio.
  • Comfortable earpiece.


  • Acoustic tubing sometimes builds up condensation.

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6. Motorola RLN4941A Remote Police Radio Earpiece (Upgrade Pick)

Motorola is an American company known for its consumer electronics and telecommunications products. Motorola also manufactures a few radio communication devices, such as two-way radios and earpieces.

The Motorola RLN4941A has an impressive audio quality. The receiver sound is extremely crisp and clear, even when around loud crowds. The volume is also pretty good and is remarkably loud even in low to medium settings.

In terms of compatibility, although this radio earpiece was manufactured by Motorola, it is compatible with a few other brands, as long as it has a 3.5 mm audio jack to receive it.

Like similar earpieces on the market, the acoustic tubing of the RLN4941A is transparent to aid in discreet communications. The earpiece kit also comes with a clip to keep the cords securely in place and keep it from plain sight.

Another remarkable feature of the Motorola RLN4941A is it has just the right cord length.  It’s not too long nor too short. It has just the right length so that it runs comfortably from your ears through to your device jack. That translates to lesser cords to have to tuck in or hide, which is again if you’re wanting to be discreet.

Perhaps the downside of the RLN4941A is its earbuds. Although it is reasonably comfortable, it can do more with some improvement. It doesn’t come with an ear mold, so some may find the fit too loose or find it a bit uncomfortable. You can, however, purchase generic and separately sold ear molds as a solution.

In summary, the Motorola RLN4941A is a top contender for police radio earpieces that are great for discreet communication in loud crowds.


  • Impressive audio quality even in loud crowds. Remarkably loud even on low to medium volume setting.
  • Compatible with a lot of other non-Motorola devices that have a 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • Clear acoustic tubing for discreet communications.
  • The cord has just the right length.


  • No ear molds, so some may find it too loose or uncomfortable.

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7. Reyinl RYL16S 3.5mm Police Radio Earpiece – 2 Pack

Reyinl is another Amazon retailer of two-way radio and walkie talkie earpieces. Reyinl has a few earpiece models on their range, but the RYL163 made it to our list because of the below features.

The first feature we love its versatility. The Reyinl RYL16S is compatible with all original equipment manufacturer parts. It also connects and fits most two-way radios, remote mics, and radio speaker mics. It can even connect to MP3 players and other audio devices, provided that they have a 3.5 mm earphone jack in place.

You also can’t complain about the price. They’re relatively cheap compared to similar products on the market. The materials are pretty decent, too. The acoustic tube, clips, cords, and earbuds are all made of good quality material and have so far lasted the test of time.

In terms of comfort, the included earplugs and earmolds definitely add the comfort of this earpiece brand. It just gives that snug fit without being too irritatingly tight. The dual clips are also great for securing the cords in place and preventing unnecessary discomfort and distraction.

The sound quality may not be the best, but it’s reasonably acceptable, considering the price. It’s good enough to clearly hear messages, and the volume is loud enough so that you don’t miss any transmissions coming through.  The sound is also clear enough, even outdoors and despite a loud environment.

If there was one thing to fault with the Reyinl RYL16S, it would be that the earplugs become after 12 hours of use. Daily wear of 8-10 hours is still comfortable, and 12 hours is a long stretch and longer than the average workday. So the discomfort would probably be present at the 12-hour mark regardless of the type of brand you use.

Overall, the Reyinl RYL162 is another alternative option if you are looking for an affordable, basic police radio earpiece.


  • Affordable – cheaper than a lot of similar products on the market.
  • Versatile – compatible with all OEMs, fits most devices that have a 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • Comfortable – comes with earplugs and earmolds as well as dual clips.
  • Reasonable sound quality and volume management for price.


  • Earplugs tend to become uncomfortable after 12 hours of use.

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8. Klykon 3.5mm Police Earpiece

Klykon is another Amazon retailer that offers police radio earpieces. However, their product range is much wider as they don’t only focus on earpieces and radio communications. They also have chest bags, aprons, belt bags, and more.

The great thing about getting the Klykon police earpieces is that you would also get them in packs of two. The price is also relatively affordable, and in fact, some police earpiece brands sell a single pack for the same price.

When it comes to connectivity, the Klykon earpieces are compatible with most Motorola and Kenwood brands. Don’t let this deter you, as it is also compatible with speaker microphone systems with a 3.5 mm audio socket. We also found it to fit some remote mics and two-way radio devices.

The sound quality is also pretty decent on the Klykon. Sure, the audio is not as crystal clear as the higher-end brands, but it’s worth what you paid for. The volume management is okay and corresponds exactly to how it should be. This means it’s not too loud to ruin your ears, yet it’s not too quiet either that you can’t hear a thing.

The design of the Klykon is very similar to most police earpieces on the market. It comes with clear acoustic tubing, which helps with being discreet. It also comes with earbuds and accompanying earmolds, which is great for adjusting into a snug, comfortable fit.

One thing that could be improved with the Klykon, however, is its clip design. Although it comes with one clip to help secure the cord, it could probably do with another one. Having dual clips is super helpful in keeping the cords in place and reducing any pressure on the ears.

Another thing we noticed is the Klykon acoustic tubing also builds up condensation. If you’ve made it through this far in the list, you probably already know this is a common issue.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for police radio earpieces that can be purchased in packs, the Klykon is one to consider.


  • Affordable and comes in packs of two – cost is comparable to a single pack of some brands.
  • Decent sound quality.
  • Comfortable, discreet design.
  • Compatible with a lot of speaker microphone systems.


  • Could do with the addition of another clip.
  • Acoustic tubing tends to build up condensation.

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9. CYen Two Way Radio Earpiece

Chen is also another Amazon retailer of radio earpieces. Their range focuses on police radio earpieces and other related accessories.

Comfort is one of the CYen two-way radio earpieces appealing features and is what brought it to our list. True, the earpiece looks like most radio earpieces on the market. But their comfort points come from the fact that they come with a few different sizes of earplugs and molds. This is a great feature for allowing you to find the most comfortable size for your ears.

Another standout feature of the CYen in terms of comfort is its wraparound design. This takes any additional pressure off your ears. Plus, it also gives additional security, keeping the earpiece firmly in place.  Speaking of security, the kit also comes with a lapel clip, which keeps the cords out of your way.

The CYen also has a push-to-talk feature. If you work with a large team, this is a great feature for facilitating efficient radio communication between your members. Additionally, it also has a voice-operated switch (VOX). This means that your voice activates the transmission when your earpiece is connected to a transmitting device, leaving your hands free.

In terms of sound quality, the audio is pretty good on the CYen. They even work well even with the radio’s “whisper” function. Volume management is also great, and it’s adequately loud for use in even the noisiest of environments.

Despite its appealing features, the CYen has one major setback. Unfortunately, it only works with the Midland walkie talkie/two-way radio series. And if you think you could try to get around that, it might be difficult as the CYen earpiece plugs come with a two-pronged design.

Overall, if you own a Midland radio and are looking for a police radio earpiece to go with it, the CYen range is a great consideration.


  • Comes with a few different earplugs and ear mold sizes for a comfortable fit.
  • Wraparound design for added comfort and secure fit.
  • Push-to-talk and VOX features facilitate hands-free communication.
  • Good sound quality.


  • Only works with Midland devices.
  • Two-pronged earplug design.

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10. COMMIXC Walkie Talkie Earpiece – 2 Pack

COMIX is a Chinese online retailer of radio earpieces and walkie talkie headsets. The COMMIXC Listen-Only comes as a single pack of 3.5 mm police radio earpieces.

The standout feature of the COMMIXC listen-only earpiece is its durable design. The entire length of PU cables used for this earpiece kit come reinforced with Kevlar. This reinforcement gives your earpiece its strength, and it also contributes to its lightweight properties. The earpiece kit also comes with an electroplating anti-oxidation design to ensure that the earpiece lasts longer.

Another great feature of the COMMIXC is its steel swivel clip design. This allows you to comfortably, securely, and conveniently wear the earpiece kit. It also allows you to quickly connect and disconnect your acoustic tube device when needed.

Design is still another commendable feature in terms of comfort. The earmolds on the COMMIXC are not only of medical-grade quality, but they’re also designed to fit comfortably. The acoustic tube comes with an engineered design with a transparent shade to allow for covert communications.

Other than looking good and feeling good, the COMMIXC audio also sounds good. We’ve tested the transmission and reception in both external environments and indoors and so far, found no faults with it. Volume management is pretty decent, too.

Our issue with the COMMIXC is nothing new: condensation build-up around the acoustic tube. This seems to be a common problem in most acoustic tubing on this list. That leaves us wondering why none of the brands have thought to resolve this yet.

In summary, the COMMIXC is a good police radio earpiece to consider if you’re after a durable and lightweight design at a reasonable price point.


  • Durable and lightweight design – Kevlar-reinforced PU cables.
  • Swivel clip design for comfort, stability, and convenience.
  • Comfortable and discreet acoustic tube and ear mold design.
  • Good sound quality in all environments.


  • Condensation build-up around acoustic tubing.

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What to Consider When Buying a Police Radio Earpiece

Police Radio Earpiece

A police radio earpiece is not your ordinary earpiece. There are certain features you have to look out for, such as the ones we list below.

Audio Quality

  • This is the first thing to consider when buying any type of equipment that involves sound.
  • Check that the receiving audio quality is good.
  • Check that there are no muffling or voice distortions.



  • Just like your everyday earphones or headphones, comfort is an important consideration when picking a police radio earpiece.
  • Check that the earpiece fits snuggly into your ears, but also check that it’s not too tight it ends up irritating your ears.
  • Try to check the earpiece for a little longer. Remember that most earphones generally feel okay when your first pop them on. Walk around the store and feel how it will be like when it sits in your ear for longer.
  • Ensure that the cables will also go through comfortably.
  • Police earpieces are meant to be discreetly worn, so you don’t want uncomfortable and awkward cables popping out.

Connectivity and Compatibility

  • The police radio earpiece is not a standalone device and is usually connected to other devices.
  • Ensure that your choice of earpiece connects to your intended device to be used.
  • It’s also a good idea to check that the earpiece and microphone’s wiring is long enough for your use. (i.e., does it reach from your ears to your back pocket or your belt? etc.)


  • Earpieces are generally used in the workplace – whatever type of work you do.
  • Because of this, go for an earpiece that is straightforward to operate.
  • The simpler, the better. Why? It will save you so much time and effort to use instead for more important tasks.

Police Earpiece Frequently Asked Questions

best police earpiece Frequently Asked Questions

How does a police earpiece work?

Like two-way radios, earpieces use radio waves to transmit a sound message from one receiver to another. The earpiece technically doesn’t produce the sound. Instead, it is connected to a transmitting device such as a walkie talkie to do this.

What are the uses of police radio earpieces?

Radio earpieces are great ways to communicate efficiently and quickly, despite long distances. They’re useful for communicating during events, between employees at large retail stores or hotels, restaurants, and various other work environments. Of course, police radio earpieces are indispensable equipment for security details and law enforcement officers.

What devices are compatible with police radio earpieces?

Although certain police earpieces are compatible with TV or radio presenters and mobile phones, police radio earpieces’ compatibility is limited. Generally, police radio earpieces are manufactured to connect with two-way radios and walkie talkies only.


Police radio earpieces are great covert communication tools for law enforcement officers and a wide range of industries. We’ve scoured through the current police radio earpiece market and found our winner: BTECH QHM01 3.5mm Listen-ONLY Heavy-Duty Surveillance Earpiece.

Its design ticks all the must-have elements, plus more: comfortable, strong, durable, high-quality, hygienic, and long-lasting. We can’t complain about its audio quality, clear and crisp, even in loud environments. Finally, it’s compatible with most devices currently in the market.

Oh, and did we mention it’s affordable?

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