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7 Best Walkie Talkies of 2024 – Top Rated Walkie Talkies Reviews

Walkie talkies have come a long way since they were developed by Don Hings—a Canadian—in 1937. Their use during the second world war was essential in supporting soldiers to succeed in battle. Today, during leisure or business, adults and children can enjoy the experience of instant communication through handheld devices.

All they need to do is tune in to the same frequency band or channel and push a button to talk. To help you find the best walkie talkie available, we’ve reviewed a selection of the best brands and models.

Best Walkie Talkies Comparison Chart 2022


Maximum Range


best walkie talkie Motorola T100TP

Motorola T100TP (3 Pack)

16 miles

2 Watt
462-467 MHz

best walkie talkie Motorola BaoFeng

BaoFeng BF-888S (6 Pack)

10 miles

2 Watt
400-520 MHz

best walkie talkie Retevis RT628

Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies (2 Pack)

1.5 miles

0.5 Watt
462.5625-462.7250 MHz

best walkie talkie for hiking Retevis

Rivins RV-7 Walkie Talkies (4 Pack)

5 miles

2 Watt
462.5625-467.7125 MHz

best walkie talkie for hiking Komvox

Komvox GT60 Long Range Walkie Talkies (2 Pack)

10 miles

2 Watt
462.5625-462.7250 MHz

best walkie talkies GOCO

GOCOM G200 Walkie Talkies (2 Pack)

16 miles

0.5 Watt

top rated walkie talkies MOICO

MOICO Walkie Talkie (2 Pack)

5 miles

0.5 Watt
462.5625-467.7125 MHz

The Best Walkie Talkie Reviews 2022

1. Motorola T100TP  Walkie Talkie – 3 Pack

Motorola has designed some simple, compact and easy-to-use walkie talkies here. They state a range of up to 16 miles, with 22 channels. It uses 3 AAA alkaline batteries but has 18 hours of use. These run on FRS/GMRS 462-467 MHz and come in blue.

These seem to be very high-quality manufactured units. They’re very solid and quite durable, with a quality that seems like it would last a few knocks or drops.

They’re compact and have a nice, ergonomic design that sits well in the hand. They’re also pretty lightweight. We had no problems at all using the buttons and the functionality. Overall, these could be great for both adults and kids to use.

The battery life seems good. We used them a little every day and the battery life only died after a few days of use.

Sound-wise, they’re also pretty reliable. We didn’t get too much static or distortion on these at all. We found these to work very well in close proximity, so they could be ideal for use around the house. Perhaps they could be a solid investment for kids to use.

One thing we were disappointed with is that we found the range to be quite poor with these. This was surprising considering they claim 16 miles, which is farther than most others advertise. In general, they worked fine when indoors.

The AAA batteries are not rechargeable, which means you have to carry additional sets with you.

In short, these are very well made, long-lasting and reliable sets. They’re designed well and are lightweight, so they could be great for adults and kids to use. Because the range is not so strong, they could be perfect for use at home.

Motorola T100TP Walkie Talkie Operation Manual


  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Compact and pleasing design
  • Easy to use
  • Good battery life
  • The sound seemed good most of the time


  • The range is poor and unlikely to get as far as 16 miles
  • AAA batteries aren’t rechargeable, so better for infrequent use

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2. BaoFeng BF-888S Walkie Talkies – 6 Pack

These classic-looking walkie talkies from BaoFeng have 16 channels and are very affordable. They run on a UHF frequency at 400-520 MHz and can be custom-programmed to your needs. They also have a built-in flashlight and emergency alarm.

First off, for the price, you pay for this set they seem particularly well built and solid. They look like your classic walkie talkies and have some great features. They’re also compact and smaller than others. They seem to fit into a pocket with ease and would certainly take a few knocks with ease.

Next up, the sound quality is brilliant. At all times these came through with very high-quality sound. For a set this cheap we were impressed with the clarity. You also don’t get annoying noises when you push the button.

Thirdly, the range of transmission reached around 2 miles before getting some static. This, again, was surprising for a radio priced at this level.

It also has some great features. For example, the radio includes a channel scan when on channel 16. To also get a flashlight thrown in makes it versatile for evening use, maybe camping or to play with at night. The battery life seemed to be good.

A downside is that the radios will need to be programmed. If you’re not a tech or electronics specialist, this may prove to be a drag to do.

They also do not have any weather-protection features. For the price, however, this is a minor issue.

To summarize, these are cheap, well build little radios that are excellent at what they do. The sound is strong and clear and transmission at close range is good. Features are exactly what you need as extras, making them useful for adults and children.

If you are interested in Baofeng radio, we have a complete guide to buying the Baofeng radio.

BaoFeng BF-888S Walkie Talkie Operation Manual


  • Very affordable price, yet well designed and built
  • Excellent sound quality and transmission range
  • Great features including a flashlight
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good battery life


  • Requires programming via PC
  • No additional features

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3. Komvox GT60 Long Range Walkie Talkies – 2 Pack

Featuring 22 channels plus channel scanning, walkie talkies offer high visibility. They’re bright yellow, rechargeable via USB and designed for outdoors. They suggest they offer a 10KM range at sea, 5KM in woods and 2KM in town. They also offer VOX transmission with 3 levels for hands-free operation.

These are great looking walkie talkies. Because of their bright color, they could be great for use on camping trips. Alternatively, they would probably be great for kids to play with. They could be a good option for indoors or outdoors.

They have excellent sound quality, which comes through very clearly. As soon as we started using them, we found the transmission came through perfectly.

The range seemed to hold out very well too. We used them in the wooded and open country and got a range up to 5KM.

Battery life is excellent and maybe the best feature – they lasted 3 days after a charge. It’s a nice feature to have USB charging too, as it means you can charge up your phone. It’s worth noting they can only be recharged when there are rechargeable batteries inside.

There are nice extra features, like the flashlight. Again, this may come in handy when camping.

We did find the voice activation a little difficult to use. If you want this feature it may be worth checking it out.

It’s also worth noting there’s a lack of weather protective features. There aren’t any NOAA channels or waterproofing, so may not be appropriate for wet weather.

In short, these are bright and easy-to-use walkie talkies suitable for adults and children. They could work well outdoors and indoors, and retain excellent sound quality and range.

Battery life is very strong, with a USB port, and nice extra features like the flashlight. These could be a good option for kids and adults when camping.

Komvox GT60 Walkie Talkie Operation Manual


  • Sound quality is very good
  • Battery life is very strong
  • Matches the stated range
  • Brightly colored with good visibility for camping
  • USB port and flashlight are good features


  • VOX difficult to use
  • May not be suitable for wet weather

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4. MOICO Professional Long Range Rechargeable Walkie Talkies – 2 Pack

This set of 2 walkie talkies claims a range of up to 5 miles in open areas and is fully rechargeable. It also has 22 channels, runs off FRS/GMRS and has additional features of VOX, scan, LCD backlit screen and flashlight.

Out of the box, this set looks great and seems sturdy. They’re not expensive but offer a few great features. They’re also easy to use and navigate around.

A key thing we loved about this set was that they come with 8 rechargeable AAA batteries. There’s also a charger to keep the power coming, which we found was helpful to have. Battery power is probably the best feature of these.

Saying that the sound is also pretty good. We found there were only a few occasional distortions or glitches that came through.

This is a very basic set; however, the flashlight and light-up screen are excellent additional features. These could be really great for home or away camping trips, where they wouldn’t need to endure too many harsh weather conditions. We loved that these were included.

A small problem we found was with the operating manual. It seemed a little confusing to read.

The other concern is that the range didn’t work so well for us. We couldn’t get up to even 1 mile of range, so the claim of 5 miles could be overstating things. This may vary depending on the circumstances they’re used in, though.

Overall, these are affordable, basic and easy to use walkie talkies with good battery charging. They also have nice additional features that support use in the nighttime, either at home or for outdoor use.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable batteries using AAA batteries (included)
  • Sounded good
  • Good for nighttime – flashlight and backlit LCD screen


  • Range didn’t perform as well as stated
  • Instructions were a little unclear

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5. Rivins RV-7 Walkie Talkies – 4 Pack

This set of 4 walkie talkies have a range of up to 5 miles, with preset 22 channels using UHF. They’re available in black or orange, have an LCD screen and a VOX feature. They run on both AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

For such a cheap option, these units deliver a lot. They’re good quality and come with belt clips and easy-to-understand instructions. You’ll need a set of AAA batteries to run them and you’ll be set.

They’re very straightforward to use. You can play with the settings easily, and setting up the VOX feature seemed to be no problem at all.

They also work well in terms of sound quality. We didn’t get any static, distortion or interference. We tested out the range as far as 5 miles. In an open area, they reached 3 miles before cutting out. For this product, the range is our favorite feature.

In terms of battery power, we were a little concerned with the AAA battery source. However, there is a helpful battery life display bar. This makes it easy to know when you’ll be close to topping up, so it didn’t seem like too much trouble to stay on top of.

These are family-friendly-set and could appeal to both kids and adults. Although you don’t get any weather protection features, they can be used in the house or outside in the right conditions.

Occasionally, we could hear some background noise. This seemed especially acute when we were close to other electronic equipment.

However, in general, this is an excellent starter set for use indoors or outdoors in contained surroundings. They’re inexpensive yet deliver a great range of signals, good sound and are easy to use. Just keep a backup set of AAA batteries!

Rivins RV-7 Walkie Talkie Operation Manual


  • Inexpensive but efficient starter set
  • Easy to use
  • Sound quality generally very good
  • Holds a good range of around 3 miles
  • Battery life display bar helps manage replacement batteries


  • No weather protection features
  • Some static and background interference at times

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6. GOCOM Walkie Talkies For Adults Two-Way Radio – 2 Pack

These are two-way radios with 2,662 channels, rechargeable with a USB port plus weather features, LED flashlight and VOX feature. They have a range of 16 miles, stating 8 miles at sea, 3 miles in woods and 1 mile in town.

Out of the box, these are simple, lightweight walkie talkies that seem good quality and look good. They have a simple functionality that is easy to use, with buttons that aren’t too hard to manage. It’s a straightforward set to use.

They’re also very lightweight and certainly sit in the palm of your hand with ease.

Despite these not being HAM radios, probably the best feature is that they have a range of 16 miles. We didn’t test the full extent of this, but we did not have any problems at all with signals.

The model comes with some excellent features that could be great for outdoor use. Specifically, the NOAA weather scan really sold it for us. You will also get an LED flashlight. When you consider how affordable they are, these radios seemed to be a good set of all-rounders.

One problem we found, however, was that there didn’t seem to be enough volume settings. On occasions, they sounded too loud. It may be the way we used them though.

Also, the battery life is not great. We managed to get 4 hours out of it before it stopped working. It may be OK if you want to use it only occasionally for short bursts.

In general, these are very affordable, simple, lightweight walkie talkies with an excellent range. They’re straightforward to use and easy for indoor and outdoor, with some weather features and a flashlight.

GOCOM GT60 Walkie Talkie Operation Manual


  • Very affordable for a solid set of walkie talkies
  • Simple functionality and easy to use
  • Lightweight and fits in the hand
  • Excellent range of up to 16 miles
  • Great additional features


  • Can be loud, with no enough option to change the volume
  • Poor battery life

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7. Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies – 2 Pack

These children’s walkie talkies have been designed especially for use by smaller hands, aged 4-12. They weigh 90g per radio and need 3 AA batteries to operate. They have an adjustable volume, a belt clip and a facility to lock the keyboard.

The first thing you’ll notice with these is that, of course, they’re for kids. Most kids can expect to use them outdoors or indoors for simple activities. Like being in the part or around the house. You also notice how lightweight they are – less than 100g each!

They also seem quite durable and you could drop them a few times with no problems – they’ve been made with a solid design.

For a set of kid’s walkie talkies, the sound quality was surprisingly very good. When we tested them out, they had a pretty decent rangeability too.

They are a few features that kids could find enjoyable. For example, you can change the ring tone and even use a VOX feature. They also have a solid belt clasp.

One downside may be that they seem a little confusing to use for smaller children. We couldn’t imagine being 6 years old and being able to confidently navigate them!

We also found the channels got quite a bit of static and interference when we used them. This may just be a case of finding the right channels that work.

In general, these are pretty affordable, lightweight and durable kids’ walkie talkies. They sound great for children’s versions. They also seem very sturdy. They could be good for use when camping, or otherwise at home in different bedrooms or outside.

Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkie Operation Manual


  • Lightweight kids’ walkie talkies
  • Durable to a few knocks
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Great features including VOX
  • Belt clasp for easy transporting


  • Seemed complicated for small children to operate
  • Some interference on the channels

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What to Consider When Buying a Walkie Talkie?

top rated walkie talkies

The best walkie talkie shouldn’t be too hard to find. In essence, all you need to do is think through how you plan to use them. For casual use, most people will be fine using an FRS radio signal. This is usually adequate for communication within close proximity.

If you’re planning on using them for longer excursions, perhaps on adventurous trips, it may be that GMRS is better. If you do go with GMRs, you’ll need to obtain a license. Particularly if you plan on using a range of longer than 2 km.

If you’d rather not pay an additional fee for a license, you should find radios usually run on FRS with a power output of 0.5 watts.

So, once you’ve decided whether you’ll use your set at home, outdoors, with the kids or between adults, use our criteria below to assess which one may be best for you:


VHF stands for Very High Frequency. This usually ranges from 150MHz to 175MHz and usually requires a clear line of sight to be effective.

UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency. It ranges from 400MHz-475MHz and tends to work better when used in built-up areas.

Walkie Talkies


462-467 MHz

400-520 MHz

462.5625-462.7250 MHz

462.5625-467.7125 MHz

462.5625-462.7250 MHz

462-467 MHz

462.5625-467.7125 MHz

Range of Transmission

If you plan to use a set for the kids to communicate with, you probably won’t need a longer range. Most sets will offer somewhere up to 5 miles. In practice, what you can actually achieve can vary depending on your circumstances.

If you do need something suitable for use in outdoor terrain, like hiking, consider a long range walkie talkie instead.


Maybe you need a few basic channels to get started? It’s worth having a few to play with.

Presets can make life easier. The frequencies of these channels will already be set, making life easier. There are also options to program your own set using PC software.

Sound quality

Perhaps you need something loud enough to hear over background noise? Or maybe simple communication between different rooms?

Give some thought to the quality of sound. This is often linked to the quality of transmission and signal.

Size, Weight, Durability

If you plan to take them camping, you won’t want anything too big and bulky. It would be wise to consider a sturdy, well-made set that will last. However, if they’re too heavy, and contain a large battery pack, they may not be easy to transport.

If you’re planning to use them with the whole family, you may want ones designed to fit in big and small hands. Perhaps you need them to be versatile and resist a few knocks and drops?

There are many with classic designs and others that are brightly colored, which may help with good visibility at night.

Walkie Talkies



4 ounces

1.1 x 1.91 x 5.22 inches

2.5 ounces

10 x 7.1 x 4.5 inches

3.5 Ounces

6.24 x 2.15 x 1.1 inches

4.7 ounces

6 x 7.1 x 6 inchs

8.8 ounces

1.97 x 1.38 x 2.17 inches

14.1 ounces

2.09 x 1.5 x 6.89 inches

7.2 ounces

2.56 x 7.2 x 3.35 inchs

Battery power

Getting the right power supply for your needs depends on how you plan to use them. There are many walkie talkies that take AAA batteries, which can be easily replaced.

If you’re planning to use walkie talkie regularly, you may want to consider rechargeable batteries. This will give probably save you time and money, especially if you plan to use them outdoors.

Some sets may feature battery life indicators and USB ports. These can help to keep things economical and ensure you don’t run out.

Supportive features

If you do plan on using walkie talkies when camping, consider the amount of visibility you’ll need. You may want them to be bright and easy to see in the dark. Perhaps a flashlight or backlit LED screen would be good too.

If you’re using them in wet conditions, check if they’re waterproof or have NOAA alert features. You may want to consider dustproof and waterproof features too if you’re taking them outside.

PTT and VOX abilities

It may be that you get some fun out of having Push-To-Talk features. Or, perhaps you’re less able to use smaller, flimsy buttons. If that’s the case, Voice-Activated Transmission or VOX can help you. This is a hands-free mechanism that can help to support easier communication.

And the winner is…

We’ve reviewed many great products here, most of which are affordable, easy to use and offer great features.

Our clear winner today is the Motorola T100TP Walkie Talkie.

We chose these based on their high-quality build, high visibility, overall great sound and range plus a flashlight. In particular, the battery life with these was excellent with a bonus of a USB port.

This makes them a good option to consider for longer use, both for camping trips and for indoor use.

As an affordable choice, these could be a great option for the whole family.

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