RTL2832 – All You Need to Know

The RTL2832 is an IC produced by Realtek Corporation to demodulate DVB-T (digital TV) signals and send them to a host computer over the USB bus. It has an additional mode designed to allow reception of consumer … Read More

What is a DX cluster

What is a DX Cluster?

What is it? A DX Cluster is, in essence, a “chatroom” or node into which amateur DX hunters can post information about DX either worked or heard. Physically, it is a central computer that collects, … Read More


Quagi Antenna: Everything You Need to Know

The VHF Quagi from an article by Wayne Overbeck, K6YNB in QST April 1977; “Building a 440MHz Quagi” description is from Gary Bonnor – VK4ZGB There have been many half-hearted attempts to combine a Yagi … Read More

SSTV software

Best SSTV Software For Ham Radio SSTV Emission

Software allows the production and detection of signals used for transferring SSTV pictures. Most SSTV software allows for both sending and receiving SSTV signals, with the ability to auto-detect which mode is being received. A … Read More

Small Tuned Loop: Everything You Need to Know

A small transmitting loop, small tuned loop or magnetic antenna is defined as a loop antenna of less than one-tenth to one-quarter of a wavelength in circumference. These are normally constructed as a single turn of heavy-gauge wire (AWG #10 or larger), … Read More

What is a cavity filter

What is a Cavity Filter?

Basics of Cavity Filter Cavity filters are the basic circuitry behind a Duplexer and are sharply tuned resonant circuit that allow only certain frequencies to pass. Generically, the filter of this kind is known as notch … Read More

Morse Code Translator, Decoder, Alphabet

What is Phonetic Alphabet? A number of phonetic alphabets exist. The NATO version is most common and can be considered to be the “international” phonetic alphabet. Letter Code Word Pronunciation A Alfa AL FAH B Bravo … Read More

Dictionary of Ham Radio Terms

Dictionary of Ham Radio Terms

Related wiki pages FAQ When adding information to these pages, please link to other pages in the wiki wherever possible. A AC: Alternating Current ADC: Analogue to Digital Converter. Also known as A/D and A-to-D. … Read More